4 Doing Cool Things

    "So peter... you want to be friends" I ask

    "If you apologize to Flash" he says

    "I'll do you one better. How about I make Flash our friend."

    "You would do that for me." He says stunned

    "Of course... after school though"

    "Okay... see you later"

    "Meet me outside"


    I then walk to my class and sit in my seat next to a girl with platinum blonde hair and green eyes.

    "Hello, my name is Akore. I just wanted to say you have nice hair."

    She looks at me confused then smiles

    "Hi my name is Felicia... you really like my hair. I thought everyone didn't like me cause my hair is wierd"

    'How many characters am I going to meet today.'

    "Your hair is great though."

    "Thanks so much. Are you nervous about your first day too"

    "Not at all..." I say chuckling

    "if anything I just want to go home"

    "Yeah" She said as she begins to chuckle as well

    "Quiet down guys. Class is about to start" a man says walking into the room

    "That's my queue" I put my head down and fall asleep

    2 minutes later

    "Excuse me..." I hear faintly

    "EXCUSE ME!!!"

    "Yo... why are you yelling in my ear"

    "Good that you can join us...."



    I stand up immediately and look him dead in his eyes. Using every bit of self control I have from ripping his **ing head off

    "It is pronounced ahhhh... core... ayyy. Never mispronounce my name again. " I say as I let my ki surge a bit

    "I'm sorry... Akore"

    "You better be" I say

    I then hold my ki back and sit down. The teacher walks to the front and continues with his lesson clearly terrified.

    "That was so cool" Felicia says to me

    "Yeah yeah... bet he won't antagonize me again"

    I then fall asleep once more


    The bell rings and it's time for lunch. I go to the cafeteria buy some food and sit at a table by myself. I then see Peter and Felicia and wave them over.

    "Welcome to the Akore's table. All nerds and outcasts alike are welcome here."

    "Hey Akore." Peter says

    "Hey..." Felicia says slightly blushing

    (Police sirens go off in my head)

    'Don't tell me this 6 year old girl has fallen for me... we just met today'

    "So... uhhh. Peter do you want me to start that transform Flash plan."

    "You don't have to do that..."

    "Nah But I promised. So I will do it."

    I smile then walk over to the table where Flash is. The table is full of people so I grab one by the back of there clothes and say.

    "Mind if I sit here?"

    They immediately shake their head and run away. The whole table stares at me for a second until Flash breaks the silence by saying

    "Who are you" Flash says

    "What... you don't remember me peasant"

    "You were the one that tripped me this morning. That wasn't a fair fight. I wou..."

    "Yeah yeah Flash. I came over to apologize for this morning. The person you were BULLYING!!! had the kindness in their heart to help me see the error of my ways. So I just wanted to know if you wanted to hang out after school."

    "Why would I hang out with a loser like you"

    "Cause I'll teach you cool fighting moves. And I have a lot of snacks at my house."

    He looks at me clearly very tempted. Then he looks downtrodden

    "I can't. My dad wouldn't let me without asking." He says

    "It's alright Flash, just ask him if you can hang out tomorrow. Also just tell me what kind of snacks you like. I'll have my mom buy them."

    He looks at me very happy, then tells me his favorite snacks.

    "Alright... I'll talk to you later."

    "Where you going"

    "Imma go hang out with Peter and Felicia"

    The whole table looks at me confused.

    "What? Just cause you judge people by there looks doesn't mean I do." I say walking off

    "So... How did it go Akore" Peter asks

    "He said he would ask to hang out tomorrow"


    "Yeah... by the way you guys want to hang out after school."

    "Sure... but I have to ask my aunt and uncle first."

    I look over to Felicia and say

    "What about you"

    "I don't know if my mom would let me... but I'll ask"


    The bell rings and we go to class again with me falling asleep. The rest of the day wasn't productive. When it was time for recess I slept under a tree.

    The school day ends and I find Felicia and Peter and we walk out together.
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