5 Annoy me

    "Which one's yours Peter" I ask

    Peter points towards a gray minivan

    "That one over there. What about you"

    I point towards the black mcclaren in the front of the school. Both Felicias and Peters jaws drop.

    "Isn't that a race car" Felicia says

    "Yeah" I say loosely smiling

    "Doesn't it take race fuel"


    "What do your parents do" Felicia says

    "Annoy me" I say

    They both laugh and we walk towards my car

    "Hey mom these are my two friends. Felicia and Peter."


    She looks at me confused

    "You have friends"?

    Peter and Felicia both giggle

    "Well obviously if I didn't, I'd be just like you."

    "Ooooh, it hurts" she says

    "Mom can you wait here for a second while I go to meet their people."

    "Yeah, hurry up."

    I walk off with Felicia and Peter and we stop in front of a gray van.

    "Hey honey. Who are they."

    A sweet looking young woman says from inside of the van

    "These are my friends Aunt may. Akore and Felicia." Peter says

    "That's great peter. Hello Akore and Felicia."

    "Good afternoon" I say

    "Hi" Felicia says

    "Aunt may. I wanted to go over Akore's house later" Peter says

    "Oh really. Maybe if you clean your room first."

    "Well this is my address if you do that. See you later Peter. Don't forget to make that room spotless" I say laughing hysterically

    We go towards a Buick and inside Felicias mom looks at me suspiciously.

    "Who is this Felicia."

    "This is my friend Akore"

    "Good afternoon ma'am"


    "Mom, I wanted to go hang out with Akore and another friend later. Is that ok."


    "Please mom"

    "I'll think about it"

    "See you Felicia"

    "Bye" She says slightly blushing"

    I walk towards my moms car and get in. She fires up the engine and it roars like a lion. Causing a lot of people to look in our direction. We pull off and fly home.

    "Mom... why do you keep buying so many cars. You can fly"

    "Cause it's fun"

    "Really... that's it"

    "Yep, did I need another reason"

    "Whatever" I say as I lightly chuckle"

    We pull in front of a large 10 story building. My mother presses a button on the dashboard and the gates open. We pull into the garage where I see Lamborghinis, Bugattis, and Ferraris.

    I hop out of the car and get changed so I can meditate in our zen garden on the roof. I head out and I sit in a meditative pose and start to circulate my ki. As I do I begin to levitate and sparks begin to shoot off of me. Countless balls of ki begin to circle around me. I open my eyes and I concentrate on a ball of ki. I begin to compress it. And try to turn it into a sword. But it fails and makes an explosion.

    "Why can I still not make anything with my ki... bahhhh"

    2 hours pass and I'm still practicing. I open my eyes and see Felicia and Peter staring at me. Peter is the first one to recover

    "How are you doing that" Peter says

    'Mom, why didn't you tell me they were here. You idiot'

    I compress my ki balls into one and absorb it. Then land on my feet.

    "Calm down. Everyone can do it with a lot of practice."

    "If that were true then how come we dont see more things like that on the news" peter says

    "You were floating in mid air." Felicia says

    "If you don't believe me I'll teach you guys then. But it's not going to be easy"

    "I want to learn." Felicia says

    "So do I" peter says

    "First... you guys need to work out and get your body's to peak shape. I suggest we take martial arts together. And I'll pay for the classes so don't worry about it."

    "Why would we need to work out. You are able to do it." Peter asks

    I take off my shirt revealing a chiseled figure without any fats whatsoever.

    "Understandable" they both say in unison

    "So what do you guys want to do. I have a pool, a movie theater, games, snacks, a basketball court. Anything sound interesting."

    "This place is huge. Can we have a tour first" Felicia says wowed

    "Uhhh, sure"

    I take them around my house and we choose to watch a movie in my personal theater.

    "Hey... Akore."


    "You never told us what your parents do"

    "I did. They annoy me"


    "That's there number 1 job"
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