6 Time skip sort of

    *1 week later

    Flash started hanging out with us everyday after school. He was really enjoyinhimself too. Especially since I could teach him a lot of tricks in basketball(ha... get it. He's black) .However his father began to drink alcohol more and more frequently. Which made my mother have to drive flash home since his father used their only working car.

    I go to school and meet flash first. He has a black eye that's loosely covered by his hood. I can only assume it's from his dad. I pull him to the side and he says.

    "Hey Akore. My dad said I can't go over your house today."

    "Did your dad do this to you?"

    I point towards his eye

    "No... I ran into a doorknob."

    "I guess I'm going to have to deconstruct a doorknob today"

    "No... Don't. He will hurt you too."

    "Even if he used his gun he couldn't scratch me. Don't worry I'm just going to teach him a lesson."

    That's when Peter and Felicia walk up to us.

    "Flash. What happened to your eye." Peter  says quite loudly

    Our group walks away quickly and make it to the end of the hall where we pick up our conversation.

    "Nothing he ran into a pole yesterday while my mom and I Where dropping him off. You missed it pete. It was hilarious." I say

    I wink towards Flash and he says

    "Why did you tell them bro. It's so embarrassing." Flash says


    The bell rings and our conversation is cut short.

    *one school day later

    We walk outside together after we are dismissed. And I walk towards flash's dads car.

    "So, sir... why can't Flash come over today. He never really told me why."

    "Because I said so. This is business between me and my son." He says with breath that reeks of alcohol.

    "Oh... so is that black eye you gave him your business as well."

    He looks at me obviously taken aback by my statement then gets out of the car and says

    "Listen here..."

    I jump up and grab him by the throat and pull him down to the ground. I then flare my ki wildly. If Flash's father was drunk this scare sure did sober him up

    "No you listen here... if I see my friend come to school with a mark on his body again, I will make you disappear from this earth..."

    He looks at me with a deep fear in his eyes

    "Do you understand me"

    He stares at me paralyzed in fear.

    "I said..."

    I squeeze even harder on his throat making him wince in pain.

    "Do you understand me"

    "Yes... sir" he says

    I let him go and he flops onto the ground from pain

    "So Flash. You ready to come over."

    "Yeah..." he says clearly worried for his dad

    I look towards the broken man on the ground then say to Flash.

    "Don't worry, he'll be fine."

    Flash's dad never hit him again.

    *6 years later

    It is currently 2007 I am 11 years old now. Felicia, Flash, Peter, and I have been going to a dojo around the corner. We have dominated all our peers and superiors besides the masters. However, Peter is the weakest of the group even losing to Felicia.

    "Akore... we have learned martial arts. When are you going to teach us." Peter asks

    "Teach you what." Flash asks

    "The first day we went over Akore's house he was floating in mid-air. With these energy balls flying around him." Felicia says

    "Yeah and when we asked him how he did it he said he could teach us." Peter says

    "Really? Why did you guys never tell me that Akore was so cool." Flash says

    "Don't act like you didn't think Akore was already awesome." Peter says

    "Yeah. I meant even cooler." Flash says smiling

    "You guys know I'm right here"

    There attention is brought back to me.

    "Well... when are you going to teach us."

    "Once you guys reach black belts"


    "You guys can't even touch the masters. Yet you want me to teach you how to destroy them. One step at a time guys."

    "Ok" they say in unison downtrodden

    "It's ok guys. Just know, your guy's power level is high enough for me to teach you. I just want your foundation to be strong."

    They look towards me with hope and respect in there eyes. Then begin to train even harder. My mother walks in to pick me up then says to me.

    "Why do you even come here. I would teach you and your friends how to fight for free."

    I facepalm a bit.

    "You're absolutely right"

    "I know"

    "But... I don't want my friends to know about that. I already have enough to deal with."

    We head home and I am greeted by my father when I get in.

    "Baba!!" I yell excitedly then jump into his arms

    "Hello, my son. You have gotten bigger I see."

    "Where have you been, baba. You have been gone for 3 years."

    "I was out on an assignment. However, I have good news. I have told king t'chaka about you. He says that he has a daughter about your age, who is fascinated with science as well and that he would love for you two to meet."


    "Have I ever lied to you"

    "No baba" I say smiling

    "You have always said you wanted to see Wakanda... well we are heading there next week."

    "Really... even mom"

    "No Akore. I'm staying here this time." My mother says

    "Sad" I say

    My mom laughs at my nonchalant comment.

    "Somehow, I thought you would care more. But you are forever a smart ass" my mother says smiling
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