7 Going to Wakanda

    The next day, a Friday early in the morning, I head to school to tell the teachers I will be away for a week.

    "Hey you..."

    "My name is Mr. Sanders."

    "Yeah whatever... I'm going to be heading out of town to my fathers home country."

    "Oh really... Your fathers in your life?"

    I look at him with a smile but you can see the little bit of anger in my eyes. He is taken aback by my stare.

    "That was hella racist, but I'm going to let it go because I'm in such a good mood."

    "Well do you have a note..."

    "Yes... I just need the assignments and I'm good to go."

    He hands me some papers and I go to all my teacher's classrooms to get the assignments for the week. Students finally start to come into the building and I head to class. Flash and Peter head in at the same time talking. They then see me and walk over to me.

    "Akore! What's up bro!" Peter says says

    He then fist bumps me and I fist bump Flash

    (ha you thought they were going to dap him up.)

    "Hey... what's good Peter, Flash"

    "Nothing much I was just telling Flash He should ask out Liz"

    "Yo, why would you tell him" Flash says

    "We're all friends here." Peter says

    "Yeah Flash... it's only natural to like girls... unless you're gay."

    "Hey! I'm not gay Akore... I'll ask her out right now."

    'Middle schoolers are too easy'

    We watch as Flash asks Liz out and he is accepted. He then gets her number and walks over to us happy.

    "You see... was that so hard." Peter says

    "Peter you can't talk... the only girl you have talked to at school is Felicia." I say

    Flash and I laugh at peter then I feel someone sneak up behind us.

    "You guys were talking about me" Felicia says startling peter and flash.

    "Where did you come from" Peter says

    "Home" She says

    "Haha, very funny" Peter says

    I then interrupt there conversation and say.

    "Alright guys... I have something to tell you."

    "What's up" Peter says

    "Yeah" Felicia says

    Flash just looks at me with his undivided attention.

    "I'm going to be heading to my fathers home country, Wakanda, next week"

    "Wakanda? Where is that." Felicia says

    "It's an African country. But I can't point it out in a map." Peter says

    "What are you even going to do there. Isn't it a poor 3rd world country." Flash says

    "That's insensitive Flash" Felicia says

    "Yeah... why would you say that" peter says

    "No it's alright guys..." I say

    I then begin to lean in to our circle and whisper.

    "Just between us. That 3rd world country stuff is fake. Wakanda is secretly very high tech."

    They look at me in surprise.

    "Are you serious" Peter says

    "Have I ever lied"

    "No... that's why it's so surprising." Felicia says

    The school day passes and the weekend comes along. Felicia, Flash, and Peter miss classes for the dojo so they can hang out with me before my trip.

    On Saturday, my mother bursts into my room with her armor on and yells.

    "Time to embrace your heritage young one."

    She then unsheathes her sword and jumps towards my bed and strikes down. I make a blade with my ki and block the attack.

    "What are you doing mom. You trying to wreck my room"

    "Well you should have thought about that before being cheeky with me. So these 2 days before your trip, I'm going to give you some basics in swordsmanship."

    "Are you serious"


    "Well... can we do this somewhere a little more spacious"


    We then go to the roof. And she begins to slash at me. I dodge The attack and say.

    "You don't have a weapon for me"

    "Son... you are a weapon."

    I laugh and say

    "You right."

    I then create 2 ki swords on each hand and we battle it out. I slash and slash but my mother uses her superior swordsmanship to push me back.

    "Wow mom... you're pretty good. Too bad I'm only using 15% of my power."

    "That would be terrifying, if I wasn't using 1% of mine"

    "Are you forgetting that this isn't even my final form"

    I then let my ki flare. She puts her sword in a reverse hold then puts 2 fingers to her temple.

    "Oh my god. His power level is over 9000."

    I let my ki dissipate and burst out laughing. My mother takes this as her chance and shoots towards me with her sword. That's when the door opens and my friends stare at the scene of me and my mom, with swords at each other's necks.

    We look over towards them and they look towards us. we are all looking at each other. Peter is the one to break the silence.

    "What are you guys doing"

    "Ummmm" my mom says

    "My mom was teaching me in swordsmanship. You guys didn't think my mom was normal, if her child can float right."

    "You're right... continue" peter says

    "Nah... the mood is bad now. I'm going to go pack some more."

    "I'll help" Felicia says

    We leave Flash and Peter on the roof. And my mother throws them 2 swords.

    'Good luck guys. You're going to need it'

    2 days later. Early in the morning before the crack of dawn. It's finally time to head to Wakanda. A black ship flys over our building and my father and I go on it. We are greeted by a bald black woman in warrior garb with a spear in her hand. I look towards her and say

    "What's up"
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