9 It’s Wakanda

    The Warrior Lady ignores me and we take off. I head into the corner and meditate but it takes less than 30 minutes for us to reach Africa. We make it to Wakanda at the crack of dawn and my father taps me on the shoulder to break me out of my trance.

    "Look my son... Welcome to Wakanda."

    The sun rises over a beautiful River valley. As we fly past, people walk out of huts to wave at us. We see gazelles run across the plains and even a lion pride drinking at the lake.

    'Wow, it's refreshing to get back to your roots.'

    "Damn dad. This place is gorgeous."

    "Watch your mouth Akore" he says

    "Sorry dad"

    We start to fly at an incline towards a forest looking area.

    "Wait.... are we about to crash."

    "No, no. Watch this son."

    We go into the rainforest entering the force field revealing a beautiful city filled with African stylized skyscrapers.

    "Woah... now this is awesome."

    'Although I saw this in the movie it's so much cooler in person'

    We stop above a manmade clearing where we make a vertical landing.

    "Follow me Akore... and behave."

    "Yes father"

    We walk off of the plane and we are greeted by a middle aged African man in African kings wear with a little girl. My father kneels before him and I follow suit.

    "My king" my father says

    "My...king" I say awkwardly

    "Stand my friend"

    My father stands and I follow suit.

    "So... is this the son you were talking about."

    "Yes... this is Akore..."

    "It's a pleasure to finally meet you King T'chaka"

    "Hmmm..." he looks at me impressed

    "Well this right here is my daughter Shuri"

    I look at her confused

    'She looks nothing like her movie counterpart. She's 11 and already budding'

    I shake my head a little bit

    'I am not a pedo... I am not a pedo!'

    "You alright Akore" my father asks

    "Yes, baba. I'm just really glad to be here" I say smiling."

    King T'chaka smiles then says

    "Your Father and I, have something to do. Shuri can you show him around."

    My father and King T'chaka leave us behind and Shuri looks at me. She sighs then says

    "What do you want to see."

    I walk up to her and say

    "Technology... obviously."

    She smiles then says

    "I can show you a lot of that... follow me."

    She runs off and I chase after her. We run off the platform into the city. We pass by food stalls selling fresh meat. Also stores selling devices like kimoyo beads and weapons that would make any techy salivate.  I lose track of her along the way due to the crowd and me zoning out and become frustrated so, I leap up and find where she is, then fly over. People stare at me as I do this.

    "What, you never seen someone fly before!!"

    I speed off even faster towards Shuri, where I see she is entering a skyscraper. I walk inside and to my surprise I see hundreds of scientists working on blueprints for new ships.

    "This is the Research department for Wakanda. Follow me."

    We go on an elevator and Shuri presses a button to the top floor.

    "Be prepared to be amazed"

    "I better be with all of this traveling."

    We make it to the top floor and when I walk in I am met with hard holograms showing all of her projects.

    "What is this"

    "Well... my main lab is on that mountain over there. After I am done with blueprints it is sent there to be made. But... it's still being built and is not good for accommodation."


    "This is all cool and stuff... and I am impressed.... but, I asked for technology."


    "I'm telling"

    "No don't tell baba"

    "I'm telling hahaha"

    I run towards the capital and she chases after
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