11 A mutant?

    As I run I feel a wave of energy pass over me.

    'What is this'

    I fly up above the skyline of the surrounding skyscrapers.

    "Akore?" I hear Shuri say below.

    I look below at the colorful shops in the shopping area and notice a crowd of people crowding around a screaming teenager who seems to be glowing a blueish color.

    I fly down towards him and see electricity arcing around him like super saiyan 2. I could see horns growing out of his head. The electricity seems to be building up from there. He opens his eyes and they glowed as well making a sort of flashlight effect.

    "Everyone back up he could explode at any minute." I say

    Out of nowhere a man and a woman walk through the crowd making there way to the boy and I and say.

    "What is happening." The father says

    "I think he is developing his mutant powers" I say

    I then walk over to the screaming boy and touch him on the head absorbing all of the electricity being generated around him causing the electricity to build up on my hand. He then passes out on the dirt. The electricity continues to arc around my hand until I close it. An empowering feeling overwhelms me.

    'What the ** was that. Did I just absorb the energy.'


    "Basically, people who are born with powers"

    "But, we don't have abilities"

    "It doesn't matter. It is argued to be the next step in evolution. So sooner or later this would have occurred in Wakanda as well."

    The boy begins to wake up again and he looks around confused. this is my time getting a good look at him. He is a boy with a muscular runner body(like onepunch man) build with long braided hair.

    "Where am I" the boy says

    "My son... are you alright" the mother says

    "Yeah, I'm fine. My head feels a little bit heavy."

    "That's cause you grew horns. I've never heard of this type of mutation... weird." I say gesturing towards the large sharp forward curving horns on his head

    "Who are you"

    Shuri breaks through the crowd and runs into me out of breath.

    """""the princess""""" some random bystanders say

    "You never told me you could fly Akore" Shuri says

    "You never asked" I say

    She looks at me thinking of a comeback but her eyes drift off to the boy. Her eyes open wide

    "He has horns" she screams out

    "Well yeah... that's why I flew over here. Something bad could have happened with all the energy he was building up with those things."


    "By the way, my name is Akore. I'm from America. I want to invite you to live with me so I can help teach you how to control your new power. What do you think."

    "Why would I leave here to go with you."

    "Well if I wasn't here you could have killed a lot of people in this market due to your power. Then you would have been killed due to this. However, I'm not going to force you. What is your name."


    "Alright N'Juzze, how bout you and your parents follow me back to meet my dad."

    He looks back towards his parents and they look confused, but proceed to nod.

    "That settles it... let's go."

    we make it to the 'palace' and find my father and King T'Chaka talking.

    "Who are these people Akore" my father says in a sort of angry tone

    "You're not going to ask why he has horns." I say pointing towards N'Juzze

    "Please... you were born with a tail and transformed into a giant monkey the first night you came home. I've ran out of things to be surprised of a long time ago. But your rudeness will never be one of them. Now answer my question Akore."

    "He is a powerful mutant that almost destroyed part of the shopping district. If not for me being there many people would have died. I was thinking of taking him with us since i am the only one capable of stopping him when his power gets out of control." I blurt out.

    "Hm... if he and his parents agree, he can."

    "Thanks dad"

    "Hey... I still haven't agreed to any of this yet. And how can you just accept a random person in your house automatically" N'juzze says towards my dad

    "Akore has paid for all of our expenses since he was 5 years old. It may be under my name but it's his house."

    Everyone looks towards me surpised.

    "What. Taking money from bad people is good." I say with a thumbs up
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