Chapter 189: Not Hard At All

    Chapter 189 - Not Hard At All

    Everyone watched the inside of the training room. Zhang ZhengXiong's overwhelming physique seemed to emit an almost tangible bestial energy.

    ThornyRose thought to herself, a player's appearance in the virtual world could be changed, but they couldn't change their personality. Shaking Bear was probably not someone you'd want to provoke in the real world. He's really suited to playing a grappler...

    Next Ye Cang lazily walked into the training room, looked at ElegantFragrance who was at the control panel, and said: "Let's begin..."

    "Bro!!" Zhang ZhengXiong and Ye Cang smiled, giving eachother a high five. Ye Cang then arrived in the middle of the room.

    It was the same group of characters as before. Although they employed a different strategy, it was more or less the same as last time. The only difference was that the grappler had become an archer. Ye Cang appeared to be walking over leisurely when he suddenly activated his Ultimate - Haste! Then a main skill! A Flurry of Blades engulfed the five bots. The opposing support began casting shields, and the damage on each of them was not much, but was also not little. Ye Cang emerged from the storm of blades behind the support. This was the highest priority target! His longsword slashed out several times, and his dagger slit its throat, causing it to collapse! It happened so fast under the 300% speed boost of haste that no one even had time to breath.

    "He's put some thought into matching his skills, directly using Flurry of Blades while under the effect of his ultimate. As expected of the man Sister Rose has her eyes on..." ElegantFragrance's words made ThornyRose want to tear at her face.

    "Indeed, team leader is unbeatable in all aspects. Unlike the fighting king, team leader gives others an horrific feeling. In combat, he can do everything..." FrozenBlood said as she recalled her observations up till now. Especially that battle in the cemetery against the Flame Dragon Union, as elusive as the clouds clouds and as malleable as water, switching between various attacking methods. The Storm Fencer suited his fast speed attacking style.

    Ye Cang took a step and activated Windwalk, disappearing from the sights of the 4 bots. Circling around them, he easily used the 3 times damage from windwalk and the boost from Haste to quickly take down the spellcaster. Without stopping, he instantly dashed for the archer. Seeing a trap on the ground, he accurately stepped just at it's edge, not triggering it. He rushed straight past the archer without any intention of stopping. His longsword flashed, and his dagger slashed at its throat. The swordmaster and assassin had no chance to react. By the time they had turned and were coming, the spellcaster and archer were already dead.

    Ye Cang saw that the duration of his ultimate had ended, and his speed dropped. His right hand held his sword, and his left hand hovered over the dagger at his waist. He began to leisurely walk over. Just like Zhang ZhengXiong, he easily dodged the oncoming attacks. His longsword slashed and stabbed while his dagger would slit at their throats when it had the chance. Between the two melee characters, he was like a leaf, fluttering in the wind. FrozenBlood was watching, completely astonished. This godly reaction time! It was no slower than his brother, Shaking Bear! Shaking bear's dodging seemed unruffled, while this guy's appeared methodical! If I'm not wrong, he and Shaking Bear are both just playing around! They look like they're under no pressure at all...

    2 minutes 51 seconds was when the timer stopped. Ye Cang sheathed his longsword, and his left hand continued to hover over his dagger as he lazily walked out, giving Lin Le a high five as they swapped. He looked up at ThornyRose, a hint of ridicule in his eyes as he smiled. "Lele, your turn. Madam, I bet that Lele can kill all the bots within 30 seconds... 10 million federal dollars."

    "30 seconds?" ThornyRose raised her brow. There were quite a few people in the league who could accomplish this. There were even those who could insta-kill the 5 A Rank bots. But these were all S Ranked characters with crowd control abilities, not to mention the SS Ranked ones. The Bomber was a pretty good long ranged area attacker, and could quickly kill a crowd, but to kill all the A Ranked bots in 30 seconds, it would be extremely difficult. To be able to throw the bombs accurately and be able to calculate the various skills' timings wasn't something that could be done easily. She looked at Lin Le in his engineer outfit, with various bombs hanging off of it. On his back was a large basket full of bombs. This character was quite difficult to use. It required a lot of skill to throw accurately. One mistake might cause injury to his teammates. The bots probably wouldn't give him a chance to do anything. "I'll bet with you..."

    Lin Le currently had 3 different bombs in each hand. Looking at the bots that had just spawned, he threw them in various trajectories. What stunned ThornyRose was that Lin Le had no plans to stop his mad bombing, he didn't even look at the results as he grabbed another handful. It was like he was confident his bombs wouldn't fail to hit. All they could see was smoke and Boom~ Boom~ Boom~!

    "Ultimate! X-CR-Big Explosion!" Lin Le didn't even look into the smoke before throwing it out. All his skills were on cooldown!! 25 seconds, all dead! "Brother Lil'White! Brother Lil'White! Can you give back my allowance now!!?"

    "Good. Lele, you can have your allowance back..." Ye Cang smiled. He knew clearly how accurate Lele's throwing was. Not to mention that this was a character filled with AOE bombs. Lele had never lost before when playing bomberman. Against these slow bots, it was no big deal.

    ThornyRose was still stunned. What just happened? Grenades, smoke bombs, various explosives... Nothing was visible in the smoke, yet the bots died just like that. She pulled out a video and removed the smoke. What she saw was the bots scrambling to avoid the bombs but were unable to, leading to their deaths. They were completely suppressed, unable to do a thing. The last to die was actually the spellcaster who was hit right in the face by the ultimate. Just how did he lock onto them? Did he plan it all? Lin Le didn't seem to be the type to calculate like the little girl... How did he do it? "Lele, how did you know where the enemies are?"

    Lin Le looked up, deep in thought, then naively and innocently smiled: "I also don't know. Hehe~..."

    "..." ThornyRose and the three girls all broke out in cold sweat. He doesn't even know himself? He didn't seem like he was lying. This Lele's intuition wasn't normal. Naturally, only when it comes to certain things. FrozenBlood couldn't help looking forwards to this season's tournament. These three guys were much stronger than any of the draft players. Whether it's intentionally or not, Rose picked up a treasure. As for Little Ye Tian, just her IQ and ability to analyze was enough to be a secret weapon...

    In the end, Little Ye Tian didn't get tested because it wasn't necessary. The results had already completely exceeded her expectations. All four of them were good enough to be part of the main force. "Let's divide into groups and practice. Damn Low... Cough~ Cough~ PaleSnow, Me, Lele, GreenDew, PassingBreeze will be one team. Shaking Bear, ElegantFragrance, little girl, FrozenBlood, and go get DemonSpirit to form another team. "
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