Chapter 235: Combat Test Concludes

    Chapter 235: Combat Test Concludes

    The moment Zhou XiaoZhi touched Zhang ZhengXiong, his divine eagle fist was blocked by the white water symbol in Zhang ZhengXiong's left hand.

    Eagle claw! Zhou XiaoZhi attacked with countless claws, but still couldn't break past that flowing defence.

    Zhang ZhengXiong looked over at Li LiJia who was planning to charge past him, and his right hand sent a black swamp symbol flying over. A sticky marsh like energy enveloped her. Although these were only some basic moves in the Ying Yang Divine Trigrams Technique, but it still contained some of the mysteries of the trigrams. Li LiJia watched the right palm coming towards her, and lamented. Such a terrifying guy, he is already far stronger than the instructors. The water and swamp symbols are two of the Qin family's basic trigrams, but in this guys hands, they are much stronger than the disciples I've seen in the capital! So troublesome! Even in the Qin Family, Zhang ZhengXiong must be outstanding! Perhaps only below YunLong and YunYang! It seems like he's still in need of training, yet it's already enough to deal with me! His two hands flowed, one defending and one attacking. Eventually, their qi attacks managed to break through his water trigram.

    "Withdraw!" Ye Cang brought the other two with him towards a window while Little Ye Tian opened them remotely. Zhang ZhengXiong also didn't stick around. He quickly ran to catch up. The four of them directly jumped out of the building. Zhou XiaoZhi and Li LiJia sighed. The bomb was already set, it was clearly too late to disarm it, so they also quickly leapt out of the command center.

    Zhang ZhengXiong once again deployed his parachute while the remaining three grabbed onto him tightly. Zhou XiaoZhi fell freely through the air and landed with a few rolls. Li LiJia watched with admiration. As expected of a disciple from the divine eagle school. She then looked at Ye Cang's group who were like a bunch of koalas bunched together. This team... full of problem children with their various troubles.

    There was a muffled sound along with a bright light. Li LiJia felt her heart faintly tremble, then all the electronic equipment ceased functioning.

    Zhang ZhengXiong slowly landed. Lin Le let go of his thigh, and brushed the dust off his butt. "We've won. Brother Lil'White, let's eat ramen..."

    "Let's go..." Ye Cang shrugged, then the four of them returned to the command center changeroom to change. As for the glares Li LiJia and Zhou XiaoZhi were giving them, they chose to ignore it. They walked back while chatting cheerfully, as if returning from winning a game of paintball. Lin Le showed off his intelligence and wisdom, making Little Ye Tian sigh.

    "There will be a very eye catching team in this years five schools competition..." Zhou XiaoZhi said, feeling rather helpless.

    "If only it was in a good way..." Li LiJia said with a bitter smile, then took out her phone to report to the person in charge of the third administration building, Zhang ShaoFeng.


    East District Night Market.

    They were originally planning to go to Old Wang's, but Lin Le insisted on eating ramen, so Ye Cang and them arrived at a ramen shop. The owner had some Nakajima heritage. Everyone called him Old Li. It was said that he was Old Wang's classmate. According to Old Wang, no one in Lin Hai could match his ramen. It combined the best parts of chinese and japanese styles, along with a secret top quality pork bone soup recipe, hand pulled noodles, and even home grown vegetables.

    "Haha, White Hair! Lele, Shaking Bear, it's been awhile since you've come." Old Li said while smoking outside the shop.

    "How's business today?" Ye Cang smiled.

    "Tiring. Go in, I'll give you guys some special treatment." Old Li said with a big grin, then patted Zhang ZhengXiong's back. "Shaking Bear, join me for a drink later!"

    "Well said Old Li!" Zhang ZhengXiong grinned back.

    "Ramen! Ramen!" Lin Le was full of excitement.

    At this time, Wu Na, who had already received the news and had finished practice, saw them at the door. "Old Li!"

    "Nana! Practicing again today?" Old Li saw Wu Na and smiled even more happily.

    "Mm. Damn Ye Cang, how did your test..." Wu Na was going to ask, but before she could finish, the news started to play.

    "As a result of some inhuman problems that caused the combat test to end early, teams: G-315, T-106...... Once again! Special permission is given to T-105, members Ye Cang, Zhang ZhengXiong, Lin Le, Ye Tian, allowing them to directly passed the remaining tests and are no longer allowed to participate in any future combat tests! You are absolutely not allowed to sign up under different names!"

    "......" Wu Na and Old Li both broke out in cold sweat. They looked at Ye Cang's group of four. What kind of insane thing did those for guys do!? Old Li couldn't help thinking back to a few years ago when a gang had tried to take over the east district night market, threatening everyone for protection money, like forcing an honest girl into prostitution. The slums had it even worse. At that time, Shaking Bear had single handedly dealt with the entire gang, even forcing them to help out with odd jobs around the market, allowing the night market to once again run smoothly. These guys, to the east district night market, were heroes.

    "What did you do?" Wu Na asked, burying her forehead in her palm, "You couldn't have really taken out the command center..."

    Wu Na looked up at the four. They're f**king serious! These guys are this crazy!? Didn't you already get disqualified once, yet you dare to even take out the command center!? "Forget it, let's just eat. Hah~"

    "This girl looks just like you. Your sister?" Old Li looked at Little Ye Tian, then picked her up and asked.

    Ye Cang was about to nod, when Wu Na waved her hand in denial. "His daughter..."

    "......" Old Li couldn't hold back a sigh. These brothers were always full of surprises. They really did look alike. "Girl, I'll let you try my special tempura!"

    "Me too..." Ye Cang said indifferently.

    "There aren't enough ingredients!" Old Li said, not caring about him.

    They talked happily in the ramen shop, chatting while drinking some alcohol under the bright moon.


    In the third administration building.

    Zhang ShaoFeng had his hand on his forehead. Luckily, the next test wouldn't be for a couple months. Not letting them take part in any more tests was definitely the right decision, otherwise, there would not be enough people to keep cleaning up after their messes. Even now, they were still rescuing students tied to giant mice and the human raft traps. On his screen were countless young fighters screaming for help. He sighed deeply. "Earlier, you said Zhang ZhengXiong knew two of the Qin Family's trigram techniques?"

    "Mm, he should have learned it just recently as it didn't look very practiced, but it's enough to make him much stronger than before." Li LiJia smiled, as if eager to fight. Although he was a creep, that guy clearly learned pretty fast. He didn't know any of it last time they fought. How long did it take him to learn the basics? His talent was truly incalculable.

    "Treat him well, as if he was your boss. This time, our third administration building will be relying on him and the girl." Zhang ShaoFeng said with a bitter smile.
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