Chapter 272: Treasure Hidden Behind the Gene Locks

    Chapter 272: Treasure Hidden Behind the Gene Locks

    Wu Na watched the news. T-105's popularity was flourishing. They even have a fanclub whom had come to welcome them back while holding large signs. Lin Le was holding a marker, giving out signatures. She trembled and turned it off. They had already turned into an idol-like group...

    After dinner, Ye Cang watched over Zhang ZhengXiong's and Lin Le's practice.

    "Watch this! Azure Dragon Yang on the left! White Tiger Yin on the right!"

    "I'll do Black Tortoise Yin on the left, Azure Dragon Yang on the right!"

    "Haha, you've been fooled. I was actually using Vermillion Bird Yang on the left, and Black Tortoise Yin on the right!"

    "Haha, Lele, I also lied. It's actually Azure Dragon Yang left, White Tiger Yin right!"

    Ye Cang watched as the two of them practiced their trigrams and attempted to guess each other's moves. Then he got up and left the porch. It had been some time since the girl had undone her first gene lock, it was about time to show her the real treasure it unlocks.

    Halfmoon Lake.

    Wearing his jade fox mask, Ye Cang appeared on a large boulder. Zhao XiangYu was extremely happy and she pouted playfully at him, "Master, you haven't appeared for so many days."

    "Master and your martial uncle have been on vacation, and you're still consolidating your strength..." Ye Cang said indifferently. "Down to business. The reason I have come today is about you opening your first gene lock."

    "Master, how many gene locks are there?" Zhao XiangYu asked something she had wanted to ask for a long time.

    "Not even I know. Just how many layers and types of gene locks has god seen fit to restrict us with? No one knows. However, martial artists and espers, although their methods may be different, they all strive to throw off these restrictions. Our school has chosen the path of tearing apart the chains that restrict us, and then use it..." Ye Cang explained.

    "Then master, what about you? How many have you undone?" Zhao XiangYu was very curious.

    "Secret..." Ye Cang faintly smiled. "It has been a while since you've unsealed your first layer, it's about time to show you the treasure hidden within."

    Zhao XiangYu was disappointed, but quickly cheered up when she heard about the treasure. "What kind of treasure?"

    "This is even more of a mystery. Everyone is different. It could be a super power, or perhaps something else. But it is something that has always been part of you, simply locked for too long and never awakened. You will now rouse it and learn to use it. This is why the first layer is the most important. Once you've obtained it, it becomes easier to undo the second layer and obtain the treasure hidden therein..." Ye Cang shrugged and explained.

    "Then... how do I awaken it?" Zhao XiangYu asked. A glint flashed in Ye Cang's eyes, and he said in a cold and serious tone, "Survive my attacks. Although I'll hold back, but if you blindly depend on luck, you'll die. If you want to give up, then now is..."

    Zhao XiangYu was shaken by the sudden killing intent. Her whole body was frozen stiff. She felt as if everything in front of her had been dyed in black and white, like an old photo. Her heart almost felt like it would forget to beat. He wasn't joking around! She used all her strength and undid her first gene lock! Blue veins became visible from under her skin, and her breathing became hurried. She looked towards Ye Cang who was still waiting for her reply. Continue? Master is definitely not joking. If I am even the tiniest bit complacent, I'll be killed. Can I really do it!? She clenched her teeth and tightened her grip on her weapon. "Come!!"

    Ye Cang faintly smiled, then waved his hand, "Lightning Plasma..."

    Zhao XiangYu watched the countless rays of light coming at her. What kind of skill was this!? With her first gene lock undone, she madly brandished her weapon, persisting under the bombardment of those thin, crisscrossing beams of light. Even with her best, she was still pierced in the left shoulder, stomach, chest, thigh, and was hurting everywhere. She felt like she had been crushed, and spat out a mouthful of blood. However, she continued to persistently wave her weapon. A disdainful voice whispered in her ear, "Is that all?"

    Zhao XiangYu's heart shook. We might not be on the same level, but I still have to give it my all! She used her abilities to the limit that the first gene lock allowed. She didn't know how many of her ribs were broken, her clothes were also full of holes. Ye Cang nodded. She was reaching her limit. He reached out and increased the rate at which he released the beams of light.

    Zhao XiangYu felt death approaching for the first time. It was frightening, and she could feel her whole life flashing through her eyes. No! I have to survive! Her legs were making cracking sounds, and her left hand was limp. Her fear became stronger, which also increased her will to live. Suddenly, her body seemed to fall into a mysterious rhythm. An indescribable feeling appeared in her body, as if something had woken up. It was something extremely familiar to her.

    A spark flashed in Zhao XiangYu's eyes. The originally unseeable attacks were now clear as can be. They were countless explosions of qi caused by his fist. Everytime he punched out, his hands became blurry, then the air would be filled with exploding qi. The beams of light now looked like shooting stars. She brandished her sword with one hand to her limits, the spark in her eyes becoming more prominent.

    "Oh~? An increase in kinetic vision is it? No, what is that spark? Well whatever, the thing hidden under her first genetic lock should have something to do with her eyes. Let's force it out and see what it is..." Ye Cang muttered, accelerating once again.

    Zhao XiangYu consciously felt a throb in her eyes. Ye Cang stroked his chin. Looks like it needs to be examined in more detail. What is it?

    Zhao XiangYu looked at her surroundings and suddenly felt an ominous feeling. She had clearly already been hit, so why was she only feeling it now? There was roughly a 0.01 second delay, and suddenly, she had been hit by countless attacks. Ye Cang was alarmed. The girl wasn't able to react to it! Not good! He stopped his attacks, and instantly scattered the attacks still going towards her. He held her unconscious body and carried her to a nearby bench where he started reconnecting her broken bones and healing her. In but a moment, she looked as good as new, and only needed a short rest. Zhao XiangYu slowly woke up, and saw her fox-masked master healing her wounds. "Master, what happened? I clearly saw the lights hitting me, but i didn't feel it until after..."

    "So that's how it was. What you saw wasn't the present, but about 0.01 seconds in the future. Not bad, it's a powerful ability." Ye Cang realised it was similar to his eyes of truth. He could see the trajectory of attacks going to and coming from himself within the next 0.5 seconds. She could see the scene itself, because of that, the future she could see was shorter. However, in a fight between experts, 0.01 seconds was enough to die many times over. "With your current abilities, you can at most use it for 5 seconds. Anymore will be a burden on your eyes and mind, which is why we continue to train and improve ourselves. I'll send you home. I know what you want to say, but you shouldn't speak now. Rest properly..."

    Ye Cang picked up the hesitating Zhao XiangYu, making her blush. Actually, ever since she woke up and saw his concern, she knew everything he had done was to force out her hidden potential. There was no other way. In the end, if he hadn't scattered his attacks, she would have definitely died. Her eyelids began to feel heavy. She slowly leaned on Ye Cang and fell asleep...
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