Chapter 287: Gold Quality Equipmen

    Chapter 287: Gold Quality Equipment

    That night, Ye Cang and the others made their way back to the goblin camp area. They found a large stone, then took out shovels and began to dig. A while later, Wang's shovel hit something hard and he shouted out, "Boss, I think I got it!"

    FrozenCloud, Zhang ZhengXiong, and SpyingBlade all reacted by leaping towards Ye Cang who was in his treasure obsessed mode.

    Wang and Lin Le dug up a 2 meter squared crate covered in mud, however, there was a lock on it, so they couldn't open it. SpyingBlade had Zhang ZhengXiong and FrozenCloud continue to restrain Ye Cang, then quickly went over to look. "There's a magic enchantment cast on the lock. I can't open it. It's also dangerous to force it open. Didn't you have a key? Now is the time to use it."

    "The key is with father..." Little Ye Tian said.

    Everyone looked towards Ye Cang. Wu Na shouted at him, "Throw the key over!!"

    "No way. Everyone out of my way. I'll open it!!" Ye Cang sad confidently.

    "Bro, this is definitely a chest of top quality equipment. Just take out the key." Zhang ZhengXiong advised.

    "Team Leader, please. Give us the key." FrozenCloud also tried to coax him.

    Ye Cang refused to budge, as if it was a matter of life or death. This deadlock lasted for a long time. Finally, everyone, including SpyingBlade, came to a decision. "Let's do this, you can loot the next boss..."

    "For real?" Ye Cang knew that they wouldn't let him open the chest, so hearing that he could loot the next boss got him interested.

    Everyone bore with the pain in their hearts and nodded. Ye Cang took out the key. "Swear on your reproductive organs..."

    Everyone nodded bitterly once again. Ye Cang tossed the key over to Lin Le.

    Lin Le took it and opened the box. Everyone looked inside. "Brother Lil'White! There's a gold quality pike! Two distinguished quality equipments, two skillbooks, as well as a lot of gold coins and precious gems and stuff."

    Ye Cang jogged over and checked them out.

    Matac's Rose Pike (Gold - Quality Standard - Planetary Empire)

    Category: Heavy Pike

    Requirements: 150 Strength, 100 Constitution

    Damage: 33 - 36

    +20 Strength

    +12 Constitution

    +15% Armor Penetration

    Pierce - Heavy Pike: Has a chance to pierce through a target, hitting behind it at 75% power.

    Rose Pike: Perform a rapid stab attack. On hit, deal 125% damage, then the tip will cause an explosion, dealing 190% damage.

    Matac: One of the Planetary Empire's legendary generals. Famous for using a long pike with strong piercing ability. Afterwards, this style of pike was improved and named after him.

    Skyblue Silk Robe (Distinguished - Valuable)

    Category: Robe

    Requirements: 95 Intelligence, 70 Wisdom

    +9 Defence

    +13 Intelligence

    +10 Wisdom

    Recover 1 mana every 10 seconds.

    +10 Spellpower

    +20 Ice Resistance

    +5% Will

    Owl Eye Ring (Distinguished - Valuable)

    Category: Ring

    Requirements: None

    +10 Strength

    +12 Dexterity

    +10 Constitution

    -5 Wisdom

    Owl Eye - Passive: +25 Reflex

    Bull's Strength (Super Rare - Beginner Level - Passive): +15 Strength, +15 Constitution, Strength type skills checks have a 2% increased chance to succeed.

    Kamaitachi - Sweeping Wind (Super Rare - Beginner Level - Active): Instantly creates a whirlwind, hitting surrounding targets with blades of wind, dealing 3 instances of wind damage. Damage is dependent on Strength, Dexterity, and is affected by Qi. Base damage is calculated as (Strength + Dexterity) / 5. Requires the skill Leg Sweep to learn. Cost: 15 energy, 5 mana, or 10 qi. Cooldown: 2 minutes.

    The rest were just valuable sculptures, jewels, and precious stones.

    SpyingBlade raised his brows. An item above Distinguished dropped. So far, the known item qualities were: Poor, Common, Fine, Excellent, Superior, Masterwork, Distinguished, and now there was Gold. Along with the quality was an extra tag describing their intrinsic quality such as: Slime, Abyss, Valuable, Standard, etc.

    "What should we do with the pike? Probably only me, A'Xiong, and Lele can use it." Ye Cang's words made SpyingBlade puzzled and amazed. It requires a massive 150 strength! You can use it!? An all-rounder ranger like you!? Your spellpower is so high, so your intelligence is definitely now low. Your wisdom is also probably not low. Where do you have the points to add to Strength and Constitution, let alone raise it to 150!? It's impossible! You must have a way to reduce the requirements.

    "Brother Lil'White, you should take it. I'm more use to using swords and axes..." Lin Le shook his head. Zhang ZhengXiong also rejected it. His warhammer was class equipment, and had really good attributes. It would be a pity to replace it. However, it was also a waste for Ye Cang to use it. He would have to give up the active ability of his own pike, which is more useful than the attack skill of the new pike. But this pike's damage was so high, reaching up to 36. Zhang ZhengXiong then recalled he could borrow the church's forges to reforge it! "Bro, let me melt down your two pikes and turn them into one like my armguard. I might even be able to improve it further by adding materials..."

    Ye Cang was hesitating over it. The damage was so high, but was it worth giving up his current pike? As he was still on the fence, he heard Zhang ZhengXiong's words. Right, he's a smith. He began to distribute the next item. The robe could be used by himself, Nana, Wang, and Little Ye Tian, but little Ye Tian already had a good light armor with a good gem. As for himself, he was didn't want to break up his awesome wolf/tiger set. "Nana, Wang, who wants it."

    "Give it to Wang, mine is Masterwork and can still be used." Wu Na thought and decided to give it up. The next one would be hers anyways as their team only had two orthodox spellcasters. She directly passed it to Wang, making him feel touched. "Thank you sister Nana..."

    SpyingBlade raised his brows. The star of the show has arrived, the ring. Such a high quality ring too.

    "As for the ring, it's mine. Next are the skillbooks." Ye Cang directly put on the ring and moved onto the skillbooks.

    SpyingBlade quickly roared: "I also want it!!"

    FrozenCloud, Wu Na, Wang all broke out in cold sweat.

    For the ring, Zhang ZhengXiong and Lin Le didn't really care bout it. The attributes were good, but it didn't look very good...

    Ye Cang took off the ring and looked at him unhappily. "I'm just messing with you. You can have it. I've already gotten something, and you haven't so it's yours..."

    SpyingBlade took the ring and put it on. Although this guy is scum, but he's fair when it comes to distributing equipment. He had felt that way since back in Really New Village. He would always try so that everyone in his team got something. It was true that SpyingBlade hadn't gotten anything besides experience and a few sellable equipment this trip.

    "The skillbook Bull's Strength, too many people can use it. I'll pass, but there's still Lele, A'Xiong, SpyingBlade. You guys play rock-paper-scissors. Lil'Dino, you can have this tornado thing, so let them have Bull's Strength."

    FrozenCloud nodded and used the skillbook. This trip, she had gotten quite a lot. Although she wanted the passive skill, but if she had to pick between the two, she would still choose this active skill.

    SpyingBlade backed out of the competition for Bull's Strength. More than himself, it suited the other two much more. Zhang ZhengXiong thought it over, and passed it Lin Le, who was thinking the same thing and tried to pass it back.
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