Chapter 299: Verali’s Wedding

    Chapter 299: Verali's Wedding

    "Umm, cough cough, on behalf of Bal Village, soon to be Bal Town, as the mayor and viscount, I bear witness to the heartfelt love between these two eternal lovers. It's something truly worth celebrating..." Ye Cang had his wolf hood pushed back and was making his speech. He looked at the solemn Gotano and said, "Chief Gotano, will you take Miss Verali to be your wife? For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, will you love her, comfort her, honour and protect her, and, forsaking all others, be faithful to her as long as you both shall live?"

    After Greenda translated, Gotano said, with a face full of suffering "Gudalasa... Asa. (God, save me...)"

    Greenda once again translated for him, "He will..."

    Ye Cang also understood, a drop of sweat dripped down his forehead. This senior goblin was truly very quick-witted. "Cough cough, and you Miss Verali?"

    "I will, as long as there's food..." Verali smiled.

    "Exchange keepsakes." Ye Cang continued speaking solemnly.

    Gotano put a bone-tooth necklace around Verali's neck. Verali took the cloak made by her father and draped it on him. Ye Cang then had them both bow to Fayr, then nodded to them, "It is at this time that I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

    Verali happily waited with open arms. Terror was apparent on Gotano's face. He was hugged by her, which felt like he was being held by a metal clamp. His bones creaked from the pressure, on the verge of breaking!

    All the villagers and all the spectators began to applaud. The sound of cheers resounded throughout the area.

    "Thank you mayor! I'll definitely repay you for this kindness!" Verali said with a naive smile. Ye Cang looked at Gotano, who was breathing his last breath in her bosom, and quickly waved them off, "Don't be a stranger... This is something I ought to do..."

    The old mayor looked at Verali who had tearfully come to say her goodbyes. He turned his back and spoke, "Lili, live well. Come visit often..."

    Verali's cries were heartbreaking. They nodded one after the other, seeing Verali and the goblins off. Ye Cang looked at the old chief who was holding back his tears. "There will be many chances to meet in the future. Once the three regions are connected, it will be even easier."

    Fayr wiped his eyes, and nodded, "Mayor, thank you for today. Those line about rich and poor and in sickness and in health were very well said."

    When they finished their chat, they returned to supervising the village's construction.

    "Congratulations, you've successfully presided over 《Verali's Wedding》. Received 2500 experience, random common talent, +1 class talent point."

    Ye Cang turned and looked at Verali's distant figure. For poorer, for richer, in sickness and in health huh? Why wasn't this chance given to me and QinXue. Maybe in the next life? It's a pity that I'm someone without a next life. He put a hand over his chest, in the spot where his usual necklace should be, and made a weak and sad smile.

    Wu Na's heart felt tight, an indescribably heartache overcame her. What is he thinking about?

    Zhang ZhengXiong looked away, tears had begun forming in the corner of his eyes. Her was recalling the memories of the three of them, the conversation they had while sitting in the living room and eating together.

    "A'Xue, I'm going to marry you..."

    "What soap opera have you been watching now..."

    "Let me think, it was the one at 7 last night... cough cough, I'm being serious. Although I'm still young, but you will definitely be my bride."

    "Alright, I'll wait for you..."

    "If it's bro, then I give two thumbs up!"

    "You stinking brats, hah..."

    FrozenCloud saw Zhang ZhengXiong holding back tears, his fists clenched so tightly that the white of his knuckles could be seen. She reached out a hand and wrapped it around his fist, giving him a gentle squeeze, silently comforting him.

    Little Ye Tian found herself envying that woman from their memories. She would forever be in her father's heart, never to be erase, never to be forgotten. Lin Le also felt a bit heartbroken seeing them like that. Brother Lil'White...

    SpyingBlade was also looking towards the distant Verali. Ever since the start of the wedding, he had been a bit absent-minded. Now, he was finally snapping out of it. Why... Why won't you give me more time. His jaws were clenched tightly, full of unwillingness.

    The strange wedding had ended, stirring the emotions of many.

    "Let's log off. The weekend is in two hours." Ye Cang said with his indifferent smile, then left the game. He held on tightly to his ring, and looked at the sunlight shining in from the window. His smile turned lazy as he slowly got up and stretched, then left his room. Everyone began to wash up. Wu Na silently began cooking for everyone.

    "The weather is so good, let's go out to the sea..." Ye Cang said as he looked out at the sea from the porch.

    "Mm!" Lin Le's and the others all nodded.

    While eating, Ye Cang reached out and turned on the TV.

    "Lin Hai's flash news. Flasher Uncle was spotted scaring people with his elephant on XingYao street. The student union has submitted a the 'must wear uniforms on campus' proposal..."


    FrozenCloud was thinking about her team leader and Zhang ZhengXiong's earlier manner, feeling very apologetic in her heart. Her sandals scuffled as she walked to the station, getting on a south bound train to Lin Hai. Following the address Ye Cang had given her, this was the first time FrozenCloud had come to their cottage. She held down her straw hat. "The breeze is not bad. This sort of retro wooden porch is pretty good..."

    Ye Cang took off his T shirt. The three guys stood bare to the waist and walked out at this time.

    "Team leader!" FrozenCloud shouted.

    Ye Cang and the others looked over, surprised.

    "It's Lil'Dino! She's come to play!" Lin Le said excited.

    "Just in time, let's go. Out to the sea together!" Ye Cang looked at FrozenCloud and smiled.

    Wu Na pulled FrozenCloud over, and studied her face. "It really is very well done..."

    "......" FrozenCloud almost tripped. Can you please not bring up that subject.

    The six of them arrived at the dock. Little Ye Tian prepared to sail the boat while Zhang ZhengXiong untied the rope. Ye Cang took out a harpoon from the boat and tossed it to FrozenCloud. "Lil'Dino, catch..."

    "This is..." FrozenCloud looked at the harpoon blankly. Hey, are you really going to have me jump into the sea and spear fish?

    "You can do it!" Zhang ZhengXiong grinned.

    "Let's compete to see who get's the most!" Lin Le said raising his harpoon.

    Ye Cang found a shaded location, placed his deck chair, and took out his fishing rod.

    FrozenCloud's heart felt stuffy. Why are you making a woman like me go spear for fish while you sit back and leisurely use a rod! She tried asking, "Team leader, how about I fish with you..."

    "How is that alright? This sort of fishing doesn't suit you. Go and test your mettle!" Ye Cang shouted.

    FrozenCloud felt helpless. She could only continue staring at the harpoon in her hand...

    Wu Na took out a cold drink, handed it to her, and teased, "Good luck..."

    FrozenCloud rolled her eyes, then went to the change room and changed into a cyan swimsuit.

    Zhang ZhengXiong sighed when he saw her, "How good would it be if you weren't a dino..."

    F**k! FrozenCloud felt the urge to stab him. Her chest heaved as she breathed heavily, trying to settle her mood.

    The shore gradually became distant. Little Ye Tian picked a spot and stopped. Zhang ZhengXiong threw the anchor over, then turned to look at Lin Le and FrozenCloud while securing his goggles. "Let's go..."

    "Um... I really don't want..." FrozenCloud didn't even get to finish before the two of them jumped into the water with a splash. She sighed, this was really her first time spearing fish. She dived into the water gracefully, and followed the two of them. She looked and saw a huge fish coming over. What kind of fish is that? It gradually became clearer. F**k! That's a shark! Bubbles rushed out of Lin Le's mouth as he roared, "Shark!!"

    At first, she thought that Lin Le was shouting a warning, but reality was that he and Zhang ZhengXiong began to rush towards it. She was immediately struck dumb as she watched the two of them beat the shark up. The shark was actually swimming away for its life. Lin Le spat out more bubbles, "Shark meat doesn't taste good..."

    FrozenCloud rolled her eyes. The only reason it had lived was because it's meat didn't taste good. The three of them came out of the water to take a breath, then dived back down and started catching fish.

    FrozenCloud gradually found it quite enjoyable. Swimming together in the sea, she almost felt like a fish herself, with endless space and the freedom to swim where she pleased. She surfaced and looked at the big fish on her harpoon, feeling a bit proud of herself. An inexplicable happiness suffused her heart. Lin Le surfaced and looked at FrozenCloud's big fish, then looked at his many small fish. He swam over, "Lil'Dino, I think there's something wrong with your fish. Let me have a look."

    FrozenCloud passed the harpoon to Lin Le. Lin Le passed his own harpoon to her, "Hold this for me."

    Lin Le studied it for a while and said seriously, "I'm going up for a bit. This harpoon needs to be repaired."

    FrozenCloud watched as Lin Le returned to the boat. He pointed at her and shouted, "Brother Lil'White, Sister Nana! Lil'Dino, she..."

    Lin Le paused for a moment then yelled, "Sucks! Look at those little fish on her harpoon! Lele's fish is the biggest!"

    Ye Cang got up, looked at the frozen FrozenCloud as well has her harpoon full of little fish, and sighed. He appeared to be disappointed, but he quickly hid it and called out encouragingly, "They're not that small. Lil'Dino, don't be discouraged. Good Luck~"

    FrozenCloud ground her teeth. She looked at Lin Le's proud back, and found it difficult to argue, because it would just make her seem like a sore loser. Suddenly, Zhang ZhengXiong spoke near her ear, "Tch, Lele got it..."

    FrozenCloud looked and saw that Zhang ZhengXiong's harpoon had nothing at all. He turned and dived back into the water. The short encounter left her chest feeling tight, as if she had suffered some internal injury.

    Lin Le left the big fish behind, and jumped back into the water. FrozenCloud also got up to drop off the fish and dived back in. The three of them continued to dive and show off their skills. In the end, the victor was Lin Le, winning by just one big fish. FrozenCloud looked at that fish that was originally hers, and began biting her nails in frustration. Little Ye Tian sighed, "Now you know how hateful Lele is..."

    FrozenCloud nodded, then quickly shook her head. She had almost been assimilated by them. She was about to throw a tantrum over a fish, and had narrowly escaped that fate. Wiping her cold sweat, she put the harpoon away and went to help Wu Na and Little Ye Tian. She helped to clean the fish and prepared the shrimp and squid.

    Ye Cang, Zhang ZhengXiong and Lin Le were in charge of preparing the fire for barbeque.

    As the sun set, the golden light reflect off the sea. FrozenCloud, who was cutting squid, saw the golden sea that spread for as far as the eye could see. Right now, her heart felt very comfortable. She saw the three had started the fire. She exchanged a smile with Wu Na, then began began to cook while enduring the banned Ye Cang's constant complaints.

    Ye Cang's and Little Ye Tian's big and small small indifferent smiles. Zhang ZhengXiong's bright and boorish grin. Lin Le's foolish, childlike, smiley face. The two woman couldn't help smiling, their happiness reflected in their slightly squinted eyes. The sound of the groups laughter interweaved with the golden twilight.
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