Chapter 386: Perky Bu

    Chapter 386: Perky Butt

    Ye Cang calmly nodded and smiled. "That's good. Brother PureSoul, you should go inside..."

    NalanPureSoul gracefully entered and had a seat after greeting MistyVeil..

    What's good? When did they speak? Do they have antennas somewhere on their bodies?, thought MistyVeil.

    Pretty much everyone had arrived. They were all staring at MistyVeil and NalanPureSoul's tables. As for Ye Cang's group, everyone was already used to seeing them walking in with their beach clothes, this wasn't the first time.

    ThornyRose came over to MistyVeil and saw that the idiot Ji Xiao had also come. She looked at them with a smile, "Cousin, what brings you here?"

    "I happened to be free and met your fiance at the train station, so we came together. It's been awhile since I've visited," MistyVeil replied knowingly.

    ThornyRose smiled and nodded, then her gaze moved to NalanPureSoul at the adjacent table. This one was the true rare guest. Him attending a banquet was unheard of. It was practically a miracle...

    "PureSoul, come sit with us. It has been a long time since we've chatted." MistyVeil called out.

    NalanPureSoul stood up gracefully. "Alright. Where's brother Ye Cang..."

    "He brought his siblings to go change..." ThornyRose said. Just as she spoke, Ye Cang's group came out in formal attire. Ye Cang walked in while helping Lin Le with his bowtie.

    Ye Cang's group walked directly to MistyVeil's table and sat down. His seat happened to be right beside NalanPureSoul's. Both of them wore western clothes. When they sat together, they looked like a perfect pair. This was especially apparent when Ye Cang tried to loosen his tie that was too tight, and NalanPureSoul reached out a delicate hand to help him tidy up his collar.

    "Thanks..." Ye Cang nodded. The two of them were titillatingly close. Ye Cang just needed to lean down a little and he would be kissing NalanPureSoul's forehead. This situation made Ye Cang a bit embarrassed.

    MistyVeil and ThornyRose both stared at the two. Hey, you two might as well just get together...

    NalanPureSoul finished and looked up, leaving barely an inch of space separating their lips. They just stayed there, staring into each others' eyes, but NalanPureSoul quickly snapped out of it and backed up. There was traces of a blush on his face. "Brother Ye Cang, that was rude of me."

    Ye Cang didn't know what he should say. "No harm done."

    MistyVeil looked at Ye Cang with a strange expression. That guy sometimes talks like someone from ancient times. Truly an unconventional person, from his outer appearance down to his speech and his very nature.

    The table was silent for a long time, making the sound of Lin Le and Zhang ZhengXiong's eating even more prominent. Ye Cang ate his steak and said to ThornyRose earnestly, "The next banquet, let me be the chef..."

    Have you decided to kill us for good!? Let you!? No amount of lives would be enough! My mother even posted your picture on the kitchen door, forbidding you from entering. ThornyRose said grouchily, "Go die in a ditch..."

    NalanPureSoul also let out a hollow laugh. Against Ye Cang's cooking in the game, he could only laugh bitterly. Even a strong willpower wouldn't be enough.

    MistyVeil didn't understand the other peoples' reaction. "Right now, your Thorns and Roses's popularity is through the roof. You can already rank in the top 3 of the federation's offense oriented clubs..."

    "I wouldn't go that far. We're still far off..." ThornyRose replied modestly.

    "You have an ace like me after all..." Ye Cang said indifferently.

    "And Lele..." Lin Le shouted.

    SpyingBlade chose to be silent. In that fight, if MistyVeil hadn't let her guard down, the loser would have been Falling Star. He continued to eat peacefully.

    ThornyRose looked unhappily at Ye Cang. Would it kill you not to show off!?

    "Hehe, the next round will be between our clubs. I hope you'll go easy..." MistyVeil looked at Ye Cang and smiled.

    "As the ace, I won't go easy on anyone. Just give up..." Ye Cang sighed as he looked at MistyVeil, "Unless..."

    MistyVeil couldn't help smiling. This white hair is truly interesting, I can't tell if he's serious or joking. "Unless what?"

    "Let me touch... I hear it's very perky..." Ye Cang said seriously, not a hint of any evil intentions in his tone. His eyes were clear. FrozenBlood froze. It's appeared! Team leader's hidden talent! Deadpan rogue.

    MistyVeil and NalanPureSoul both froze.

    MistyVeil immediately laughed out loud, finding him very amusing. She got up, figuring that he wouldn't dare. "If you dare..."


    Luckily, Zhang ZhengXiong's big frame hid this scene from the other guests. MistyVeil froze once again. This time, she was completely frozen stiff. Her blush spread all the way to the base of her ears. He actually touched! He even pinched it! In my whole life, I've never been touched by a man before, yet he... he...

    FrozenBlood and the others' mouths hung wide open. They all secretly gave him a thumbs up. As expected of team leader.

    ThornyRose was also stunned. She looked at MistyVeil's embarrassed expression. The damned pervert's deadpan expression made it hard to get mad at him.

    Zhang ZhengXiong and Ji Xiao looked at Ye Cang enviously. As for Lin Le, he looked very proud as he said, "I told you it was natural. Lele's eyes are never wrong..."

    Ye Cang looked at MistyVeil who was staring back at himself. He blinked his eyes and smiled indifferently, "Why not sit down? Let's continue chatting..."

    ThornyRose and the others wiped the sweat off their foreheads. That guy had done it completely naturally. Ever since before, he was sometimes very natural...

    SpyingBlade was also wiping his sweat. One couldn't exactly call Ye Cang a pervert, because he seemed to not have any improper thoughts. One couldn't exactly say that he wasn't a pervert either, because he often did these roguish actions. In short, he acted like a pervert with no perverted intentions.

    NalanPureSoul quickly got up and pulled MistyVeil down to her seat. He also wasn't sure what to say, so he just said the following, "Brother Ye Cang probably didn't do it on purpose..."

    FrozenBlood and the others were all speechless. Your words have no persuasiveness.

    MistyVeil took a deep breath. This isn't over. She fixed up her hair, not saying a word. She simply continued to glare at Ye Cang who was giving her a friendly smile. She was not even able to vent. "Brother Hero is truly blunt. I won't be able to joke around."

    "It's fine, it's fine. Perky Butt, you're much better than ThornyRose. She can't even handle any jokes..." Ye Cang smiled and sighed at the same time.

    Both MistyVeil's and ThornyRose's faces stiffened. Who in the world touches someone's butt and then starts calling them Perky Butt!

    "Haha, Brother Ye Cang sure loves to joke around. You shouldn't make fun of her like that. Sister MistyVeil is many years our senior. Her seniority even surpasses ThornyRose's by two years. You should address her more politely..." NalanPureSoul said, using the same weird speech as Ye Cang.

    Veins throbbed on both MistyVeil's and ThornyRose's forehead. MistyVeil glared at NalanPureSoul. What do you mean senior! Who talks like that!? Have you stayed holed up at home for so long that you forgot how to speak!?
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