Chapter 401: ThornyRose’s Shock

    Chapter 401: ThornyRose's Shock

    In the end, Fang Ci let GreenDew have the staff. He chose not to take part. The boots gave dexterity; SpyingBlade let FrozenBlood have it. Finally, SpyingBlade took the necklace. Ye Cang gathered the boss-level specter residue. Even the skeleton's bones weren't spared.

    The party left the wall and returned to the corridor to prepare for the second floor. ThornyRose had Ye Cang show her the stats of that tactical ability, and Ye Cang didn't refuse. He sent Tactics - Rapid Retreat / Pursuit's stats over.

    ThornyRose looked at the skill.

    "Since you have it, why not level it up? This is equivalent to being able to power up an army! As the leader, leveling it up is a given... Even you can feel it's worth. I knew there were too many auras, so one was your party leader's aura..."

    ThornyRose sighed. Now he had to be the party leader. He had an army scale aura that was only effective when he led.

    Ye Cang nodded. This skill was truly very useful whether for retreating or attacking. He spent one skill point and increased it to intermediate level. For advanced, his level wasn't high enough.

    Tactics - Rapid Retreat / Pursuit (Adventurer - Intermediate Level):

    Passive: When you're the party leader, party members gain +15% movement speed and +10% attack speed.

    Active: Rapid Retreat / Pursuit - give surrounding allies +75% / 65% movement speed and +0 / +50 attack speed. Furthermore, you collectively gain one use of either Charge (charge rapidly at a target within 5 meters) or Escape (instantly teleport a few meters back). Lasts for 25 seconds.

    Costs: 35 energy, 20 mana. Cooldown: 13 minutes.

    SpyingBlade saw that one of the auras had powered up, and it was the one he liked which raised movement and attack speed. He didn't expect it to belong to Team Leader. This team's auras pretty much doubled one's survivability. It even gave mana regeneration, and spell focus! This always made ThornyRose feel regretful. With Shaking Bear's auras, the team's survivability increased dramatically. Her own health increased by a lot, and even her defence increased! She looked at Zhang ZhengXiong's heavy armor. This guy is probably much tougher than before.

    "Shaking Bear, come here..."

    Zhang ZhengXiong walked over. ThornyRose slashed at his chest. A 7 damage value floated up, making her shocked. Who would have the balls to try and PK him!

    "Let me see your health and defence..."

    ThornyRose looked at his attributes and was shocked speechless. His highest attribute was constitution followed by wisdom and strength, but the numbers seemed wrong. If he was a full constitution build, how could his strength be a match for hers, and his wisdom was equal to a spell caster's. She looked doubtfully at Zhang ZhengXiong.

    "Bro said not to tell you, but since we have an agreement; you have to introduce a girl whom I'll definitely succeed with if I let you see my talents and skills..." Zhang ZhengXiong said as he let ThornyRose have a peek at his talents. ThornyRose was immediately dumbstruck. Heroic Tier!? An aura related heroic tier talent! This means that Shaking Bear just needs to learn more auras and his attributes definitely won't be low. Every stacking aura gives 5%! He already has a 25% increase. Not only that, he has a super rare aura skill like Aura Mastery! Allowing even his attributes to affect his auras. Could he be any more disgustingly OP!? What made her even more astonished were the two talents [Strong and Tough Body] and [Feel Your Pain]. He just had to stack constitution, and both his strength and wisdom would increase. She then looked at Zhang ZhengXiong's numerous life-saving skills, especially Desperate Prayer, Berserk Recovery, and Stone Skin. These... could he even be any tankier?

    ThornyRose's eyes then went to the four- colored ring on his hand. Wasn't there only three colors before? It got another one? When she saw the ring's stats and the four ability choices, she immediately gasped. This was something that was irreplaceable! Even just the four ability choices were irreplaceable! Let alone the fact, that the ring had percentage attribute increases. It wasn't just one out of three abilities with an extra Desperate Prayer thrown in. This was essentially another life... A second Desperate Prayer could heal up the entire team. He even knew Healing Light!

    Fighting wise, he only had a few skills, but he had an epic battle skill, Holy Judgement! That damage and chance to stun! It not only had multiple hits, the cooldown was not very long. In one long boss fight, it could be used many times. She looked at the playboy who was waiting for her to introduce him to a girl, and didn't know whether to feel grateful or aggrieved. The current stage's super all-rounder tank was born, and it's a desperate priest.

    ThornyRose hesitated for a while, unable to say anything. Having him always ahead of her was too damn damaging to her ego... Ever since she learned that he was a priest, back in Really New Village, her self-esteem had taken hit after hit. How could there be a priest like him! However, ThornyRose already knew that above epic, there were heroic tier talents. To explain, most heroic tier skills and talents were amazing existences that were percentage based. It would pretty much force you to walk in the path of said hero. However, Shaking Bear seemed to be running counter to it. The hero was a paladin, while he was a berserker.

    As she thought until there, she began to think about Lin Le. She used money to trick him into revealing his hidden talents. It was another heroic tier talent. A pure strength type talent. That crushing effect was simply... bullying anyone beneath him in strength. Doesn't that damn lowlife also have a heroic talent then? His talent is definitely related to magic! He doesn't have much spellcasting equipment, yet has such high spell power and damage. It pretty much guarantees a heroic talent...

    Really New Village's Three Brothers, all three of them with Heroic Talents. Truly worthy of their title. Her mind was in chaos when she learned that they had obtained their heroic talents when they were working together. At that time, she already felt like obtaining an epic talent was awesome. Yet, just beside her, two guys actually got heroics...

    She looked at SpyingBlade... walked over and whispered, "Do you also have a heroic talent?"

    SpyingBlade frowned. How did she know? He pretended to be calm, then suddenly realised, "I don't know what you mean. Heroic talent? So there's actually a heroic above epic in this game..."

    ThornyRose looked at SpyingBlade. Does he really not know or is he faking it? This guy... If he says he doesn't know, half the time he's lying...

    ThornyRose looked at Little Ye Tian. Little Ye Tian just sighed and said, "I don't..."

    Little Ye Tian's sigh was because she should have gone to find her father earlier. Since she was late a few days, Lele was already many skills and talents ahead of her. At that time, she only had one. Everytime she thought about how Lin Le teased her with his heroic talent, she could only clench her teeth and count in her head; One evil Lele, two evil Leles, three evil Leles, four evil Leles... Aaaah! Lele is too hateful!
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