Chapter 526

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    The Ritual

    Once again, Ye Cang upgraded his weapon, unlocking the weapon's fourth special ability - greatly increasing life-steal and penetration's power and speed. He could now kill all the creeps in one shot, sharing his experience with Little Ye Tian. She was now close to getting level 6.

    "Looks like Mad War is at a slight disadvantage. Ye Cang is well-farmed, having four kills and 133 last hits. The problem now is whether CloudDragon manages to oppress him." Sitting on the sofa in the resting room of Thorns and Roses, NalanPureSoul said with his arms crossed.

    "The team leader is truly incredible." FrozenBlood was deeply impressed by Ye Cang.

    "Indeed. When it comes to crucial moments, you can definitely depend on Ye Cang. From the time when he attacked the instance, I can tell that although he seldom gives on-spot instructions, they are all clear-cut and direct, never once ambiguous. I think in the present, no one can compare to him in terms of on-spot reaction, not even FlameEmperor..." NalanPureSoul's high remarks on Ye Cang surprised FrozenBlood. "How confident are you if you were to battle the team leader?"

    "I think I'm no match for him. I would rather have a one-on-one with CloudDragon. I don't even want to face him. As a mage, to win against him in a battle is almost impossible. That speed of his and his means to oppress a mage are incredible. Moreover, Brother PaleSnow understands a mage's abilities well, until an extent where you can call him a mage's nemesis. However, if it's in a team fight, I still have some confidence." NalanPureSoul smiled bitterly and shook his head. Then, he laid his eyes on the battlefield. "But, when Brother Ye Cang's contract has ended, I'll try to recruit him in any possible way."

    "Hey, you've gone too far! How can a great guild like yours try to steal player away from a second rate club like us." ElegantFragrance smiled.

    "Not only me. I'm afraid they'll be every guild's targets, just because they're equally as strong as CloudDragon. You guys might have a hard time making them stay. Usually these class of players, they don't care about liquidated damages." NalaPureSoul shrugged his shoulders.

    FrozenBlood also smiled bitterly. Having the team leader and the others on my team is a good thing. However, if they went to other clubs, they will be the opponents that I wouldn't want to face the most. Who knows what other petty tricks they would do. If the team leader leaves, the other four top players would definitely follow him. But, these things are subject to changes in the future. What's most important in the present is the Great Christmas War! Because of them, Thorns and Roses finally has the qualification to go on such an international stage.

    The scene jumped back to the battlefield. Through the river pathway, Ye Cang reached the top lane. Due to the mistake he made previously, Ye Cang camped at the corner, waiting for either WindDragon or YellowSpring who would come and help. On the top lane, Zhang Zhengxiong was fighting aggressively with CloudDragon. Ye Cang did not join in because he knew if WindDragon and YellowSpring were to assist CloudDragon, he could not secure a kill. Therefore, he patiently waited.

    A little bit more and WindDragon would reach level 6. Since the monsters in the jungle were refreshing, he knew Brother Hero would be going to top lane sooner or later through the path and hiding at the corner nearby. Suddenly, he sensed that something was not right. There's someone coming! Just when he was about to run away, a silvery light flashed, forcing him to block it with his dagger. However, his heart sank when he felt his dagger slashing through the air instead of a sword. In no time, his chest was pierced through by a sword. Ye Cang appeared from the faint shadow, bending over and piercing him at his chest. Ye Cang smiled gently as WindDragon's health points dropped to zero.

    Ye Cang then put his sword back into the scabbard and dashed towards CloudDragon from his hiding spot with a speed-enhancing skill. In the meantime, Zhang Zhengxiong blocked CloudDragon from retreating. Seeing the iron hand coming at him fast, CloudDragon bent over to dodge and stroke with his elbow. Using the momentum, he took a step back and blocked Ye Cang's Blade Edge Sprint. Immediately, he activated his ultimate. Tens of kicks prompted those two to back off. With a backflip, like a swallow, he retreated to the tower. He frowned at Ye Cang. He must be at level 7, almost 8. Suddenly, chills went down his spines. Knowing something was coming from behind, he quickly turned to dodge the Moonlight Slash. A giant blade hit the ground. Mad Devil Le had arrived!

    Without delay, Ye Cang went on with Blade Edge Blink, blocking the tower's attack. He quickly attacked CloudDragon who was about to launch a Rising Dragon Kick at Lin Le. Moreover, steam was coming out from Zhang Zhengxiong's back and he jumped towards CloudDragon, unleashing his Overlord Fist.

    Even though CloudDragon managed to dodge the Overlord Fist, he could not dodge Ye Cang's attacks. Seeing CloudDragon struggling to get on his feet, Lin Le hammered his back with his hilt at full strength. Instantly, CloudDragon was paralyzed. Upon landing on the ground, Zhang Zhengxiong grabbed his throat at lightning speed. Together with Ye Cang's Flash of Life and Lin Le's Execute, they killed him in seconds. Lin Le immediately activated his shield protection to block the tower's attack and ran away swiftly. Not only him, Zhang Zhengxiong and Ye Cang also swiftly retreated.

    "Their coordination is truly perfect. CloudDragon isn't strong enough to face the three of them together, especially when there are two people who are equally as strong as him. I bet not even FlameEmperor can enter into a 1v3 battle with The Three Brothers." Brother Zhao slowly nodded.

    "Brother Lil'White, let's go finish our exorcism ritual." Upon finishing the sentence, Lin Le recalled the group battle where he was killed by BlackIce right after he killed YellowSpring. I hate that wicked smile of her! What an evil woman! She must be purified!

    "Yeap, it's time for her to get back a beautiful soul." Ye Cang gradually nodded. With his two teammates, they decided to give up top lane and quickly get to the bottom lane through the jungle.

    "Are they getting serious?" Brother Zhao saw the three people reached the bottom lane in no time. BlackIce and DeepRepose were about to enter into a 5v2 battle. YellowSpring had sensed it too so he quickly rushed there to assist them. Seeing that the creeps had reached the tower, his heart sank. Shit! I can't make it in time!

    Once again ThornyRose dashed and Little Ye Tian blocked the tower's attack and BlackIce's Black Ice Ball with Rainbow Screen. In a split second, Ye Cang assassinated DeepRepose. Just when BlackIce was about to turn herself into ice and retreat, she saw that Ye Cang had no intention of chasing after her. Suddenly, a big shadow appeared under her feet and she was engulfed by it. She remembered those fists. It's him!  In no time, she lost balance as she was lifted up high.

    Ultimate - Sun Shot! Zhang Zhengxiong tossed her to their safety area and together with Ye Cang, they quickly backed off. Following them to retreat, ThornyRose facepalmed because she knew what was going to happen. Can't believe they are really going to do it! Giving up the top lane just to get revenge.

    On the other hand, Lin Le had been rooting for it. Seeing BlackIce flying towards him, especially when her ass was facing him, he gradually dropped low. Slashing with the giant blade, he shouted. "The Purifying Soul Sword!"

    At the river pathway, YellowSpring witnessed BlackIce being slashed into two halves from her private part right to her head. He took a deep breath.

    Ye Cang came back just in time. Together with Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le, they surrounded her corpse which was separated like chopsticks and prayed. "Hope that her soul will regain clarity and beauty. Never ever get puzzled by the devil..."

    "Does this count as a technical foul?" Brother Zhao soaked in cold sweat.

    "I don't think so...because it isn't a direct verbal assault and the kill just now seems pretty fine too? I think it'll be hard for the referee to call." Brother Zhong was also stunned when he saw what had happened.
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