Chapter 583

    Size of Trauma

    "This is totally..." Brother Zhao's jaw was agape in bewilderment.

    "Even though Flame Dragon won the dueling due to FlameEmperor, it isn't surprising that they lost to Knights of The Round Table in the group battle. ChildOfLight's group battle ability is top notch in the world. Without VastSea, FlameDragon's overall performance is obviously different from the past. VastSea helped him in commanding the team and reacting to the situation. FlameEmperor should know by now that it is very hard to do all these by himself. Do know that VastSea, first appeared in the Ever-Green Competition, now stands at the top in the virtual world for the second most important role in a team. It is normal for the big clubs to fight for him." Brother Zhong sighed.

    *Sigh* "Looks like we could only see how they do in the hero mode. I hope that FlameEmperor could get back the sense of battling. But now, what makes me most curious is how far Mad Devil Le's d*ck's normal shooting range is." Brother Zhao gradually nodded.

    "You'll know it during the hero mode." Brother Zhong pinched his chin and smiled. This fella still doesn't want to admit it. It is so obvious that he is already a fan of the Three Brothers. Upon thinking about it, Brother Zhong's vision moved to Ye Cang. The leader of the Three Brothers isn't doing anything. It is odd. Big Diamond and Mad Devil Le had already reached X rank and he, being the leader, is still this calm?

    As he got back to the preparation area, Lin Le glanced at OldWang on his left side. OldWang immediately put the battle robe (windbreaker) on Lin Le. He then again glared at AV but AV was confused. Lin Le said disappointedly. "Movement of the windbreaker..."

    Swiftly, AV took an electric fan and hid behind him to create some effects. AV was filled with respect. This is the man who uses his d*ck to knock away the Red Demon and defeated Glory Hall! The pride of every China man!

    "Who would have thought that just when FlameEmperor's era is about to end, there would come three more disgusting fellas from the China district." Hussein knew he had lost. I have called out my trump card. Yet, on the opponent side, the leader of the Three Brothers, Brother Hero has not gone up to the battlefield. It is obvious that they have more strength to spare.

    "You this bastard!" Verlianna stared at Ye Cang with much anger.

    "Well, you still owe me the One Thousand Years of Death. Are you sure it will be good to say that to me?" Ye Cang's faint smile and reminder sent chills down Verlianna's spine.

    It has appeared! The sign of team leader torturing people! FrozenCloud trembled as she saw Ye Cang's faint smile. Scenes of how he tortures people to death flashed through her mind. She then wiped away the cold sweat, hoping that she would never see him smiling at her in that way.

    "Come to Willow Tree Hall tomorrow. There's a gathering." MistyVeil said to Ye Cang. Seeing Verlianna not daring to argue back, MistyVeil could not help but smile.

    "What gathering?" Ye Cang pulled Verlianna's butt to make her sit.

    "It can be considered as a gaming gathering. Quite a number of China's important figures would come too." MistyVeil's words made Ye Cang recalled some of the meetings that he attended. He then yawned. "Well, depends on my mood that day."

    MistyVeil did not ask why but continued to watch the hero mode.

    Zhang Zhengxiong went to the middle lane with determination and Lin Le dashed to the top lane being naked as usual. At the bottom lane, it was still the golden combo, SpyingBalde and Little Ye Tian. Meanwhile, ThornyRose and FrozenBlood entered into the jungle.

    Following the creeps, Lin Le saw his opponent was Hussein. He directly went to get the last hits with fists and kicks. As for Hussein, he was more cautious since there was a huge difference in the foundation between SS rank and X rank.

    Lin Le's ahoge suddenly pointed to the river path. Oh, someone is coming to bully Lele. With an evil smile, he started to jerk off. Just when Hussein was about to dodge as he saw Lin Le aimed at the creeps, a beam of white light was shot directly to the river path bushes. Hussein's heart sank for a moment. How did he know?!

    HaiWei saw a white shot coming at him all of a sudden. Knowing that he could not dodge, he quickly blocked it with his sword. The great impact knocked him to the wall while the sticky energy held him at that position. Lin Le then leaped over and hit HaiWei's face directly with a flying kick. After that, he used his grappling skill to press him against the wall and punched him continuously. "Come and ambush me! Come! I ask you to come!"

    "Player HappyAndCheerful got the first blood!"

    Hussein who came for assistance saw that Lin Le had reached level 2 and upgraded his 'cannon'. He immediately retreated but Lin Le turned around and chased after him. "Don't you run away!"

    Everyone saw a knight who was clad in armor being chased horribly by a naked man.

    When Lin Le reached the tower, he quickly took a step back as the tower was about to attack him. He then started to jerk and shoot but Hussein used the tower as a shield. Lin Le spat. "You are lucky that you run fast enough."

    At level 1, Zhang Zhengxiong chose the Shockwave Punch and Wences had a hard time dealing with its long-range. The ShockWave Punch's power is not just strong but it would also stun the target. Once I get hit, there is a high possibility that he might attack me!

    "It is the end for Glory Hall." Brother Zhao heaved a deep sigh as he saw Lin Le's oppression made Hussein stay under the tower and those who went to gank him usually ended up dead.

    "His 'cannon' shooting range is very far. I roughly calculated just now. It is approximately three times longer than Black Bow's." Brother Zhong smiled.

    "......" Brother Zhao smiled bitterly as he stared at Lin Le's d*ck.

    Lin Le was the first one to reach level 6 and he chose his big move. He then returned to his tower and started to jerk. Everyone saw the 'cannon' was accumulating energy and it shot right at the sky. Wences who was staying under the tower while dealing with Zhang Zhengxiong felt something wrong. He quickly looked up and saw a big white energy bomb. He immediately used flash to teleport away. Yet, the bomb was right above him. "Oh, f*ck me!"

    "Player HappyAndCheerful killed Player Wences!"

    Everyone was shocked.

    "That range and accuracy, not to mention the prediction. Damn, when my Brother Le reached level 6, who isn't terrified?!"

    "The bullet was shot from there. Hmm...I want to know Wences' size of trauma after being killed thrice."


    Hussein was miserable as Lin Le was extremely strong. That 'cannon' attack range is not only far but also its attack can also be changed to shotgun type. Its power is so strong and it can clear the creeps at such a fast pace. I don't even dare to walk out of my tower. Lin Le saw Hussein had no intention of coming out from the tower, he picked his level 7 skill. He returned to his own tower and climbed up a small hill still being naked. When he was at the point where he could actually see Hussein, he changed his 'cannon' into sniper mode, aimed at his head and started to accumulate energy.

    Due to Lin Le's disappearance, Hussein was worried. Suddenly, he sensed something wrong so he immediately rolled back to his tower. A white shot hit his shoulder and took away half of his health points. He then gasped and sneaked his head out, staring at the hill far away. It was shot from that position? Is this his big move, Sniper Shot?

    Lin Le swung his 'cannon' and made a 'cheh' sound. He was not resigned. "Urgh, damn it! He dodged it."

    "With the range and power of this sniper mode, the target will immediately die if it hits the head..." Brother Zhao wiped his sweat. Not to mention that it is shot at light speed and the trajectory is super fast.
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