Chapter 642

    Death Valley

    "Lele, go and open." ThornyRose was hugging Ye Cang tightly.

    "I'll open one first, is that alright?" Lin Le asked CloudDragon and LordAsked.

    The two of them nodded, not rejecting. Since he was the one who defeated the boss, he definitely contributed the most.

    "I took the Blood Rage. You guys can choose the remaining two." Lin Le opened the box, took out the skill book and learned it immediately. LordAsked and CloudDragon were dumbfounded when they saw him learning Blood Rage. What the f*ck?!

    "......" Everyone was sweating coldly.

    "How did you know the Blood Rage is in that box?!" LordAsked could not resist but asked.

    "I also don't understand it myself. I just know that the middle one is Blood Rage." Lin Le shrugged and moved backwards, leaving the two of them staring at each other.

    Everyone gasped and pondered. Must not let him open it first the next time.

    "I'll take the left, you take the right. Quickly take it and distribute the remaining equipments. *Sigh*" LordAsked sighed and casually took the left box. He opened it to see it was Blood Blade Chop. Looking at CloudDragon, he knew CloudDragon had the Massive Bleeding. Massive Shockwave Splash and the Blood Blade Chop. Can't believe I have two area attacks at once.

    On the other side, CloudDragon learned Massive Bleeding. Even though I didn't manage to get the Blood Rage for VastSea, this skill suits me anyway.

    "I'll give the axe to Lele. Then, I'll take the platinum cape. The shield and other two remaining platinum, you guys can discuss about it yourself." Ye Cang directly passed the axe to Lin Le. Although the weapon's damage was surprisingly high, both of them knew only Lin Le had the rights to use such heavy weapon. Besides, he was the strongest giant blade use and cannon user in the current league, recognized by the world.

    ThornyRose pouted. Looks like the shield doesn't belong to me. Shaking Bear doesn't need the shield anyway since he uses a special armguard. LordAsked definitely wouldn't let go of the shield, not when the Blood Rage was taken away. I bet CloudDragon would fight for VastSea too. Yet, it is their matters now.

    As Lin Le received the giant axe, he put the giant sword on his back into the handcart. With his giant blade at his waist, he carried the axe on his shoulder and let out a cute roar. "Owww..."

    Staring at the difference between his body and the axe, everyone found it weird. Yet, no one dares to doubt how strong and fierce this tiny body is. Him chasing after a few stars across the streets and killing the king leveled players instantly are not something unusual.

    Ye Cang then handed the cape to Zhang Zhengxiong. With a body of heavy armor, Zhang Zhengxiong looked even more heroic and intimidating after wearing the cape.

    At last, the shield was taken by LordAsked as CloudDragon lost in a mini game. Not resigned, CloudDragon took away the other two platinums. "I admit my loss. You're just lucky this time."

    "Lucky?!" LordAsked made a 'hmph', ignoring him. His mood was immediately lightened when he carried the shield.

    As the flames started to fade, Aludo's giant body was laying on the ground, being burnt black.

    "Brother, let's go hang its skull on the biggest rock pillar in the middle and ask it to taunt us!" Zhang Zhengxiong pointed at the giant skull.

    "That's right, Brother Lil'White! Hang it there and show it to everyone!" Lin Le added on.

    Speechless, Ye Cang smashed their heads. "How can you hang such precious food there?! Besides, those bones on the pillars, help me to get it down. They are useful to boil soup! We can't waste such classy materials..."

    "......" Everyone gasped. This person is totally...

    With Wu Na's and the others' convincing, Ye Cang had no choice but to give up on the bones. Yet, he sighed as he peaked at those soup materials reluctantly.

    "I think hanging its skull in the middle would trigger some hidden effect. Just don't take it down. These kinds of situations are familiar." VastSea suggested when he saw the empty rock pillar and the skull on the floor. It looks like it was prepared for this.

    "I agree. Father, why don't you try." Little Ye Tian nodded to agree.

    Reluctantly, Ye Cang dismantled the skull. With everyone's help, he hung it to the pillar.

    "Congratulations! You've successfully hang Aludo's skull on the Skull Peak! You actions had caused trauma to the ogres. The strength of every ogre which is below boss rank would be reduced by 20%! All players who participated would gain a temporary 20% increment on all attributes! It lasts for 4 days. Such effect is only effective in the vicinity of Thousand Peak Mountain!"

    The two prisoned ogres immediately prayed at Ye Cang. "Adoss! Adoss!"

    "That's right! I'm the king!" Ye Cang raised his head, hopped on to the king seat built on a pile of bones which originally belong to Aludo and said it in the ogre's language.

    "Congratulations! You've successfully liberated and conquered the Skull Peak. You also received Andoss', Wicks' and Skull Peak's ogre's loyalty and fear!"

    "Congratulations! Your reputation among the Skull Peak's ogres has reached epic! You've received a new title! 'The King of Skull Peak's Ogres.'!"

    The others also gradually received the message of conquering Skull Peak and their reputations reached respected.

    "Okay, I'll take down its brain and keep it in the handcart. Might need it for cooking." Ye Cang suddenly changed the topic while everyone was looking at him in confusion.

    "You only care about the head! Don't you want to explain?! What did they say just now?! You always translate those nonsense but don't translate it when you're supposed to!" ThornyRose shouted.

    "Nothing much actually. It's just that I'm the King of Skull Peak's Ogres. All the ogres here belong to the Goddess City's army now. Alright, quickly take the head down. It's important to keep the ingredients fresh. Don't delay it." Everyone did not know whether to laugh or cry at Ye Cang's words. However, conquering the peak and receiving the tribe's recognition was something reassuring. They could finally rest now. LordAsked then looked at Lin Le. "Do you have enough materials for alchemy?"

    "I only have some left. I almost put everything into that explosion just now. Might need to redo when we return." Lin Le shook his head. Just then, Ye Cang put his arms around NalanPureSoul and pulled CloudDragon over. "You guys heard it. For that boss, Lin Le sacrificed most of his stuff. Besides, those materials are made out of the fuel gotten from a hundred thousand meters below the Ocean Abyss, passing through the Black Peaks. They are very rare and precious. For the sake of this boss, it cost us quite a lot. I know it is not good to say this but why don't we share the cost? 5000 gold coins per person  would be enough."


    "f*ck your sister! Why don't you go and rob those coins?! 5000 gold coins?! I can buy the radar-guided missile - the Destroyer with that amount!" LordAsked immediately scolded him.

    "Yeah, continue to lie." CloudDragon's eyes were filled with doubt and despise.
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