Chapter 662

    Caught Off-Guard

    "Last time we threw 300 skeletons and we got ourselves a skeleton demon. If we throw 30,000 skeletons, what do you think we would get?" Staring at the abyss, Ye Cang asked as CloudDragon walked towards him.

    "I don't know but it sure is troublesome." CloudDragon recalled the battle with the skeleton demon. The creature that is summoned by using 30,000 skeletons would definitely not be any weaker than Ajoss, worse still it might be even stronger.

    "Whatever. Let's just summon it. Throw all the corpse down there! Some people go and carry some from the valley!" Ye Cang started throwing skeletons and corpses into it.

    "Hey, why does Brother Hero ask us to throw these corpses down there? Any idea? Eh? 7941 out of 30,000? Would the system grant us a grand wish once it reaches 30,000?"


    "Stop talking so much! Be quick! There must be something! Hey!! You just threw the corpse that we are supposed to revive!"

    "This is my husband! Don't bother about me! How dare he keep his private money away from me!"


    As the number was getting closer, CloudDragon got concerned. Suddenly, he shouted at everyone, asking them to stop. "We still have one corpse left. Let's think about the possible outcome first so that we wouldn't be caught..."

    CloudDragon had not finished his sentence when Lin Le threw the last corpse from afar. Staring at the last one falling into the abyss, CloudDragon was stunned. "Off-guard..."

    "Form a semi-circle and move backwards! Close-ranged combaters stand in front! Long-ranged ones stand close to the valley!" Little Ye Tian immediately shouted.

    Everyone was prepared for anything and even Ye Cang stood backwards. Tens of seconds passed and nothing appeared. No sound. No boss. Nothing. Ye Cang pouted and ran towards the cliff. "God damn it! Don't you dare to waste my 30,000 soup ingredients! I could turn them into food and sell it to those idiots for a high price!"

    Hey, hey. All you care about is that?! Also...we are literally standing behind you as you talk. Don't you think it's a bad thing to say that with us behind you? Everyone was speechless.

    "Hey, is there anyone..." Ye Cang shouted towards the abyss. He did not even get to complete the sentence when a gigantic skeleton head popped out, right past Ye Cang's face.

    "Home?" Ye Cang slowly raised his head to see the unique characteristic of a One-eyed Ogre. Through its eyes, he could see its soul was burning with scorching flames. Its upper body was as huge as a mountain.

    Ancient Mountain One-eyed Ogre - Dusain (Skeleton demon -Abyss - Big Leader): Father of Andon, Leader of the Ancient Mountain One-eyed Ogres, and Anya's mountain guard. It has an inborn overwhelming godly strength. Even though it is in a skeleton form, it is still an extremely dangerous enemy. Its bones have good nutrients, especially its spine and skull. They are top class ingredients to cook soup! If you can keep a spark of the ancient soul, it would bring the food quality to a whole new level!

    "Hello..." Ye Cang said as he was stunned. Upon greeting, he immediately turned away and ran for his life.


    Ye Cang felt like he was knocked away by some massive shockwave as the howl sent him flying like a leaf being blown away by the wind. His ears were in pain.

    Those close-ranged combaters also felt like they were about to fall. It is this strong with just one roar? Obviously we can't beat it! Upon thinking about it, the gigantic skeleton swung its arm. Despite everyone's attempt to dodge it, many were still dead as if the swing was a sickle, taking away everyone's life. Moreover, most of the corpses disappeared after the swing and the skeletons that were thrown down there previously gradually climbed up to the boss.

    "Brother! What do we do now?!" Ji Xiao asked.

    "Run of course! What else?! Motherf*cker, we aren't prepared well yet! How can we fight this **?!" LordAsked spat all the vulgar words and ran for his life.

    "Retreat! Retreat! Back to the Skull Peak and prepare again!" Little Ye Tian shouted after asking the mages to test its defense. It's better to go back and figure it out.

    "Tactic! Rapid Retreat!" Ye Cang activated the tactic ability and everyone started to run. Despite this, mages and priests who were slightly slower got wiped out. LordAsked then saw a short person carrying a huge war axe who was running way in front of him and the others. That fella must have started running as soon as the boss popped out! He was then frustrated.

    At last, they managed to get out of its attack range after almost half of the troop was dead. Immediately, they left the valley and returned to Skull Peak.

    "That was close. Luckily Lele has a good instinct. It scared the ** out of me." Lin Le sat down and patted his chest. Everyone was speechless but also angry at this fella.

    "Sigh, let's camp here and rearrange our strategy. That boss is a hard one." VastSea sighed.

    "Shouldn't have summoned it." Ji Xiao complained.

    "The last boss would not be any weaker than this. It might be even stronger." Little Ye Tian glanced at Ji Xiao. "If we can't pass this, we would just be stuck at the last boss for a very long time. Once we defeated this boss, we would be well-equipped with the rewards obtained."

    "She is right. Summoning this boss would be a good test for us. It also helps us to level up. The rewards would definitely be better than those previous ones." CloudDragon also sat down.

    "Where's Brother Lil'White? The last time I saw him, he was being blown away by the boss. I wonder if he is dead or alive..." LordAsked said after scanning around.

    "I'm over here." Ye Cang then jumped down from Little Blue Feather. "Damn, I flew so damn far that Little Blue Feather almost couldn't catch me."

    "What about Sister Rose?" Zhang Zhengxiong looked left and right.

    "The last time I saw her, she was being hit by a giant rock." FronzenBlood replied.

    "Let's discuss when everyone is here. It's free time for now. Get yourself armed and prepared." Once Ye Cang said that, everyone dismissed and started counting the loss they suffered. A few people logged out to rest. The fight they had was a tough one. Moreover, the valley was once again being conquered by skeletons. The next battle would be another struggle.

    Ye Cang opened the fridge and took out a can of beer. He saw that Wu Na walked out of the room sadly. "How did you die?"

    "I'm frustrated because I don't even know how I died. I was running with all my might and suddenly everything turned black." Wu Na was frustrated. "By the way, do you think we can beat this thing?"

    "I think we can... We'll see how our strategy works." Ye Cang tossed a can to her.

    The two of them were silent for a second and Wu Na pouted. "You're really...Urgh, whatever. It's nothing. I'll continue to jog."

    Staring at Wu Na's back, Ye Cang mumbled. "No matter how tight one grabs a thing, one would still let go in the end..."

    "At least, it's better than not trying to grab it tightly..." SpyingBlade said heavily.

    "You've got a point. A'Qian didn't do anything after seeing your performance today, right?" Ye Cang shrugged his shoulders.


    "She said I'm so gay and complained that I didn't even help her to wear one before. So she asked me to get over there immediately..."


    "Can you bring me along? I just want to see..."

    "F*ck off."
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