Chapter 712


    "We're here." ThornyRose's voice came from somewhere. Ye Cang turned around to see her and Gongsun Qian walking side by side. He then waved at them. "Come. Let's eat. Let's eat."

    "Eat what? Your ass? There's only half of the soup left and not even some proper food for us! What a great invitation. Did you think I didn't watch the live stream?!" ThornyRose was frustrated and she sat down. "We're so unlucky. There was an earthquake so the train was forced to stop."

    "What happened?" SpyingBlade hugged Gongsun Qian at her waist and asked.

    "I'm not sure too but the train stopped at N City." Gongsun Qian shrugged her shoulders.

    "N City?" It caught Ye Cang's interest but he shook his head as he didn't have the faintest idea. "Quick. Quick. Eat some stuff. The dinner has not ended yet."

    "This girl is?" Panty Uncle put his arms around Ye Cang's shoulders and asked.

    "The lady who raped me." Ye Cang's words gave ThornyRose goosebumps. How long is this bastard going to use the same excuse and the same old story?! Blushed, she introduced herself as she became attracted

    Staring at Flasher Uncle, ThornyRose perspired even in the chilly winter, especially when Fang Tong stood beside him. Isn't this an example of a rapist and a young victim? "She is Fang Ci's sister, am I right?"

    "She once was." FrozenCloud stunned for a second. "She is now the saintess of the Holy Elephant Religion."

    "......" Gongsun Qian and ThornyRose were both speechless. Flasher Uncle then returned to the seat with Little Tong. Since he had met ThornyRose before and knew who she is, he stared at Gongsun Qian. "She is?"

    "My fiancée." SpyingBlade smiled.

    "Not bad. But I reckon she has some hidden disease. Her blood vessels are a little stuck. It should be due to martial art practice. Come on, I'll help you recover." Upon finishing his sentence, Flasher Uncle approached her with a smile. SpyingBlade did not know how to react while Fang Ci was secretly laughing and making fun of him.

    "Oh, it's alright. It's alright. I'm good." Gongsun Qian was uneasy and quickly rejected. However, Flasher Uncle insisted on being friendly and opened his windbreaker. "It's CNY. Don't be shy. Come on, have a touch."

    "Just touch it. The Gongsun Sword Dance is powerful enough to deplete one's sword qi, stacking it over time. It would affect your realm's limit in the future." Lin Liang flapped his feathered fan with a smile. Gongsun Qian was shocked. How did he know about the Gongsun Sword Dance and my wound?! This is the family's secret! The damage of sword qi in the sword dance is the weakness of the Gongsun Sword Dance. She then examined him from head to toe. Long-haired. Button Up. Feathered fan. "And you are?"

    "Miss, the very person standing before you is Lin Liang and I have some connections with the Gongsun family. I've been to the Heavenly Library to borrow books..." Lin Liang's casual introduction gave Gongsun Qian a shock. Only first-class elders can enter the library without needing permission!

    "Since both the seniors are so passionate, I could not...reject." With difficulties, Gongsun Qian made a decision. Her hands were trembling as she reached out to touch it. Even though it could heal her, SpyingBlade was suffocating inside and yet, everyone was looking at her with jealousy. She then closed her eyes, just wanting to get over with it. Does this count as showing public affection?

    Suddenly, Gongsun Qian felt a warm flow of energy surging through her body as if every single cell in her was cured. The feeling was so great as if the warm spring breeze was melting the winter snow, turning them into water to irrigate the land. She moaned. Seeing SpyingBlade staring at her with a weird look, she immediately let go in fear of embarrassment. "Thank you, senior, for the healing. If you need any help in the future..."

    "Alright, alright. Keep all that nonsense to yourself. Quickly, sit down and take a bite. You need to eat. Have a seat. Have a seat." Flasher Uncle covered back his windbreaker with a smile.

    "What's wrong? Are you jealous?" Seeing SpyingBlade's expression, Gongsun Qian touched his face. She looked at Flasher Uncle in awe, increasing all the respect she has for him. "It's really warm and comfortable. Flasher Uncle is indeed strong."

    "....." Meanwhile, SpyingBlade stared at her bare hands that had just touched his face. It was the same hand that touched the d*ck. This city is indeed peculiar...I'm sorry Lil'Fang. He turned around to look at Fang Ci. Once again, both of them had eye contact, developing a sense of understanding.

    "He has the guts to have gayish eye contact with Lil'Fang when he was still embracing Sister Qian." AV whispered.

    "Do know that Brother Zhao is famous for his bravery in the virtual world. He could tolerate his partner having an affair in public." OldWangFromNextDoor knew about SpyingBlade's glorious past and blurting out the words from his mouth would only sound awkward.

    "I've taken a picture. We can use it to threaten him next time." Zhang Zhengxiong gave a cynical smile.

    "Send me a copy." The two of them said unanimously.

    "You three bastards..." SpyingBlade mumbled.

    At the dinner, waves of laughter filled the atmosphere together with the aroma of the food. Wu Na, ThornyRose, and the other girls were having their own girl talk while Ye Cang was the only one who bothers to stand up and move to the side of Lin Liang. "May I ask your purpose of coming to Lin Hai?"

    "If I say I came here for the three of you, would you believe me?" Lin Liang whispered.

    Ye Cang's eyes immediately contracted, turning from pink to silver. Lin Liang then pressed the feathered fan on Ye Cang's shoulder. "Relax. I have no bad intention. I just happened to pass by to take a look at the person who could possibly injure Lin Lan."

    Lin Lan?! Without saying a word, Ye Cang nodded gently. I can still remember the battle clearly. The helpless feeling. Witnessing A'Xiong's and Lele's life on the line. So, I guess this person is from Heaven's Sword Sect. Well, it's good that he's a friend and not a foe. With a bitter smile, he said. "I'm no match for him. I was just lucky."

    At this moment, Lin Liang had no intention of continuing with that topic. "Have you heard of the Battle of Hero Spirits?"

    "Battle of Hero Spirits?" Ye Cang repeated. He was puzzled but realized his sense of observance was useful. Wait. Hold on. Why does this phrase sound familiar? Isn't this what Liu Bei just told me not long ago? Zhuge Liang is in our world. Lin Liang! Zhuge Liang! Feathered fan. Everything just falls into place. Though still unsure, he interrupted Lin Liang. "Master Zhuge Liang?"

    Lin Liang was taken aback for a second and flapped his feathered fan with a smile whereas Ye Cang was overwhelmed by surprise and amazement. It's really him! The well-respected highly-admired writer, strategist, inventor, architect, engineer and chancellor?! What's happening?!

    Just when Lin Liang was about to explain, words blurted out from Ye Cang's mouth.

    "Damn, you motherf*cker! F*ck you! @#$%@#$%" Instantly, a bunch of greetings came out from Ye Cang's mouth.

    Unexpectedly, Lin Liang was not angry but smiled. "Are you going to believe me?"

    "I'm sorry, I was keeping my promises. He wanted me to greet you that way." Ye Cang nodded.

    "Actually, you can blame me for that. It's the special characteristic of a hero spirit. The Lord - Emperor Liu's escaping ability is the best. He is almost undefeatable as he is extremely lucky. So, I had no choice but to ask him to defend the enemies. It indeed showed that it was useful. He actually insulted Xiang Yu and waited for A'Ke to die before running away. Except for the fact that he had some minor injury and a bullet wound at his butt, he was the first one who reached the gathering spot and made us stare in amazement. Not to mention, he did scold us for asking the favor from him." Lin Liang respectfully replied, facing the west and holding his feathered fan. However, he pondered. Why did I encounter so many familiar people? That little fella has a Lin Sen that doesn't like me and here's another one assigned by Emperor Liu to scold me. *Sigh* "In conclusion, the Battle of Hero Spirits would start on the birthday of the Emperor of Heavens, the ninth day of CNY. Once it starts, I can recommend three people to fight for the Holy Cup. You will get unexpected benefits if you were to win the battle. So, are you interested?"

    "Lin Lan isn't going?" Ye Cang did not ask any other details.

    "He had gone once and can't go the second time. You must be curious why I could still participate in the battle. Well, it's because my relation to the Hero Spirit Realm itself. It's hard to explain." Lin Liang knew Ye Cang's doubts.

    "Then, why us?" Ye Cang stared at Lin Liang. Nothing is free in this world.

    "Firstly, you and Lil'Le inherit the bloodline of the Lin family. And big guy, if I'm not mistaken, has the bloodline of the Zhang family. Secondly, I'm more interested in you guys. Thirdly, okay, I'll tell you next time." Lin Liang glanced at Lin Le and Zhang Zhengxiong while flapping his feathered fan.

    "Heavenly Sword - Zhang family?! A'Xiong, he...?!" Ye Cang almost lost his voice.

    "I'm not surprised. His father is the abandoned son of the Zhang family. He was born as one of the sons of the side family and was weaker than the others. Overworking during his training had made him gone mad, causing the side family to be kicked out by the main." Lin Liang's words made Ye Cang pity. Is it destined? Ye, Lin, Zhang...
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