Chapter 718

    Knot In the Heart

    "Lil'Yu, pay attention to Grandmaster Uncle Lele's Art of Accumulation of Sword Energy Slash."

    "Isn't 'martial grand uncle' older than 'master'?" FrozenCloud's words caught Zhang Zhengxiong's attention. "How dare Lele takes advantage of brother and me?! No way. I'm Grandmaster Uncle too! Brother is Honorable Master."

    "Then, who is the master?" Zhao Xiangyu was speechless.

    "It's alright. Grandmaster Uncle and Honorable Master are enough. As for master...just treat it as if it doesn't exist. These formalities are not so important," Zhang Zhengxiong replied.


    "Calling you Master Uncle would be better." Zhao Xianyu thought. What if I have my own apprentices in the future and they ask me who is their Honorable Master? I can't say that Honorable Master doesn't exist but there is a Great Honorable Master.

    After finishing, Ye Cang went to the train station.

    Rays of sunlight shone through the window and splattered on his face. His white hair seemed extraordinarily shiny under the sunlight.

    Ye Cang turned to look at the sea. "The knot in my heart has to be untied anyway. I'm sorry, A'Xiong. Allow me to be this reckless for the last time. Even though it might be impossible, I would still like to try...try to revive Xinxue."

    XinYun City. The headquarters of Sky Lord Company Group.

    Staring at the woman in the liquid tank, Ye Cang looked extremely serious.

    "Think carefully. Do you really want her to regain consciousness?"  The boss lifted his spectacles and stared at Ye Cang.

    "This is the last thing I'd want to do. I'm not sure whether I'll live tomorrow so why not give it a try," Ye Cang reached out his hands and caressed the door of the tank.

    "Men should never become a spirit in the past," the boss activated the door.

    Instantly, the liquid evaporated into gas. The woman who looked completely the same as Xinxue opened her eyes. However, she did not look lively at all.

    The boss shook his head. This guy is too stubborn. He only wishes to revive the original. Every clone and artificial human would be given a soul to live a new life but this is hard for the original because the soul of this girl has gone long ago. Even if she is revived, it would be just her empty body, not her soul. "Actually, you're just afraid of the loneliness that she felt. The guilt that you have whenever a new person walks into your heart...it really scares you..."

    "I know...but it's really hard to let go. Can you let go of Lil'Love?" Ye Cang gently caressed Xinxue's face as her eyes started to turn red. "It's about to zombify (When the corpse which one tries to revive on purpose has no soul, it would be demonized quickly. This is the law of lost...)"

    Seeing Ye Cang laying his head to Xinxue' face, the boss turned around and left the laboratory, feeling disgusted.

    Streams of tears rolled down Ye Cang's cheek as Xinxue bit his neck. Despite so, he was caressing her hair gently, walking down the memory lane, back to the rainy night. He then started to tell the woman whose mouth was filled with blood about the recent situation. "Do you know? A'Xiong has grown up a lot. He is quite manly now. If you get to see him, you would be glad. Oh, and Lele. You definitely don't who he is. He is A'Xiong's and my good brother even though he is a little retard..."

    Feeling that the zombification was getting serious, Ye Cang sobbed. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Xinxue. I didn't keep my promise again. I disrespected your corpse..."

    Ye Cang broke into tears, crying so hard like a child. His love would be taken away when he truly woke up. He was the only one who could feel the pain from his bond with Xinxue and not anyone else. That gap between them was once again widened. He could not bury the person he most loved by himself. He just could not do it. Staring at his sweetheart who was biting and tearing his flesh madly, he lifted up his shaking hands and pierced right into her chest. Emotionally, he looked into that pair of red eyes. "This...this is...the last goodbye. I would keep my promise from now onwards, Xue..."

    Streams of black blood flowed out of the tank like a rapid river.

    A loud cry was heard.

    "This is the most stubborn and craziest person I've ever met," the boss sighed. Moments later, Ye Cang, covered in black blood, walked out of the lab, carrying the woman. "Are you still going to continue?"

    Ye Cang shook his head. "No. This time, I would bury her myself. I wouldn't break my promise again..."

    Ye Cang then left the laboratory. The boss stared at the empty room which was made solely for him. "Mankind is the craziest living thing ever and it is all because of love. Despite knowing it's impossible, they still want to try. This would only torture themselves."

    Thinking about it, he took out a photo from his wallet. It was a photo of a girl sucking a pacifier. "It's the same for me. For the one we loved, we would do anything. I'd done even crazier and dirtier things in the past...but as long as you're clean, Lil'Love."

    Lin Hai. East District. Moon's Soul Graveyard.

    Staring at the grave he carved long ago, Ye Cang quietly laid the corpse down. Under the moonlight, Ye Cang seemed older but relieved yet reluctant. He still could not bring himself to cover her face with the last pile of mud.


    Upon hearing Zhang Zhengxiong's voice, Ye Cang smiled bitterly. "You knew it."

    "I knew it long ago that this grave is empty." Zhang Zhengxiong walked towards the grave and looked at the familiar face.

    "Do you hate me?" Ye Cang lowered his head with much guilt.

    "What you did. Is it useful? You're my one and only family member left. Sister has started her new life and you should too." Zhang Zhengxiong squatted down and touched the cold face of her sister. He closed his watery eyes and pushed the last pile of mud.

    Ye Cang reached out his hand, wanting to remove the mud but he could not after all.

    Zhang Zhengxiong hugged Ye Cang tightly. "Stop it. I beg you, brother..."

    "I'm sorry, A'Xiong...I..."

    Zhang Zhengxiong tightened his hug. Ye Cang decided to remain silent, quietly feeling Zhang Zhengxiong's shiver. Maybe, I'm not that mature as him.

    The next day.

    Wu Na saw a smile on Ye Cang's face as he was making breakfast in the kitchen. It's the first time I see him smile. At least I don't feel so distant now. "Can you not use tofu and chocolate as the sauce of a fried egg?"

    "What is this?"

    "The sauce made out of all kinds of fish organs."

    "You've finally brought in your skills from the game?'

    "Go away. Go away. I'll do the job. Don't dirty my kitchen."

    "You're just jealous of my cooking."


    "I think you can accompany them for their morning training."

    Frustratedly, Ye Cang came to the beach. Little Ye Tian who was drinking hot soy milk saw him and felt that her father seemed different but could not tell why. She then felt a pain as she reached out to grab a bun.

    "The golden mushroom meat is mine!" Lin Le snatched the bun, stuffed it in his mouth and swallowed it. He then arrogantly walked away and continued his battle with Zhang Zhengxiong.

    "When will he stop being a bully?! Damn Lele!" Little Ye Tian ground her teeth, took the normal mushroom bun and ate it.
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