Chapter 824

    Lightning Fist

    "Looks like we've guests again," Lightning Fist's voice came from behind the doors,

    Again?! Little Ye Tian noticed the difference in his words and ideas flashed through her mind. That means he noticed the guest but there were no battles between them. So, there must be another strong one in this grave and I bet it's more or less related to the dead spirits. I still need one key clue...

    "Let's go in. We won't get anything if we just stay here." Ye Cang wiped the blood off his hands and kept away the cooking knife. A gigantic circular altar was the first thing that welcomed their entrance. Surrounding the throne was molten iron and behind it was a waterfall of the same matter. Sitting on the throne was an intimidating dwarf with red armor.

    "Humans, elves, half-elves, ancient creatures...this is interesting," Lightning Fist scanned around. When he saw tigerkin Little Ren, he was shocked.

    "Return to your homeland. For the ancient creature's sake, I'll forgive you for trespassing my king's grave," Lightning Fist said softly but it was menacing enough.

    "Who da heck are you?! Why should we go home just because you said so?! Brother Lil'White, this idiot is too arrogant! To get here, I had to miss the first episode of The Sisters 2! Quickly give us your equipment and jump down from here! That might get me to persuade Brother Lil'White to keep your corpse as a whole!" Lin Le scolded the dwarf.

    "Hey red bald shortie, please forgive my younger brother for being too straightforward. He isn't as mature as I am yet. But he just made a small mistake, well, I will never keep your corpse as a whole. You can leave your worries behind."

    "Brother, don't tell me we're gonna eat a dwarf... it's gonna be hard to chew. Can we just leave it aside?"

    "This is a zombie and zombies are not considered as human. You haven't even tried it before, how would you know it's hard to chew? What if it's those kinds of chewy meat? Like the crazy beef thingy..."

    "Brother, I believe you're talking about wild yak?"

    "Lele, then why did you tell me it's crazy beef."

    "Little Tian told me so."

    "......" Little Ye Tian was speechless.

    "......" LordAsked, CloudDragon, AV, and the others dripped their sweat. They are indeed the figures with maximum taunting level in the entire league. Wait, did he say something like zombies can be eaten? However, they were relieved. Along the way, we've been eating bones of zombies, fluid and some werewolves. MistyVeil and Gongsun Qian turned pale. This team leader is more wicked than necromancers or witches.

    "Then, die, bastards!" Lightning Fist got frustrated and mad. He grabbed his war hammer as he stood up. The molten iron started boiling and its elemental figures that resembled humans were formed.

    "Nana, make it rain!" Ye Cang did not immediately unleash a healing tide as he wanted to control the use of his mana first in the hopes of creating a better explosion. As Wu Na was casting the spell, a blizzard came. Ye Cang once again lowered the overall temperature of the surroundings. Iced Lotus Explosion!

    Lightning Fist was like a tanker crushing all the icicles into pieces. Zhang Zhengxiong who went up dodged the swing of the boss's hammer but was knocked away by the icicles. He gradually got up, "Be careful! He is fast!"

    Just when VastSea was about to dodge, he realized the hammer did not seem to be coming at him and instead slammed right into the ground, creating a massive shockwave that sent him flying. While airborne, the boss crushed his head with a simple swing of his hammer. Little Ye Tian went around the icicles to resurrect VastSea who then shouted, "Be aware of his counter attack! He is fast! But there is an obvious opening between his counterattacks! This is a chance to grab!"

    CloudDragon listened to VastSea and noticed the opening. However, it was not that easy. A few of the close-ranged combaters could not even get close to him. They were all instantly killed once getting caught by him. Seeing that the odds were not in their favor, Lin Le pouted. He activated all his skills and dashed with his handcart, "Eat this!"

    "Hey brad, you're just in time!" Lightning Fist went head on. The hammer was also on its way to block and it collided with the handcart. Lin Le let out an evil smile as he pointed the cannon right at the boss. "Shoot! Lele's Ultimate Dragon-slaying Cannon!"

    At such a close distance, Lightning Fist was unable to dodge and was knocked away by the shot. Lin Le continued to dash at him and smashed madly with his handcart, "How dare you make me miss the chance to watch The Sisters 2! How dare you!"

    "Nice one, Lele!"

    By then, everyone followed up and unleashed all their skills on the boss. However, Lightning Fist's qi energy exploded once and knocked them away. With the handcart acting as a shield in front of him, Lin Le took a smash once again. Yet, Lightning Fist grabbed it single-handedly and glared angrily at him.

    "Grandpa, Lele is sorry!" Lin Le's ahoge stood up straight a second before he was killed by Lightning Fist's hammer. Zhang Zhengxiong sped over and quickly used the resurrection spell on Lin Le. Meanwhile, Ye Cang tried to block the boss's path with his ballista. Unfortunately, it did not succeed and the ballista was tossed back like a boomerang at Ye Cang which he swiftly dodged with Shadow Step. Gosh, he's a little too strong, isn't he?! The molten creatures restrained by ThornyRose, FrozenCloud, and the others were also recovering and it required strenuous effort to end their lives. In other words, they would only vanish if Lightning Fist was killed. Ye Cang then unleashed Healing Tide and Iced Lotus Explosion to control the situation.

    "Lil'Wang, summon some mud elementals to cover the close-ranged combaters. We have to defend as much as possible," Little Ye Tian gave the command while taking cover behind a few people. Fang Ci, this time around, had become one of the main damage dealers. His Ghost Angel was attacking Lightning Fist while he was hiding all around the place. It was relatively effective as it bought some time for the others. Yet, once the boss recovered from the explosion, the Ghost Angel was instantaneously killed.

    Fang Ci went around the ice and resurrected the Ghost Angel. At the same time, he gave ThornyRose the anti-magic barrier just in case there was any problem at the molten iron side.

    Little Tadpole who also could not withstand the hammer's attack escaped the scene. However, Ten Colored Soup managed to catch Lightning Fist's attention. It could not be killed and was familiar with all kinds of magic. Its attacks may mean nothing to me but what kind of creature is this?! It doesn't look like a slime nor an elemental. The boss then unleashed a burning qi shockwave to knock it away and it dashed towards Little Ye Tian and the others to reunite with them. Zhang Zhengxiong quickly activated Super Speed and clashed with the boss. The unexpected collision was a shock to Lightning Fist. This speed! And this clash! The boss was knocked ten over meters away, back to the throne. He got up and brushed his beard, "Y'all have successfully triggered the Lord of Furnaces... Now, be part of the furnace!"

    Lightning Fist raised his hammer high and the war hammer shined a bright red light. The molten iron from the waterfall started splashing at them and even rushed up in waves from below the cliff. Soon, the whole area was engulfed by molten iron.

    Ye Cang shouted, "Stand close to me!"

    Everyone knew he was about to use the hero spirit skill. Just when the molten was about to swallow them, blossoms fell from the sky as gracefully as swans. The molten iron felt like just a hot shower with gold minerals glimmering from the water.

    On the other hand, Ye Cang was pondering and hoping. Please don't exceed ten seconds! Please don't go over ten seconds! The molten iron then retracted and Ye Cang heaved a sigh of relief. They were safe at the seventh second.

    "Impossible!" Lightning Fist raised his hammer once again but Lin Le was fast enough to summon the handcart and shoot at him, crushing him and the throne altogether.
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