Chapter 954

    Mountain Cat

    On the mountain, Old Li and Old Wang discovered many unknown species. They were analyzing each of their textures and characteristics and as the mini mushroom men were wandering around, their discussions were getting intense..

    On the other hand, Jia Xu was officially employed as a police officer. He was the very first civil servant among them and Liu Bei was also envious of him, "Actually, I thought of being a police officer too in the beginning. Unfortunately, fate led me to meet Sell More..."

    "Wow, fate?! You speak as if you are so incredible. You're just a food deliveryman. Don't act prestigious," Cao Cao rolled his eyes.

    "Shut up! You're just in charge of french fries! A temporary one!" Liu Bei shouted at him.

    Just when Sun Quan was about to speak, they shouted unanimously, "Shut up, waiter!"

    "......" Sun Quan sighed.

    Ye Cang took out the mysterious reconstruction team's phone number, "I wanna build a food city. How much does it cost?"

    "2.5 billion federal coins. It doesn't come with the kitchen equipment. Give us three days and you have your food city. Please provide us the construction address and your valuable suggestions. We will start the job once we are done referencing."

    "Oh, that's great. So, actually, I'm a masterchef..." Ye Cang's words stunned everyone on the table. How dare you call yourself a masterchef?!

    Ye Cang then explained the ideal food city he wanted.

    "If we go by your plan, it might roughly need a few extra billions... even after the discount I can give you, it would still require 27 billion, not including the kitchen equipment too."

    "Father! Don't worry about the money. I'll think of a way," Little Ye Tian was so filial.

    Staring at Little Ye Tian, ThornyRose suddenly realized why her mother would want that little girl to be her daughter. She was literally a money-generating machine.

    "Little Tian, thank you then. Rest assured that once the food city is built, you will be the first person to taste my food." Little Ye Tian turned pale after hearing what Ye Cang said but still took out the contact. "Godmother, I wish to transfer my shares, approximately 3%."

    "Oh Little Tian, if you are in dire need of money, you can always just tell your godmother!! It's just a few billion. Take it as you wish. Just don't transfer the share ownership! You can always repay me when you have the money. It's okay even if you can't repay. No big deal..." Mother Qin was not worried of the transfer of shares but the declining motivation of the employees when they knew Little Ye Tian's shareholdings were reduced. This was not a loss that a few tens of billions could cover. What if she decides to quit the company because of the insignificant shareholdings... I would cry to death.

    "Oh, alright. Then, I would like to borrow 50 billion from you. By the way, this proposal is for the military side. The alloyed weapons in the Big Five City College are too weak and their attributes are low. This proposal of mine is 70% of the alloyed weapons' costs and the attributes and endurability are completely incomparable. They are like 25% of those made out of Meteor No1 and 2. These are the tables of formulae, proportions, elements and metal. Since these weapons are cheaper and more useful, we can produce more of these instead of those rubbish. So, I propose the idea of virtual advertising and marketing... If the federal military forcefully gets involved in this, I believe you have the way to solve it."

    Mother Qin knew how precious the material of Meteor No 1 and 2 were. Those are used to produce unique weapons and are renowned for its material that's used to produce the best weapons. If Little Tian's blueprint really achieves 25% of the attributes of the weapons made out of those materials, it is going to be as shocking as never before. Most importantly, the cost is only 70% of the alloyed weapons. This indicates the room for additional profits! But the production of these weapons will catch the attention of the federal military force, especially the Dragon Group. But I have my ways to circumvent it anyway. "Oh honey, is 50 billion enough? Godmother can always give you another 10 billion as pocket money. Oh Little Tian, what's your plan with the money? If it's some kinda project, godmother can join in and share the load with you!"

    "Father wants to build a food city. And it costs that much. If you really want to join, then I'll count you in..." Mother Qin was stunned at Little Ye Tian's words as her heart ached. She was speechless. When it came to Ye Cang's cooking skills, she knew how bad it was. Oh no, there goes my money! That's a large amount. Despite the fact that she was crying inside, she forced a smile, "His food...city...never...alright, count me in. If that ungrateful daughter of mine has one thousandth, wait, no, one millionth of your heart, I would be satisfied."

    "She is just right beside me..." Little Ye Tian replied.

    "Yeap, I know..."

    "......" ThornyRose was shivering. Are you really my mother?! For the maintenance of the club, I asked for a few billions from you but you cried like hell. You even said I was trying to trick my dad's private stash of cash! And yet, you didn't even blink by giving her biologist dad 60 billion?! You even offered her 10 billion as pocket money! Where's mine?! "Oh my mother, sorry yea!" "Mother-in-law, thank you for sponsoring. You'll be the second person to taste my food." Ye Cang's words made Mother Qin slam the phone down.

    "Our club is still lacking some money. Little Tian, do you want..." Zhang Zhengxiong had not finished his sentence and AV interrupted him. "Brother Xiong, this concerns the adventure family. So, we must rely on ourselves. In terms of financial support, both of us have enough. The others can just simply donate some. A few hundred will also be welcomed but it is at your own will. Managing a club doesn't solely depend on your ability. We must all be one and face all challenges together! Just like the House of Maids. I heard of that in the past, they were just a B-ranked club and yet they are one of the Big Four now. The fun thing about adventure is us overcoming the challenges, isn't it?!"

    "You're right. We'll slowly make it perfect. Enjoying the fun in adventures is the main objective! We don't care about the results," Zhang Zhengxiong nodded as he agreed that climbing the ladder was more fun than instant success.

    "The President sure has a great vision! The empire is built on constant management and good operation! As for the expansion, we will try our very best!" Cao Cao was hyped up as he thought of them conquering one of the Big Four and recruiting them as their employees for the House of Adventurers. It also sparked Liu Bei's determination. "President and vice president, I, Liu Bei, will be willing to join in with all my savings."

    "Oh Old Liu, don't be like this. Pay only what you can..." Seeing the amount of money Liu Bei transferred, AV gasped. God damn it, how can a food delivery man have such a large sum of money?! Has he been delivering nuclear weapons or illegal contraband all these while?! After that, Cao Cao and Sun Quan also joined in. Even though their money was not as much as Liu Bei's, it still triggered AV's nosiness. Do they pay a waiter and a fry cook by the second instead of the hour?! I only dare to bring up the topic of financing the club because of the great sales from the Three Brothers' merchandise, dolls and figuratives of Magical Girl - Lil'Cang and Master Sanzang.

    Staring at his own savings, SpyingBlade was quiet. I only have these little savings ever since I joined the team. It even includes the compensation from the 10 Commandments. Meanwhile, Fang Ci had even less. After knowing that his brother wanted to make a purchase on the shares of the club, Fang Tong gave her money to her brother. "Brother, take it. These are the donations given by the sincere believers whom I purified and blessed."

    The ten billion federal coins gave Fang Ci a shock of his life. Just how rich your believers are?! "So, to be precise, how do you purify and bless them?"

    "Touching their forehead, patting their shoulders and I would only then carry out the pinching ceremony," Fang Tong said sincerely.

    Fang Ci smiled bitterly. Even my sister is better off than me. I worked so hard and my sister didn't even touch my forehead, pat my shoulders... "What is the pinching ceremony?"

    "In layman terms, it is just pinching." Fang Ci was speechless for a moment. I might as well just join the Holy Elephant religion. "Then, what's the greatest ceremony?"

    "The Holy Elephant Ceremony. Only the superior male elders of the Holy Elephant Religion are qualified to give such blessings. At the moment, only the founder and the other two guardians could offer the blessing. It is divided into three levels, from low to high. Sight, touch and kiss. Till today, no one has ever enjoyed the kiss ceremony. That's the greatest blessing ever..." Fang Tong explained the religion's bible in a serious manner as if she really had the desire for the kiss ceremony.

    Fang Ci dropped his jaw. WTF?! Kiss ceremony? Does that mean kissing Flasher Uncle's elephant?! "Actually, sis, who wrote this bible..."

    "I wrote part of it. But it was mainly done by those sincere believers. All I did is just filter them out and add them into it. In the religion, I'm only responsible for spreading the love, the guardian is responsible for combat and Flasher Uncle would just have to observe us. As long as he knows we are promoting his love and his elephant, it is alright. We are just his servants, his utmost sincere believers..." Fang Tong looked super sincere and Fang Ci sighed deeply. Oh my sister, what have you become... Flasher Uncle, give me back a normal sister!


    Red Moon Hospital

    Flasher Uncle was sitting beside the bed of an elder woman as the ECG showed a straight line. Tears burst out of his eyes and he cried out loud like a little girl.

    "One can never reverse death. Do accompany her on her very last journey." The senior nurse walked out of the ward as Flasher Uncle wept in sorrow.

    Just then, Flasher Uncle grabbed the nurse. His irrationality got the better of him as he got down to his knees, begging the nurse. "Please, I beg you, please, save her. Even if it's just merely returning her to the past, even if she is not awake. I beg you, please save her! Please! Which part of her body is not functioning? I can offer any parts to her!"

    "You know what situation she is in! She doesn't lack any organs! What's missing is the soul! There's no way of going back now. All you can heal is only her physical body but she is merely a vessel now! Mountain Cat, she has no soul anymore! Sister is truly dead!" The senior nurse grabbed Flasher Uncle's collar and screamed, "Do you think I don't wish to see my sister waking up?! Compared to that, I rather not see her weakened look!"

    In the ward, Flasher Uncle was crying helplessly and persistently as the touch of the old woman was getting colder and colder. "I will not let you take her away! She's not dead yet! Not! Dead! Yet! There must be some other ways! There must be!"

    He carried the elder woman and was about to leave. The senior nurse rushed to stop him but was knocked out of consciousness. He mumbled, "I will not let her die...I will not..."

    "Old Flasher, it's time to let go. You know it yourself." Panty Uncle's voice came from outside of the ward and a cane was blocking the exit.

    "Move!" Flasher Uncle's voice was deep as his eyes were filled with anger. His Mountain Cat characteristics were slowly revealing.

    Seeing the elder's body starting to turn weak, Panty Uncle looked into Flasher Uncle's eyes, "If you truly love her, just accompany her on her very last journey, alright?"

    "I'll say one more time! Move!" Flasher Uncle's usual kind and calm tone was long gone. He was as if possessed by an overlord. The intimidating manner was so strong that the entire Lin Hai was shocked.
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