2 Where is My System?

    Zord was hospitalized in the hospital near Institute.

    "Where am I? Why is my head hurt?"

    Ozil wasn't a person from this world, he was just an ordinary librarian in a high school. All he could remember was blazing flames, and then... There was nothing after that. When he woke up once more, he was already in this world. He entered the body of 20 years old student, Gord.

    "Wow, I'm reincarnated. Hahaha I should check myself"

    "System, show up"




    There was nothing happened.

    "Maybe I must have another cheat beside system. Let's check my eyes" he looked at the mirror and said "Sharingan"




    There was nothing happened.


    He thought that since he traversed into another world, he would have a cheat like the novel. But it seemed like he was overthinking it!

    Even though he had inherited the memories of the previous host, he had yet to fully organized his memories.

    "Zord, 20 years old, one of the best students in the Institute at 1st and 2nd Grades, but turned to be a the academy's long-time dunce when he reached the 3rd grades"

    "So, this is me now"

    "I must investigate about the previous host background before he was born"

    After one week, he checked out from the hospital and went to his orphanage.

    "I'm home"

    An old woman came. This old woman This old woman was a caregiver in the orphanage. She said to Zord "Oh, it's you, little Zord. How are you? How about your school? Did you go up to the next grade?"

    Zord shook his head with a shadowed face. This was because he couldn't bear to open his mouth and answer the question.

    "Oh I see, no matter what, you are one of my best child" the old woman hugged Zord. Zord felt a warm feeling entering his heart. In his previous life, Zord didn't get this feeling too, his parents always fought at home, and then eventually divorced.

    "I... I'm a sorry grandma"

    "That's not a problem, little Zord"

    "I want to ask something about myself, grandma. Could you tell me?"

    "What is it, little Zord?"

    "I want grandma to tell me about my background. Maybe it would help my process. Where was I found? Who was found me?"

    "Little Zord. Grandma will tell you. Sit properly. Grandma doesn't know about the complete information. 20 years ago, on August 20th, a dragon knight came and put you in the orphanage. But Grandma manipulated your birthday, on January 1st. That's the information about you, little Zord"

    "Do grandma know the dragon knight's name?"

    "Grandma didn't know his name. He just put you here and went away"

    Zord bowed my head in front of her and said: "Thank you, grandma, for this piece of information would help me."


    He thought about which had happened close to August 20, 20 years ago. He recalled all of the previous host's memory. The previous host already memorized all books in the Institute's Library.

    A jolt appeared in his head

    "Twenty years ago, the Fallen Angels of the Demon Clan exterminated one of the human clan. This clan was called Arcane clan because they were so mysterious. Although they were human, they lived in seclusion and never participated in any series of wars between the great Beamon warriors of the Beast tribe, the Dragon Knights of the Human Empire, and the Fallen Angels of the Demon Clan. The Dragon Knights of the Human Empire was late to save this clan, so all of this clan members were exterminated"

    "Am I came from this Arcane clan?"

    "The information about the arcane clan is limited. Maybe I should visit the land of arcane first. This semester holiday is still 2 months left. I have to hurry away because I don't have a money"




    Zord started to walk to the Arcane Forgotten Land. He reached this land for 10 days. When Zord arrived, he said "This is like an ancient tomb"

    "I found a strange font in the giant wall" then the jolt appeared in his head.

    "There was once an ancient sect here, they awakened Corpses forming a Zombies army, dominating this area.  Several thousand years ago, the sect experienced harsh troubles and suddenly disappeared, but the area where they raised Yin Corpses was still left behind, it was the ten thousand Zombies ancient tomb"

    "That ancient clan was Necromancer clan. This clan could control any of Corpses; Human, Beasts, Demons. To prevent the Zombies uprising, there is a suppressing formation. No matter how old the Zombies, as long as they are in the ancient tombs, their cultivation will be suppressed to below the Swordmaster/Great Magician realm. The formation was set by the Arcane Clan."

    Then Zord walked around and found that the suppressing formation still functioning.

    "I'm glad, so the true reason why the fallen angel exterminated this clan is  to cause chaos by releasing Zombies army in this area"

    Then when he walked at the center of abandoned land, he found an altar. In the center of it, there was a stone book, with a stone board that looked like a modern surfing board beside it.

    "What is it?"

    Then Zord touched the stone book. But suddenly the book gave out the shiny light, and then flew to his head and disappeared.


    Then the stone board flew away and rushed toward him.


    "2nd Tier Magic, Earth Barrier"  a stone barrier covered Zord, but the stone board passed it and entered the Zord's head. He felt his head became heavy, his entire body weakened and fell unconscious.

    The next morning, Zord woke up feeling an incredibly intense pain coming from all over his body. He soon discovered that he couldn't even move one finger.

    Then Zord closed my eyes and quietly circulated his chi to see if he could dredge his meridian channels. But he found that this did not help much, his magical powers and chi were abnormally disordered. Every time he tried to circulate my energy, it got stuck and clogged at every meridian channel. Not only that but the amount of energy that he possessed was so small that it was pitiful. He became scared;

    "will my life be wasted just like this?"

    "NO! No, I won't. I still have my dream to accomplish, how can I just let myself waste away right now, right here?"

    Then he felt a jolt in his head. From his forehead, a light shone.

    "Arcane Magic - Mystic Art"
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