3 Im Late

    "Arcane Magic - Mystic Art"

    "The purest magic in the world"

    "Arcane Magic - Mystic Art is also known as the Secrets of the Magic Emperor, is an inner technique, no matter what you learned before it is okay to practice this, as the technique uses one's hidden potential as the foundation of a special fighting chi, (requirements:?) without the will one cannot practice, if one's chi is not high one cannot practice, one who didn't inherit Arcane Clan bloodline cannot practice."

    "If one does not have a body suitable for it, one's body cannot sustain the power of the Mystic arts, if one practices it they will explode from the fighting chi rushing through the body, careful, careful. One without a strong will not be able to sustain the power and turn crazy, the practitioner must control their bloodthirstiness, otherwise once they start they will be crazy unto death. "

    "Arcane Magic - Mystic Art is separated into 12 levels, the first is the most difficult, it transforms one's original power into that of the Mystic Art, the book says if within one year one fails to transform the power then not to continue to practicing forcefully."

    Zord excitedly and began to practice. Zord tried to circulate his chi based on the arcane magic - mystic art.  His Chi followed the chi channels according to the Mystic Art's route after an hour passed, his head was covered in sweat and he awoke from meditation. In one instant he said angrily cursing: "What broken technique is this, it's impossible to practice."

    "Give up? I was reluctant to give up, seeing the art's description of how good the skill is, I must keep doing this for one cycle then the first level is complete, that means I just completed 1/10 of the first level."

    "Thinking so, my loss of confidence just now recovered some."

    When he just now tried going through, the chi channels cause splitting sharp pain, the force is only passing through one-tenth of the whole chi channels. If he continued to forcefully practice there might be a chance of chi channels bursting.

    He took a deep breath, calming the surging qi and the blood within and continued to follow the art's route. The chi channels which have already been broken through are now easily passed over when at the one-tenth spot the intense splitting pain came back, he clenched my teeth and persisted to go through a little more until he really couldn't handle it anymore.

    He thought, "if my progress keeps improving at this pace, every time I'll improve by a little and perhaps this can be completed. I'll take a break and rest for now."

    Lying on the ground, he thought: "Completing the first stage will allow one to send out their battle chi, which one could use to attack or to defend, also: One can use Mystic Art, first form - Mystic Favor. Ten orbs would appear and circulate around my hand. This would increase every skill I use to one tier upper than before"


    This time, the Arcane Magic - Mystic Art sparked a deep interest in Zord, Zord breathed deeply, renewed my meditative pose, and started for the third time. In this way, he repeatedly attacked the chi points within his body, soon a month passed, to his amazement he broke through 99% of the chi channels, only the last breakthrough is needed to complete the first level.

    However the truth had shown, the first level of Mystic Art is not that easy to complete. Another 10 days had passed, he still has no way to break the last point to complete the cycle.


    "Damn, even this crappy art is bullying me."

    He moved chi back and forth through the broken channels, letting the path become even more unhindered. When the critical moment came, he poured all my energy into the chi channel. When he was halfway through the route, he pushed his energy with his full strength, much like running in the chi channels, endlessly bringing it to the peak of its' speed and dashing straight at the last crucial point.

    From his body came a "bang" sound, an un-withstandable striking pain touched every part of his body. The energy seemed to have stopped and left his body, he felt as if his chi channels has cracked open. His body shook for a bit and then He fainted.

    "So painful, ow, "Ah!" He woke up surprised, was this a dream just now? There was a bulging feeling throughout his body, and his muscles seemed swollen, the world in his eyes seemed even more colorful and exciting than before. He glanced around, surprisingly he could easily distinguish the grain of the wood past 20 meters away, pleasantness struck his heart.

    "It seems I broke through and completed the first level of Arcane Magic - Mystic Art!

    He found out that the clothes on his body were completely soaked through, giving out an unpleasant smell, hence he immediately ran to the well and washed the clothes. When he was cleaning his body he realized from head to toe my skin was glowing in shiny blue and red, half red and blue.

    "I don't know what happened."

    "But I felt the pure chi within my body was cycling repeatedly, washing out the impurities out of my body"

    "I really broke through one cycle, but to improve my chi channels, I'll solidify the path a few more times."

    Just like this, he meditated according to the Mystic Art's method, going through 49 cycles. His whole body seemed to be brimming with energy and unspeakable comfortableness, and within the Mystic Art's battle chi there seemed to be a gradual desire to battle pushing at him.

    He breathed in deeply once, circulating the battle chi back to his dantian. Opening my eyes, he felt the restless energy in his body, and then he concentrated and moved a little battle chi to where he wanted it to go. This feeling was too amazing

    "Ever since I finished the first level of the Secrets of Mystic Art, I discovered the rate of gathering magic seems much faster than before, why is that so?"

    "Could it be that it had something to do with completing the first level of Mystic Art?"

    "My cultivation is jumped to senior magicians too"

    "Let's try the 3rd tier magic"

    "3rd tier magic: Frozen Wall"

    Then a giant Frozen Wall appeared in front of him


    From the size and the toughness of this frozen wall, it was as strong as 4th tier defense magic


    But suddenly he was dumbfounded,

    "it's already time, how can that be? I shouldn't have remembered wrong right"

    "I'm late"
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