4 Sparring with The Vice Principal

    "Arcane Shield"

    A sky board appeared, then Zord jumped onto it.

    "Let's fly as fast as I can"

    He inserted his chi at maximum to his arcane shield and flew into the Sky Tian Institute.

    "It was too fast" he reached the institute at one day. When he reached the institute, he collapsed and fell to the ground because of running out of chi.


    "Where am I?" Zord woke up. He was lying on the bed. Then he looked the vice principal near him. He was hesitant to make a move.

    Then he said with a low voice "Vice principal, I'm sorry. I'm late"

    "It's time for punishment, go to the field"


    Outside, Zord took deep breaths of the fresh air, under the bright sunlight, his whole body felt nice, warm, and comfortable. It felt as if he was a bird who just left its cage as if the boundless seas and sky were left for me to travel.

    Suddenly an 18 years old girl came. She has long purple hair scattered over her shoulder. she has an extremely well developed figure, especially the imposing bosom, even more could attract all men's attention. her facial expression is very indifferent giving off a kind of chill rising from the heart, pure cold, a pair of purple eyes, that did not hold even a trace of vitality.

    She is a person of few words who likes to keep to herself. She doesn't involve herself in others matters. She has a strong desire to become stronger. She is somewhat humble and kind.

    Zord recalled the previous host memory. From that memory, he knew that this girl was also the favorite pupil of the vice-principal and rumored to be Number 1 School Flower, Jiyan, she was a third-year student, and she practiced light magic. The previous Zord always helped her because he was smart and looked like walking encyclopedia. The vice principal asked the previous Zord to guide her when the vice principal was busy. But this girl only admired strong people, and treated Zord as a friend. Beside that, this school banned male-female relationships

    Zord thought in his mind "She is my classmate now, and the previous host like her in secret. Don't worry, Zord. I will help you to conquer her heart"

    She rushed toward the vice principal and said "Hello, vice principal. Good morning"

    "Good morning. Now I will punish Zord, please watch at the side of the field"

    Then the vice principal looked at me and said "I will suppress my cultivation rank at one rank upper than you. Show me your power"

    "Mystic Art, first form - Mystic Favor" Ten orbs would appear and circulate around Zord's hands.

    The Vice Principal shocked and said "Senior Magician". He knew that Zord already achieved a breakthrough, but he didn't know that Zord jumped from beginner to senior magician. It's two realms. Then he suppressed his cultivation rank to Great Magician.

    Zord raised his hand then said "White Lightning"

    Zord shot a bolt of white lightning from the fingertip.


    Vice Principal Created a small shield on the forearm.

    "Boom" the white lightning hit the small shield, but the shield was cracked.

    The vice principal said "Good". In his mind, he thought "this shield magic is the same tier as the white lightning, but his magic is stronger than mine, I would be serious now.

    "Ballistics Magic"

    The Vice principal formed compressed magic missiles and modified them to the shape of the arrowheads. Then he shot them at Zord.


    Zord created a fast-forming wall against this fairly strong attacks.

    "My hypothesis is correct. All of the magic he used is upgraded up to one tier upper"

    The Vice principal started to chant a powerful spell

    ""You who is crowned with the name of Man, wearing a Mask of blood and flesh, flying on ten thousand fluttering wings, with Thunder's carriage and an empty Spinning Wheel, break the Light into six pieces, carve a twin Lotus on a wall of Pale Blue Flames, and await the Blazing Fires to reach the Distant Heavens!"

    "Six Rods of Light Prison"

    He summoned six thin, but wide, beams of light. he shot them at Ryu.

    "Not Good"

    "Plasma Ball"

    Zord created a plasma barrier around him to serve as a defense which protects him from incoming attacks

    Zord rushed to The Vice Principal meanwhile the barrier protected him. Zord appeared in front of him and punched toward The Vice Principal.

    "Earth Fist"

    By encasing their arm in rock, Zord dealt a powerful hardened punch against The Vice Principal.

    "Holy Barrier"

    A shield of light automatically surrounded and protected the vice principal.

    The vice principal said "Good, you are not only long ranged magician but close combat magician too. Let's stop here"

    "Yes, the vice principal"

    Then he laughed

    "Hahaha... I don't care about you skipping class, because you already entered it two times, but the more interesting is you. You had a breakthrough to senior magician"

    Like a kid in a candy store, I said "So I don't need to attend class, the vice principal"

    Vice Principal clenched his hand and hit my head "This kid"

    "This period of time must have been very dry and dull, I can tell, you seem different from when you before, your harvest was not small."

    I heartfeltly said: "Yes, I learned many things. This is all thanks to your guidance."

    The vice-principal said: "You don't need to say these to me, this is all from your own hard work. You are a good child, you know to improve yourself. In the future, you should learn well in school. Right now the four big educational institutes are competing fiercely to see who is the best, I hope you can gain glory for our school. In the future I believe you could become a Dragon Knight, in fact, you could definitely do it."

    "Yes Sir, I will now disappoint you"

    Jiyan thought in her mind " although my cultivation is a senior magician as him, I couldn't fight like him, brother Zord. He could fight on par with someone with one rank upper than him, moreover, his opponent is The Vice Principal. Brother Zord, I will not lose to you. I will study and cultivate hard."

    Zord looked at Jiyan, but then he saw someone peeked Jiyan, maybe the best word to describe him "he is stalking her everytime"

    This person greeted Jiyan: "Long time no see Miss Jiyan, Liwa greets you here. Please give my  greetings to his Excellency the duke."

    Then he said to Vice principal "Good morning Vice principal"

    "Morning" then the vice principal walked away to his house.

    Zord thought "His actions obviously showed he did not put me in his eyes." Then he recalled his memory, "He was someone which usually bullied the previous host and always chased Jiyan everytime and everywhere. His cultivation rank now is Grand-Swordmaster, 2 tier higher than me"

    Jiyan said angrily: "Senior Liwa. how come you're still joining in the fun here. You are in grade 5, and why you always chase me"

    "Can you stop bothering me? Why are you such a pest? Do you think that you are impressive? Huh? Prove it! Make a full-frontal assault at the frontlines and make a full-frontal attack, wiping out both the demon and beast races in one fell swoop!"

    Liwa sounded troubled as he replied, "Jiyan, why don't you understand my feelings? We have known each other for years, but you still won't accept me!"

    Jiyan smiled coldly, saying, "I only like those who are powerful, I have told this to you many times. You are still weak. Come talk again when you become a Dragon General, I may consider you at that time."

    Liwa smiled bitterly and said, "Aren't these conditions a little difficult? Nobody has ever become a Dragon General before the age of forty-five. Could it be that you want to marry when we are both forty-some years old?"

    Jiyan replied, "Who said that I wanted to marry you? There are always powerful individuals in this world. I advise you to find another target for your affection and stop bothering me in the future. Anyways, the night is late; I need to go back and rest."

    "Jiyan..." Liwa grabbed Jiyan's arm, pleading piteously.

    Jiyan leered at him. Even Liwa, who had a tyrannical mastery of martial arts, couldn't do a thing about her. Under her forceful glare, he had no choice but to let go.

    Jiyan quickly withdrew her arm. Sniggering coldly, she turned around and left.

    Liwa found himself staring idiotically at Jiyan's departing silhouette.

    "Hahaha" Zord laughed hard.

    Suddenly, he spoke, "You have Laughed enough"

    Zord's heart skipped a beat, it seemed like his powers were still lacking compared to Liwa. Then Liwa punched him hard, and he was sent flying and hit the wall. Hearing this, the vice principal went out from his house.

    The vice-principal looked at him, strictly saying: "Liwa, you are Dragon General Liwo's son and also the school's Sky Dragon team's chief, you should pay attention to your position in the school, this time I'll pretend I didn't see anything and forgive you guys. If you have to fight, wait until the school's annual fighting tournament, if I hear about another private fight then don't say I did not warn you, it'll be immediate expulsion."

    Liwa bowed: "Yes, vice-principal."

    Before leaving Liwa looked deeply at me and quietly said: "I hope you can persevere in the school's Martial tournament to meet me."
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