5 The Determination

    Zord recalled his memory.

    "The martial tournament is very important, it's the school's way to test the students. Once a year, starting in February, at the end of this semester, people compete. This tournament is also a way to take a step towards your future career because the ones who place in the top 10 can enter the ranks of the Dragon Knights."

    "It's divided into grades, the school has 5 grades and from each class, they'll select two students to enter the competition. the top ten that just now mentioned meant top 10 from grade 5, that is to say, every class from the 5th year will select 10 competitors to join. Although there are lower grade experts as well, generally the quality of the 5th years are the highest, and also they're nearing graduation, every time the selected students from the 5th year are the favorite picks, and they will definitely be put to an important position, even if they don't get in the top 10."

    "In order not to neglect the talented, the school set a rule, the champion of the lower grades can challenge any of the champions from the upper grades, then they can enter the 5th grade directly."

    "So that is how it is, no wonder Liwa told me to persist in order to meet him, if I want to compete with him, then I have to become the grade champion."

    "The most common Dragon Knight is probably a middle-level Holy Knight if I ignore the dragon. Liwa is at least Holy Knight"

    "I couldn't beat him now"

    "now I still have 4 months to train, I need to increase my cultivation rank. I'm lacking martial arts now, I will train martial arts in the morning and my mystic arts at noon. The Vice Principal gave me permission to not attend the class because I don't need it"

    "Now it's time to practice"

    Then he returned to the dorm to pack his clothes. Then he walked to the cafeteria to eat lunch, but when he arrived at the cafeteria, some students surrounded him.

    Zord thought in his mind "I could tell most of the people surrounding me were nobles, all dressed fancily"

    Someone from them said, "Look, this is the academy's long-time dunce...". He pointed his finger to me, behind him, there were some 16 years old students. They were the new students.

    Someone from them said again "don't be like him, he would be removed from this academy this year. Hahaha"

    Zord didn't reveal his cultivation realm, the noble students that surround him were 4-grade students and had the same cultivation realm as him. Because Zord didn't want to cause a problem, he said to them

    "Please don't disturb me, senior"

    "Hahaha... don't be afraid, we just want to play for a bit"

    They started to shoot him with low tier magic


    "Lightning Bolt"

    "Bubble Beam"


    Looking at these attacks, Zord calmed down. He raised his hand, a ten energy ball appeared and surrounding each of his hands.

    "Frozen Wall"

    A frozen wall appeared and covered him, then he controlled the frozen wall to rushed toward this noble students.

    "What? He reached the same realm as us?"

    "If you are looking for death, come."

    "Everybody, kill him."

    And a fist came, more or less it carried battle chi.

    Seeing their holier-than-thou looks Zord began to feel some kind of disgust, and Zordimmediately grabbed one of the noble's hand and coldly said: "Today I will teach you a lesson for only knowing how to bully others."

    At, these words of mine, most of the normal students immediately decreased their malice for me, usually, they take this kind of bullying from the nobles, but they don't dare say anything back.

    One of noble student used 3-tier magic: Earth Fist

    By encasing their arm in rock, he dealt a powerful hardened punch against Zord.

    "Hmmm" Zord used the same magic as him and both of their punches met each other.

    "Boom" Zord fist destroyed the rock that covered his punch, and with a sound of "ka-cha," Zord dislocated the student's hand.

    "That's great, my mystic vapor increased the tier of my earth fist. When its tier increased, it would further increase the punch's destructive power and weight."

    "aaaaaah, my hand"

    One of student used 3-tier magic: Great Fireball. Zord used the same magic. The two massive orbs of roaring flame met each other, but the Zord Great Fireball overpowered his opponent fireball, and the fireball rushed toward his opponent.


    The fireball hit that student.


    "How could he become this strong? Not only he became the same realm as us, but he could defeat our magic with the same magic"

    "The Genius is back," Some common students said.

    Zord said "Come on, 2 down, eight to go"

    There were only 3 who posed a threat to Zord, and they all had darkened faces and without a sound came to attack Zord, in a short time Zord received 3 punches and 2 kicks, and although he did not get any injuries, their strength still made Zord uncomfortable. The surrounding tables were all pushed everywhere from their fighting chi, and the damages were not minor.

    The strongest of the three yelled: "You trash, you really made us nobles lose face, get lost. Watch us give him a lesson."

    The strongest threw a punch at Zord, and Zord also met him with one. He got pushed back 3 steps from shock yet he was unharmed, Zord heartfelt surprise, he was the one to receive Zord direct punch but suffer no injuries. While the shock pushed him back, Zord's body took punches and kicks from the other two.

    "No wonder they were upper-grade students, under their constant attack, my whole body rolled in blood. This way, it began the toughest battle since I was reincarnated here."

    The opponents seemed to be from the fighting techniques group, only using battle chi against Zord. When Zord took care of one side, Zord couldn't the other, a trail of blood flowed down from the corner of his mouth and kept dripping, but he stubbornly stood in the middle and tried his best to resist their attack.

    The relatively skinny noble smiled sinisterly: "Admit defeat, if you kneel and give this grandpa three bows I'll spare you."

    The three of the nobles laughed out loud at the same time.

    "Our strengths truly had a gap, do I really have to lose to these three shameless students?"

    "Oh I forgot"

    "Let me show you the 4th tier magic: Roaring Flame Sphere"
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