6 I was Defeated

    "Let me show you the 4th tier magic: Roaring Flame Sphere"

    Zord raised his hand, and meteor-sized sphere of fire appeared. This is much like Great Fireball Magic, but a larger and more destructive version.

    Right when the three were lost on how to resist, a commanding voice said: "Who is using the 5th tier magic. God of light, give me your strength, with your sacred brilliance wash away the endless dust of this word - Holy Light." A golden ray of light covered the meteor-sized sphere of fire and it immediately vanished like ice meeting fire. The magic caster - Zord, felt an incredible pressure towards him, a golden flash, and his body became warm with a comfort

    "I don't know, and then I also don't know what happened next."

    When Zord woke up, Zord found himself in the infirmary, ah, no, this was probably not the infirmary, the facilities were more complete than there, probably a high-level infirmary.

    "This battle allowed me to understand that my own skill is still not good enough. Only having the strength but not being able to use it is painful to death, when I'm healed from these injuries, I have to spend my time wisely and train, I can not stir up any more trouble."

    "My whole body felt limp and I couldn't gather any strength, but my body was not in any pain, I didn't think that after I got Arcane Magic - Mystic Art, I would be defeated."

    A male doctor, wearing a white coat, walked in at this time,

    "You're awake."

    Zord nodded my head weakly and said: "Doctor, how did I get here? Why can't I gather any strength?"

    The doctor chuckled, lifted my eyelids and took a look: "Young man, this a school-run hospital, you were hit by the principal's Holy Light, count yourself lucky if you didn't die. You are really sturdy for waking up in such a short time. Rest well, there's already no danger and your body will recover slowly. When you're well, the principal wants to ask you a few things. I'll leave first, a nurse will come and take care of your later."

    The doctor sealed Zord cultivation.


    Zord tried his luck, "I couldn't use my magic, now I'm no different from an ordinary person. When you're under someone else's roof, you must lower your head"

    The doctor said "This would help you to recover faster"

    Then he injected Zord with something, after that, Zord felt pain over all of his body.


    "Hahaha...." When he was finished laughing he turned to leave.

    "That doctor was sent by one of the noble students"

    Zord entire body weakened. Zord tried hard, and then the light shone from his forehead.

    He was feeling an incredibly intense pain coming from all over his body. He forced to break the cultivation seal. He was soaked by his sweet. "Boom" the seal was opened. He coughed mouth of blood.

    Although his cultivation was not sealed, all of his meridian channels were completely blocked by Principal Holy Light.

    "I managed to deal with the pain enough"

    He channeled the Arcane Magic - Mystic Chi to all of his meridian channels. A cold presence flowed into his chest, comforting him in his depression. He coughed mouth of blood again. Then the Arcane Magic - Mystic Chi started to absorbed all of the Principal Holy Light and started to produce more energy.

    "I knew with the severity of my condition, I could not recover in a short amount of time. It was best that I calmed down, and continuously clear my blocked channels with what little energy I had."

    "Arcane Shield"

    The skyboard appeared and it raised me on top of it. Then Zord commanded his skyboard to fly. It rushed toward the window and broke it. Then Zord used his power to activated Stealth magic, then flew away to the Vice Principal House.

    The distance between the school-run hospital and vice principal house was near. So with Zord little energy, he could fly enough to come to his house. when he appeared in front of the vice principal house, the arcane shield disappeared, and he fell to the ground.

    Luckily, the vice principal was in his house, so when he heard the sound of me falling, he appeared and took care of Zord.

    After one hour, Zord woke up. He looked at the vice principal and said "Thank you, Vice-Principal"

    "Zord, what had happened to you?"

    "Some nobles students bullied me, but when I used 4 tier magic, I was interrupted by the principal. I received the backlash of my own magic, and his attack, Holy Light. Then when I was at the hospital, someone disguised as the doctor came and injected a poison to me"

    "Let me see"

    Vice Principal injected his power to Zord meridian.

    "Your meridian channels are very disordered, even with my power I can't identify your body conditions clearly"

    "Moreover the poison that was injected to you is Human-Faced Spider Poison when it injected to the human body, it would make the target get Qi deviation."

    Then vice-principal used the white light within his hands to cover up the Zord head before me.

    "Restoration technique: High light recovery magic"

    "Wow, my body felt a lot more comfortable."

    "This spell still consumes a lot of magic power, consuming nearly one-third of my magic power"

    "I will personally report this to the principle. Zord, you are our academy's star of hope, you must recover as soon as possible, don't worry about other unimportant things."

    Zord nodded and said: "Thank you, vice principal. But did principal join hand with the noble students?"

    "No, don't say about that again."

    Zord nodded and said: "Sorry about that"

    The vice principal said: "While there are fewer people moving about, follow me. I'll bring you to my place so that you can peacefully rest."

    Zord followed the vice principal to his resting place. This is a small one-story building suited for one person. He brought Zord to the basement and said: "This place is well ventilated, although it is a little simple and crude, it's quite an appropriate place for you to recover. This kind of qigong deviation injuries can only be recovered in silence, that's why I didn't send you to the hospital. Every day I will send someone. He will tend to your needs."

    Zord said: "This place is already very good. I will try hard to train myself and recover my body to its peak condition as soon as possible."

    The vice principal said: "You cannot be hasty while treating this injury.

    After the vice principal left, Zord lied on the bed and rested.

    "The vice principal is really nice to me, letting me use this basement so that I can comfortably heal my injuries"

    "Damn, these noble students, I will get my revenge soon"
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