7 The Tournamen

    After the vice principal left, Zord lied down on the bed and rested. "The vice principal is really nice to me, letting me use this basement so that I can comfortably heal my injuries."

    Two months later, his body's condition had dramatically improved; "I had opened up most of my meridian channels and only a few meridians needed to be repaired. I had recovered 60 percent of my energy"

    Today as always, Vice Principal asked Jiyan to delivered his food. I said: "Jiyan, my injuries are a lot better now, please inform the vice principal that I wish to go back to training. It has been two months, if I don't go now, I will fall too far behind."

    Jiyan asked: "Have you really gotten better?"

    Zord nodded seriously and answered: "My power has been restored to about 60 percent or so."

    Jiyan pressed his pulse, feeling his body's energy fluctuation, she said while being amazed: "Such strong power and it is only 60 percent of power? It seemed you didn't get a qigong deviation for nothing. If you are wholly recovered, your strength will be increased to a whole new level."

    Zord said: "Perhaps it's due to a stroke of good luck. During Qigong deviation, my chi changed a bit, moving up a tier."

    Jiyan asked: "What kind of chi do you practice? To move up such a large amount as a tier from a qigong deviation. If all chi responded to qigong deviations like yours, I would experience it myself."

    Zord smiled bitterly: "Do you think qigong deviation is comfortable?

    "If it wasn't for my good luck, I might not be able to meet you again, much less improve my chi. Also, my chi is bloodline power, only suitable to be practiced and learned by me."


    Jiyan chuckled: "Then about forget it, I'll go back and tell the vice principal, then starting to practice"

    Sending Jiyan away, he continued to heal. After training for a little while, but Jiyan kept lingering in his heart making him unable to calm down.

    When Jiyan left, Zord said "Ah.... Thank you vice principal, you gave me a chance for two months to me. I was treated by one of your personal student, Jiyan every day."

    The next day, Zord was "released" by the vice principal. He asked a few questions and let him go back.

    "Two months left for the martial tournament, I must train hard."

    When he practiced, and he his power was fully recovered, he felt that he would break through to tier 2 of Arcane Magic: Mystic Art. He started to channel his qi according to Arcane Magic: Mystic Art.

    "Boom.... Finally."

    "Arcane Magic: Mystic Sense Enhancement"

    "Can enhance or repress one's own 8  senses; Sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste, extrasensory perception, time and space, detect the condition and status of everything around you, seeing their true nature: or by making a pact, and using Qi essence to manifest as an external being"

    All of his senses abilities were increased by twofold, except time and space. When he enhanced his The Time Sense, he felt that he could move 10% faster than normal, and all things around him move 10% slower than him. When he enhanced his space sense, when he walked for 1 meter, he moved for 1,1 meter.

    But to enhance these two senses, it would cost a lot of his Qi. He breakthrough to the upper level of Great Magician one week before the tournament started. Zord entered his class for the first time after so many times he had passed.

    A teacher said, "Finally, The day after tomorrow, the school's Annual Fighting Tournament will begin, next, prepare yourself."

    "The tournament format is divided into two-phase, phase one is crowd battle, last man standing battle. All of the students in the 3rd class, 64 students were divided into 4 groups. This means all of you need to defeat 15 peoples in your group. The last man stood for each group would enter the second phase, the elimination battle."


    "The last man standing from each group would enter the semifinal directly"

    Two days later, a term closing ceremony was held. It was just a formality of the academy, It talked about how the students worked hard this semester and how they hope that everyone will continue to work hard and become stronger while taking even bigger steps towards improving themselves.

    After the closing ceremony, Janfen, the Director of the Teaching Department, walked onto the platform and announced: "The Sky City Institute's Annual Martial Tournament will now begin, all the participants of each grade should head to their appointed match."

    Jiyan and Zord were separated into two different groups, Jiyan in group A and Zord in group D. Jiyan was the 2nd-grade competition winner when she was the 2nd grade, and now she was predicted by almost peoples to win this 3rd competition. Jiyan didn't rely on her connections to join the tournament like other nobles, she entered based on her true strength.

    "Beauty and strong".

    Zord's face darkened: "Wait for me in final, Jiyan."

    "Then, if I become the grade-wide champion, I have to challenge Liwa, if I run from him, it'll affect my future practice, especially my mentality."

    The battle in Group A was started. Jiyan won easily. Then group B and C was finished.

    "Now it's my turn"

    Then all of the participants in Group D walked toward the arena.

    A noble student looked at me and said "Look, the academy's long-time dunce is here. I suggest you surrender from battle now"

    Another noble student said "Yeah, surrender now or you would embarrass yourself later"

    Zord looked at them and said "Let's see in the arena"

    A noble student said "A dog that pretended to be a dragon"

    The judge started to count....

    3.... 2.... 1.... Start
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