8 Defeating 15 Peoples

    Zord said "Mystic Art, first form - Mystic Favor" Ten orbs appeared and circulate around Zord's hands.


    "Great Magician"

    "We didn't believe it"

    All of the students that appeared in the arena shocked, they didn't believe the academy's long-time dunce breakthrough to Great Magician.

    They only knew Jiyan in third grade that reached the Great Magician.

    Then one of noble said "Let 15 of us combine our power to defeat that academy's long-time dunce"


    They took the battle formation against Zord and raised their hands








    Zord raised his hand against all of this attack,

    "Four Tier Magic: Inverse Mountains Crystal"

    Zord created the pyramid-shaped barrier around him.

    "You are so stupid, some of our attacks were four-tier magic, you only use the five-tier magic barrier. With the quantity of our attack, it would destroy your barrier"


    The attacks caused large explosions after the smoke disappeared, they shocked. All of this attack hit the barrier but didn't leave any scratch on it.


    Zord de-activated his barrier and said "Now it's my turn to attack"

    "Be swift as the wind."

    Zord rapidly flew around the arena and shot the arrow or wind blades type of magic. He knocked two students in instant.

    "Thirteen left"

    "Too fast"

    Zord appeared behind one of the students and punch him.

    "Earth Fist"

    By encasing their arm in rock, Zord dealt a powerful hardened punch against his opponents. he was sent flying to outside of the arena.

    Then Zord summoned his Shield and flew to the sky.

    "He flew"

    One of the teachers said "He has the interesting artifact"

    Then Zord raised his hand "Oil" the flood of oil summoned from the sky and felt to the arena.

    All of the participants in the arena used the barrier type magic to cover themselves. Although their bodies weren't covered by oil, all the ground around them were covered by oil.

    Zord looked at the participants in the arena like a giant looked at the Ant.

    "Let me show you my power"

    "I'm not trash like before"

    Zord raised his hand, and meteor-sized sphere of fire appeared. This is much like Great Fireball Magic, but a larger and more destructive version.

    "4th tier magic: Roaring Flame Sphere"


    "that flame attack has the same power as 5th tier magic, everyone... be careful"

    Zord threw his great fireball to the ground, but they attacked the giant fireball to reduce its power. But behind the great fireball, the volley of small fireballs, which are sent flying in an unpredictable manner hit the ground.

    Because all of his opponents focused to reduce the power of great fireball, they didn't use the barrier energy attack, so they were defenseless. Zord used multiples fireballs.


    The oil met the countless small fireballs and caused explosions. They couldn't defend it and some of them fainted on the spot. Then the great fireball upon their head hit them.


    All of the enemies were defeated. The judge raised his hand and said

    "The winner of group D is Zord"

    "So strong"

    "He is so smart"

    "He is no longer the academy's long-time"

    The vice principal and principal smiled from their chair. The principal thought in his mind "His attack is one tier upon the attack original power. This kid is interesting"

    The vice principal thought in his mind "Your hard work never betray you, Zord"

    The judge said "Let's rest for 30 minutes before holding the semifinal" then some teachers came to the arena and used his magic.

    The sky became dark, and then rain fell from the sky, turning off the sea of fire caused by Zord attack. Some of them used the large scale magic to heal the students, and some of them repaired the arena using earth magic.

    Then semifinal began, Jiyan won easily against her opponent. Now it's Zord turn. His opponent was a handsome man tall with broad shoulders, long golden hair unrolling behind him, falling down nearly to his waist.

    This was Zhang Hao, a well-proportioned figure and in his hands a longsword. He smiled slightly: "Seeing your battles earlier, I know you are strong, but I already have a method to deal with you."

    "Stop the rubbish, come."

    To prevent the other from using magic, Zhang Hao was the first to initiate the attack. With his left foot forward and body charging straight, he threw a punch. A strong chi headed towards Zord and the wind caused his clothes to flap around in whistles, and right at this moment, the Zord in front of him suddenly disappeared. Zhang Hao's powerful punch actually hit the air, Zord was not only fast in speed, but his battle chi was also very strong, to escape from Zhang Hao battle chi.

    "This..... I don't know your body is so fast. The magician's body is usually weak."

    In Zhang Hao short moment of shock, he felt a sharp wind attack behind him, he did not dodge and turned to use his chest to block his attack while sending out another quick punch.

    A wind arrow accurately hit his chest, but his punch hit the air again, Zord stood shocked at one side of the arena: "Your defense is really high, you can even directly take my wind arrow of this intensity. Now I will get serious"

    "Arcane Magic: Mystic Art"

    "Mystic Art, first form - Mystic Favor" Ten orbs appeared and circulated around Zord's hands.

    "Water Beast"

    Zord manipulated water and transformed it into a giant wolf-like beast. The beast then launched

    powerful streams of water from its mouth.

    "Thousand Hand Barrier" Zhang Hao was covered by the barrier.

    Zord raised his hand, and control the water beast. He manipulated the powerful streams of water to spin in rapid speed. The compressed spinning water hit the barrier and sliced it.

    Zhang Hao defended it with his sword, but the sword was sliced too. Zhang Hao faces then darkened. When the water slicer wanted to hit him, it disappeared. Zhang Hao fell to the ground and became unconscious because of afraid.

    "His Magic Control is so good"

    "I don't know the water magic could be used like that"



    The Judge raised his hand and said "The Winner is Zord"
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