9 Jiyan vs Zord

    "Now it's the final, Jiyan vs Zord"

    "Jiyan.... Jiyan.... Jiyan"

    "I Love you.... Jiyan.... We love you...."

    "Hey Zord, if you hurt our princess, we will kill you"

    The spectators in the stands made very few shouts, occasionally several people shouted Jiyan's name.

    Zord walked up the arena, and his opponent, Jiyan was dressed in a standard magician's robe. she looked at Zord and said "Use your true strength, brother Zord. Don't discriminate between me and another opponent. Don't listen to the spectators"

    Zord nodded his head.

    The judge raised his hand and started to count.

    "3... 2... 1 .... The Battle Begin"

    Jiyan held a long magic staff her hands, and a Light crystal was carved on top of the staff in some special material. She raised her staff and began to chant a magic

    Zord thought in his mind "From a glance I could tell it was a very high-quality staff."

    Zord said "Mystic Art, first form - Mystic Favor" Ten orbs appeared and circulated around Zord's hands.

    Her magic staff immediately sent a long fireball and flew towards me, what a fast casting speed. In a rush Zord threw out a few ice cones, canceling out most of her attack. When the other fireballs neared towards Zord, with Zord fist one at a time, Zord also took care of them this way.

    While Zord was resisting against the fireballs, she started to lightly sway her magic staff, and from her mouth was an endless low chant, obviously, she wanted to continuously use magic and not give me a chance to get close.

    Zord also didn't rush to attack, "I want to see what she can throw at me. These few days I never really bump into a true opponent and I felt very gloomy at winning easily. It did not satisfy me, I can only improve myself in difficult fights."

    At this time, her magic was already completed, the magic staff in her hands drew out a beautiful light hexagram.

    "From my experience at the library reading magic books, I knew, this was at least a grade 5 and above magic, it's definitely not easy to deal with."

    As Zord expected, Zord heard her sharp and clear voice:

    "The dormant God of light, release your energy, wake, god's protector, Descend of the Light Dragon." No, this is not a grade 5 magic, it's a grade 6!

    Zord was alarmed, although his defense was very high, it could not withstand such powerful magic. In the meantime, the roar of a dragon came from within the light magic hexagram, and a small Chinese dragon flew out from the magic array, baring its teeth and claws at Zord. It stayed between the Jiyan and Zord.

    From the slight tremble of her staff, Zord could tell this magic was not easy for the Jiyan to hold up, she brandished the staff and commanded the light dragon to attack him.

    "Arcane Magic, Second Art: Mystic Enhancement" All of his senses were enhanced.

    The light dragon had just started moving towards Zord and he could already feel the heat scorching his face.

    "What strong magic, no wonder it is ranked as the highest grade mid-level magic". Zord immediately punched towards the Dragon, increasing the range of the punch.

    "Earth Fist"

    By encasing their arm in rock, Zord dealt a powerful hardened punch against his opponents.

    The fist accurately hit the head of the light dragon. The whole light dragon shrunk a little, but it's overall appearance did not change, and it continued towards Zord.

    "Hurricane Shoes"

    The hurricane started to appear and covered both of Zord feet. Zord moved fastly.

    While moving in rapid speed, Zord thought "I was not shocked, but rather quite happy. I was surprised that my battle chi could actually diminish the intensity of the magic."

    Zord sent out few waves of battle chi whenever the dragon came to attack him. While the battle chi slowed down the dragon and reduced its strength, Jiyan constantly fed the dragon light, boosting the magic once again.

    Jiyan realized that at this rate the match would become a stalemate. She looked at me and said "Don't play around, brother Zord. I know about you"

    Jiyan then raised her staff, and a shiny light was sent to the light dragon. The light dragon became larger and it became twice as his previous size. Now it had two meters in height and twenty meters in length. This light dragon now had the same power as 7 tier magic


    Zord raised his hand and drew out two beautiful hexagrams.

    "The dormant God of Fire, release your energy, wake, god's protector, Descend of the Fire Dragon."

    "The dormant God of Wind, release your energy, wake, god's protector, Descend of the Wind Dragon."

    Two Chinese dragons appeared. One of them was a wind dragon, and another one was a fire dragon. They had the same power as 7 tier magic.

    The fire dragon held Jiyan's light dragon, and the wind dragon rushed toward her.


    The spectator stood up. They didn't want to watch their idol defeated badly.

    When the wind dragon wanted to touch Jiyan, a powerful force appeared from her body and neutralize the wind dragon. The light dragon disappeared. Then Jiyan fell unconscious.

    "The Champion of the 3rd Grade is Zord"

    Zord rushed toward Jiyan, he picked her and held her hands to check her pulse, but when he inserted his qi to Jiyan, the strong force appeared from her body and attacked Zord. Zord was sent flying.


    A light barrier appeared and covered her body. Then it disappeared.

    "If any external force wanted to invade her body, the barrier suddenly appeared." Zord just stood up beside her. Then he raised his hand. "Light Magic - High Regeneration Magic"
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