10 Two Peoples challenged Riva

    Then Zord brought Jiyan to the hospital by using gravity magic to make her float. The vice principal also followed them.

    Zord asked him "The Vice Principal, do you know what did have happened to Jiyan?"

    The Vice Principal said "I don't know very well. Anyway, when we met, there was such a mysterious power in her body. I already observed it. She seemed to have this kind of energy in her life since she born. The strongest performance is when she practiced light magic, it seems to be much easier than others. the power is improved rapidly. but the light magic seems to be more than his. But this mysterious power doesn't endanger her life, but protecting her"

    Zord asked him again "So you couldn't solve this problem ?"

    The Vice Principal said "Yeah, but there is someone that maybe could cure her, the strongest white magician in Dragon God Empire, Tianyun"

    Zord asked him "Where is him?"

    The Vice Principal said "If you want to meet her, you must become one of dragon general first. You will get access of information where he is. He is the strongest person in our empire"

    Zord clenched his hand. "This is my determination. If I want to marry her, I must be stronger than now"

    Jiyan woke up. "Where am I?" then she looked at the vice principal.

    The vice principal said "You are in the hospital. You are defeated by Zord at the final"

    Then she looked at Zord and said "Thank you, brother Zord. You didn't hold your power when we were fighting before"

    The vice principal then said "there is no problem with your body, you would recover your power in 3 days. I have some business. See you later, Jiyan"

    Jiyan said "Thank you, the vice principal"

    Then the vice principal left the room, leaving Zord and Jiyan alone.

    Zord said with a low voice "I'm sorry, Jiyan"

    "No problem, brother. As long as this mysterious power is in my body, it will protect me from any danger. But......"

    Jiyan lifted her head and gazed at me with tear streaked eyes. A tear rolled down to Jiyan's cheek, with a sad voice, she said

    "Why, why is God doing this to me? Unfair, why should I deprive me of my power as a woman, how can I marry someone in the future?"

    Then two peoples came out to see Jiyan, there was a handsome young man with the height of two meters and green hair and a beautiful girl with the same appearance like Jiyan, but her height was shorter than Jiyan. They were Jisue, the Jiyan's sister and Layson, the Jisue's boyfriend.

    Jisue looked at Zord and said angrily "What did you do to my sister?"

    Layson picked Zord clothes and said, "Tell me, what did you do to her?"

    Jiyan said to both of them "Don't worry about this, younger sister. Brother Zord just helped me, but my mysterious power is so annoying. I hate it very much"

    Jisue then hugged Jiyan and said, "Don't worry, older sister." She knew her problem since a child. Her father couldn't approach her older sister too.

    Jisue looked at Zord and said "I'm sorry, brother Zord"

    Jiyan then said "Sorry for my sister"

    "No problem"

    Layson said "Sorry, brother"

    Then Zord looked at Layson and thought in his mind "This kid isn't ordinary. His strength doesn't exceed a Sword Masters, but his body is as tough as grand sword masters."

    The next morning, Zord went over to the Institute Principal's office and registered to fight Riva. The Vice Principal didn't say anything when he saw Zord, after all, he is my teacher. Oddly he did say, "Why is it that this year we have two people challenging the representative of the 5th years? Riva's strength isn't the same as that of an average student." he implied that he was overestimating myself.

    Zord was surprised, "Who else is challenging him?"

    Janfen said, "There is a first grade named Layson challenging him as well."

    Zord was shocked, Layson, why would he challenge Riva? He quickly asked, "How will we deal with these 2 challenges then?"

    Janfen gave it some thought, "According to the school rules, if there are some champions from the lower years that want to challenge the higher year champions, the lower year champions have to fight each other first. In other words, you and Layson must fight each other before you can fight Riva."

    Coming out from the Principal's office, he was overwhelmed by his emotions. Why was Layson challenging Riva? If they fight against each other, then the outcome would be clear, Layson would be defeated. Could it be Jisue was letting her boyfriend do what he could to block my match against Riva?  Yes, this had to be the reason why."

    At the end of the school period, all of the participants were on holiday, so most people were packing up in their dorms to prepare to go home. The fight against Layson would occur three days later.

    Because Zord was the champion of the third grade, he got some expensive elixir as a reward. He used this elixir to increase his rank to upper-level Mage.


    "Now there is time for challenging battle, the first-grade champion Layson is set to challenge fifth year Riva, and the third-grade champion Zord is set to challenge the fifth year Riva too."

    "According to the school rules, if there are some champions from the lower years that want to challenge the higher year champions, the lower year champions have to fight each other first. In other words, Zord and Layson must fight each other before you can fight Riva."

    Due to the fact that the first year champion rarely ever challenged the fifth year champion, this battle had caused an uproar in the school, all the authorities,  principal, vice principal and teachers in charge from each department came to watch the match. They would fight on the school's' number one training grounds stage. For this match, the school had brought 4 magicians of the middle tier and above, and the entire school's student body has come to watch. This match is also the final and most exciting match to watch.

    What's most interesting is that the match's judge was the vice principal himself

    "The Battle between Third-grade class champion, Zord versus First Grade class champion, Layson"

    "3..... 2..... 1..... Begin"s
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