11 The Berserker

    Zord said "Mystic Art, first form - Mystic Favor" Ten orbs appeared and circulate around Zord's hands.

    All spectators were shocked.


    "He breakthrough to Mage realm in 3 days"

    In the bench, Riva laughed "Good, I can use more power to crush him, he hurt my lover, Jiyan."

    On the stage

    Layson said coldly:  "Use whatever you want to, my hands are my greatest weapons."

    Zord said "Oh, if you don't use any weapon, I would not use any weapon too"

    Just when Layson was about to strike, Zord disappeared from his sight. Everyone in the audience witnessed Zord's lightning-like speed when he came to Layson right, and blasted a punch at his shoulder.

    "Earth Fist"

    By encasing their arm in rock, Zord dealt a powerful hardened punch against his opponents. Layson entire big and tall body was sent flying and he crashed into the teachers' barrier and fell to the ground.


    Layson said.

    Both Jiyan and Jisue in spectator seat exclaimed in shock. But while Jisue exclamation was filled with heartache, Jiyan's exclamation was filled with disappointment. Jiyan said: "What is wrong with your boyfriend, he is totally weak. He is a disgrace."

    Zord's blow had impacted Layson, but Layson defense was still strong, and Layson forcefully held in the pain of his shoulder and stood up again.

    Layson emitted chi to all parts of his body and cast countless low standard magic skills towards Zord. Zord just stood there, taking every hit, no matter what magic was fired towards him, they vanished three feet from his body, what an incredible chi armor.

    Zord looked at Layson and said "Your magic power is two realms less than me, use more power"

    Layson thought in his mind "Dark magic cannot be used casually in the Dragon God Empire, even though there are dark magic magicians, their numbers were small. If they found out I could use dark magic they might say I am a spy sent by the Demon Tribe. I couldn't use the fallen angel transformation here"

    Layson finally used his dark magic "Dark Aura"

    A dark aura covered himself.

    "The mighty Gods of Darkness, with my soul as an offering, with my life as a bridge, please grant your endless power, become the shape of a solid guard, protect your servant --- Dark Barrier."

    Zord punched Layson, but Layson used dark magic energy to create a dark barrier. But when the barrier met the Zord magical punch, the dark barrier was shattered. Layson was hit by this punch and sent flying again.

    Then Layson stood again. He clenched his teeth and focused, he chanted quietly: "The great God of darkness, with my soul as an offering, with my life as a bridge, grant me your endless power, swallow the enemy in front of your eyes."

    "Darkness Swallows the Sky."

    A dark fog came from his body and rushed toward Zord.

    Zord looked at him and said

    "God of light, give me your strength, with your sacred brilliance wash away the endless dust of this word - Holy Light." A golden ray of light covered the dark mist from Darkness Swallows the Sky, and the dark mist immediately vanished like ice meeting fire. The magic caster - Layson, felt an incredible pressure towards him, then he was sent flying and hit the barrier again.

    The principal said "Interesting.... this kid could use dark magic, interesting. From his eyes I can tell he cannot be from the Magic Tribe. This is the first time I've seen someone to use dark magic at such a young age, usually, dark magicians are 70 years old before being successful"

    Zord thought the same reason too.

    Layson punched the ground with all my strength, and shouted: "Mad God - Hurricane". Zord's lips twitched, he copied Layson and punched the ground.

    "Earth Magic - Fissure"

    The two attacks clashed and immediately caused a massive earthquake. Layson attack broke, and chi escaped under his feet. He was once again sent flying into the barrier.

    Layson said, "I can't believe that I lost a battle of strength without any competition."

    Zord did not pursue his attack, rather he stood there elegantly, he said to me: "that wasn't bad, but it seemed like you haven't perfected it, it doesn't have much power. From what I see, you use Mad God Art, right?"

    Layson stood shocked, Layson couldn't help but be amazed. Layson asked him "Why did you know about that, brother?"

    Zord said "I already memorize that art, but I never use it. Now show your real power"

    Zord surprisingly said: "You're really tough, you can withstand hits really well, it's been a while since I have beaten sandbags, and today's the right day to practice. He flashed right beside Layson and with a punch, Layson was sent flying.

    Layson thought "I've learned my lesson, the moment he hit me, I quickly concentrated Armor of Heaven Thunders and Demonic Arts on the parts I was hit, although I still received a relatively big blow, I wasn't critically damaged."

    Just like this, Layson had became a true sandbag, every time Layson was knocked off his feet, he stood up, and when he stood up, he was sent flying again, he did not get any chance to attack, and Zord did not leave any openings for large scale magic, whereas low ranked magic couldn't even harm him.

    The principle suggested to vice principal: "Let's end the tournament, this is not much of a fight, it's obviously one-sided."

    Vice president said: "Wait a little longer, you never know when a miracle can occur."

    In the audience, Jisue is crying like a cry baby, she kept shouting that Layson surrender, but unfortunately the barrier also muted the sounds from outside, so Layson could not hear anything.

    Zord's lightning speed and enormous strength have allowed Layson to witness a true knight's capability, Layson said "no, I can't lose like this, I..... "

    He could not even keep a clear mind, Zord's punches, getting, heavier, heavier, every hit. The streak of blood, from the corner, his lips, entire body felt,  torn apart. The flow of his chi, disrupted, strangely painful.

    Zord said "Show me your true power"

    Zord sent Layson flying again and he crashed against the barrier,

    and at that moment Layson saw Jisue's tears and Jiyan's disdainful look. His heart broke. And this time, when Layson fell to the ground, he did not fall, instead, he stood at the stage with his head lowered.

    Zord suddenly felt Layson growing aura he immediately stopped his assault. Layson abruptly raised his head and roared at the sky furiously, all the blood in his body boiled, and he suddenly felt a smothering heat in his head, his light green hair turned into bloody red. The injuries on his body healed speedily, and his entire body let out a terrifying killing intent.

    The principal and vice principal on the stage both exclaimed at the same time: "Berserker!"
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