12 Zord vs Layson

    The vice principal asked: "Should I stop the tournament right now?"

    The principal said excitedly: "There shouldn't be any problem, after all, Zord's superiority over his opponent is vast, let's observe the fight for a while more, how many years has it been since the last berserker appeared? This is great, our school has finally obtained one, and what's more, he's a first-year newbie, if we can foster him with care, he will definitely have outstanding achievements. If that happens, we will finally become the head of the 4 great academies.

    Zord looked at him and said "As expected from a brother in law"

    Zord immediately threw a punch right at Layson, and a strong burst of chi rushed towards Layson breast. Layson laughed maniacally, and just a grabbed the chi he released, squeezed it a bit, and his chi completely dispersed.

    Jiyan and Jisue are totally astonished, Layson who was getting beaten badly seconds ago, not only is fighting back, now has the upper hand.

    Jiyan told Jisue: "little sister, I think you've got a treasure, this brat can even go berserk."

    Zord looked at Layson intensely. Moving his legs deliberately, he looked for any openings to attack.

    After going berserk, Layson could feel his entire body emitting explosive power, he shouted: "Hurricane", even though it was the same hurricane from before, it was heaven and earth different from the last attack, Zord didn't even dare face it, and dodged.

    Where he was standing, 10 meters of ground were completely blasted away. Layson chi was going mad, causing countless tornadoes, filled with rubble and shards of rocks, to seal Zord away from every single angle. This is the true power of the mad god.

    Zord was relatively calm, he brought out his chi to maintain his position in midair, as he jumped in the sky, the shadows of his chi blocked in front of him, protecting his body. Although he was knocked onto the barrier, the rubble didn't cause a lot of damage to him.

    Step by step, Layson walked towards him, Zord's eye expressed disbelief, he's noticeably taken aback by the incomprehensible madness of Layson chi. With a light tiptoe of the barrier, Zord rushed by Layson side.

    "Arcane Magic - Mystic Enhancement" all of his senses were enhanced.

    "Light Sword"

    Zord created a light sword and chopped it to Layson.

    After going berserk Layson literally couldn't feel any pain, and his defense had increased ten-fold anyway, so Layson ignored his attack. Allowing him to chop at Layson, Layson let out a loud roar, emitting a large amount of chi that made him tremble, he shouted:

    "Heavenly Berserk mode" The space around Layson body became twisted, and every strand of crimson hair stood/straighten up, while his muscles bulged, even more, tearing off his formal clothes.

    Zord was not stupid either, looking at Layson momentum, he knew that Layson was not an easy opponent. He quickly fell back, and his whole body started to boil while an intense blaze enveloped his body with flame.

    "Maybe I should study Mad God Art after this and check his background"

    Layson rushed toward Zord, but Zord used Low magic - grease and made Layson slipped and fell to the ground.

    Then Zord jumped to the air and used wind magic to float on the air.

    "God of light, give me your strength, with your sacred brilliance punish all of the evil being in this world- Six Rods of Light Prison ."

    Zord summoned six thin, but wide, beams of light that slammed into Lyason midsection, holding them in place,

    Layson couldn't move. His body reddened.  His Heavenly Berserk mode released right at that moment, and a surge of crimson red chi instantly filled an area 3 meters in diameter in front of him, he roared: "Fight." the crimson red chi corrugated, and fired like lightning towards Zord, who was still in the midair.

    "Inverse Mountain Crystal"

    Zord created a pyramid-shaped barrier around him and successfully protect him from Layson attack. Then Zord used binding magic again

    "Winding Binding Chains"

    Zord sent ropes of light from his fingers to wrap around the arms and torso of Layson to restrain it by binding his arms to the torso.

    Then Zord looked at Layson

    "God of light, give me your strength, with your sacred brilliance wash away the endless dust of this word - Holy Light."

    Zord shot the Holy Light from the sky and hit Layson. Layson was sent flying and hit the barrier again. But Zord controlled the rope of light to bring Layson toward him.

    Layson tried to destroy Zord binding magic, but he couldn't. Zord used one binding magic again.


    Layson was engulfed by red light, completely paralyzing him.

    "I will relieve your anger."

    Zord then used one of illusion magic to calm Layson mind. When Layson was calmed, his body became normal, his skin turned from red to normal. Then Layson fainted on the spot because losing too many Qi.

    The Vice Principal raised his hand and said "The Winner of this battle is Zord from Third Grade"

    The spectator cheered up

    "We don't know that this Zord is so strong"

    "Yeah, I don't believe it"

    "But this newbie, Layson is strong too. Maybe if I fight with him, I couldn't defeat him, as a senior, I must train hard from now"

    "And Zord is no longer academic long-time dunce anymore. He is one of the strongest people in our academy"

    "what do you think when Zord fights against Riva?"

    "I can't wait when Zord fight against Riva"

    "I can't wait three days"

    Jiyan looked at Jisue and said "Little sister, Your boyfriend is strong, but unfortunately his opponent is brother Zord"

    Jisue looked at Jiyan and teased her "Older sister, do you like Brother Zord?"

    Jiyan blushed, but then she said "I will only marry the strongest person on this continent. Only Strong person can bring me a sense of security."
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