14 Fighting the Love Rival

    In the arena, the vice principal became the judge again. He looked at me " Good brat, you are really brave, good luck"

    In the spectator seats,  Jiyan, Jisue, and Layson sat together. Jiyan looked at Zord from when he entered the arena until now, then Layson teased her.

    Layson said: "Sister Jiyan, Do you like brother Zord??"

    Jisue lightly pounded Layson saying: ", sis says that she will marry the most powerful man in the continent, even if he is not a human."

    But Jiyan didn't hear them, just kept looking at Zord.

    About every student below was shouting Riva's name, especially the third grade who were the loudest among all. There are two reasons, first. because Riva himself is their idol, and secondly, they wish that Riva would teach me a lesson because hurting Jiyan, in their stead.

    Riva was wearing a very ordinary suit of armor, and his face was serene, He was not ruffled one bit by the chaos in the audience.

    The vice president called us to the center of the arena, and said: "In this tournament, you must follow the rules, especially you Riva, we all know your prowess, so take care when you strike, the rules are as follows- do not cripple your opponent, and do not kill your opponent, understand?"

    They both nodded, and Riva turned to Zord and said: "You aren't bad at all, you really persisted until the end to challenge me."

    Zord said coldly: "Hmph! what's the big deal, you just have a few facilities from your father to train yourself. You, nobles are lucky, you are spoon-fed since you are born"

    Riva laughed: "I am a figure that you can never surpass. You will never be able to defeat me up until the day I die. Today I shall avenge the countless nobles from my department you have defeated. Moreover, you defeated and hurt Jiyan. I will knock you hard"

    The vice principal spoke, saying: "Stop the nonsense, I now announce, the competition begins now.". Having spoken, in a flash, he left the stage, and the four judges below the stage activated a magical barrier, separating us from the outside completely.

    Riva and Zord stepped back at the same time, putting a distance of 20 meters between them.

    Riva smiled while saying: "I've heard that you don't use weapons, so I won't use any either, just so that you can't say that I bullied you.'

    I said coldly:  "Use whatever you want to."

    Zord said "Mystic Art, first form - Mystic Favor" Ten orbs appeared and circulate around Zord's hands.

    All the spectators were shocked.


    "He breakthrough to Arch-Mage realm in 3 days"


    Laughing, Riva said "Hahaha.... Interesting, but I'm still a middle-level holy knight, and you just be lower level archmage"

    "Arcane Magic - Mystic Enhancement" then all of Zord senses were enhanced.

    Looking at Zord momentum, he knew that Zord was not an easy opponent. He felt like he fought against lower level holy knight. He quickly fell back, and his whole body started to boil while an intense blaze enveloped his body with flame.


    Both of them started to walk at the rapid speed of light lightning. Both of their punches met each other.

    "Hahaha... interesting. Zord, I will defeat you"

    Zord punched the ground with all his strength, and shouted: "Mad God - Hurricane". Riva's lips twitched, he copied Layson and punched the ground.

    "No way.... Brother Zord could use the same technique as me" Layson stood up from his bench.


    The two attacks clashed and immediately caused a massive earthquake. At the meeting point of this attack, the chi escaped and caused the explosion.

    Riva did not pursue his attack, rather he stood there elegantly, he said to me: "that wasn't bad" but in his mind, he was confused, "No way, his attack could match my power. He will steal my Jiyan if I let him grow up. He grew up too fast."

    Zord stood shocked, he couldn't help but be amazed, a dragon knight's power is really terrifying, this strength is totally unbelievable.

    Riva waved his hands, and a longsword flew to him the from weapon rack, he looked at me intensely.

    "Finally you get serious"

    "Arcane Shield" then the flying shield appeared in front of me.

    Riva pointed his sword at me and moved at lightning-like speed. Then he appeared in front of me and swang his sword. But Zord controlled his arcane shield and blocked Riva's attack. When his longsword met the shield, Zord used his magic to make a Light Sword and he swang it at Riva's body.

    Riva jumped to behind to dodge Zord's attack. Zord jumped to the sky and used the same technique he had used in the preliminary match, a flood of Oil appeared and covered the arena. Riva spun himself to create a hurricane like a move. 10 meters around Riva didn't cover by oil.

    "Hahaha, you couldn't use the same tactic as you use before"

    Zord stood up in his shield and float on the sky. Then he shot the countless fireball. The fire burned up everything around the stage.

    "Are you stupid? Why did you burn everything on the stage?"

    But Zord looked at the sky. Then He compressed a large amount of Qi built up inside his body and changed it into a dragon-shaped fireball. He then skilfully manipulated that great fire and shot it on the sky.

    "Are you stupid? Why did you shoot it into the sky? I'm here." But suddenly Riva shocked. He was so stupid.

    The flames had a high temperature, as they could create an upward movement of air currents which in turn could give rise to thunder clouds.

    Zord then drew lightning directly from thunder clouds to supplement the power of his strike and controlled it with Qi. Once a lightning source had been acquired, shaping and guiding the lightning to the target requires very little Qi.

    Zord shaped the lighting to be a giant Chinese dragon.

    "Heavenly Thunder Dragon"
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