16 Layson created the big problems

    After Zord and Riva figthing ended, the holiday started. Because Zord defeated Riva, Zord jumped to Grade 5 class.

    Meanwhile, in this holiday, Layson started to training to improve himself. He went to White Smoke Mountain, about 100 miles from his academy. The height above sea level there is very high, it's also very dangerous, in a normal situation there should be nobody there.

    He got Black Sable, a dark large sword as a reward for becoming the first-grade championship.

    After leaving the capital, He followed the map. He looked for the deserted shortcuts and used a flight spell to speed up his journey. He took short breaks when nobody was around and tested Black Sable's limits. He discovered that when he channeled black magic into Black Sable, its power increased substantially. With a casual swing, it immediately unleashed a black shock wave that felled three big trees as thick as a grown man. He assumed that as his Demonic Arts improve, Black Sable's power will also improve.

    "Traveling by foot couldn't be compared to travelling with my horse, Black Dragon. Even when I used flying magic, I had only traveled 50 miles in the entire day."

    As the sky started darkening, He stopped to rest in a small town before continuing on his journey tomorrow. He walked the streets, amazed at the number of people out and about.

    "Even if there weren't as many people as in the capital, it is quite lively."

    He found a very reasonable hotel and decided to stay there for the night. After a day of monotonous travel, he wanted to find some place to relax, thus he found myself leaving the hotel.

    "It's already very late at night, and the amount of people has decreased." He noticed a bar in front of me. It would be the perfect place to relax after a busy day.

    He walked into the bar looking around, the design is very simple and unsophisticated. Taking another step inside he saw two huge trees in the center of the hall. While he guessed that the trees were fake, the plafond was thoroughly covered with a dense layer of leaves, and the environment looked very quiet and tastefully laid out.

    A servant walked towards me and asked: "Mister, what do you wish to order?"

    Layson  ordered: "Give me a big glass of drink, and some light refreshments or something else."

    The servant nodded and left, and I found a seat in a corner.

    The bar was about a third full, and although there were more people here, the bar remained quiet. If people talked, they lowered their volume, making sure the environment was even more serene.

    "This is so relaxing... I like this place..."

    This kind of tranquil environment made him feel very comfortable, and in just a while, the food and drinks he ordered had arrived. He leaned back in his chair comfortably, eating slowly, a refreshing fragrance continually entered his nose.

    Right at this time, the silence was broken as three humans entered from the bar's entrance, the one in the middle was repulsive: both ugly and sly-looking, his face was pale and green. With just one look, Layson could tell that he's not anyone good, behind him are two tough looking guys, who are probably the bodyguards of the person in the middle.

    The moment they entered, the one in the middle shouted:

    "Waiter! HURRY UP AND BRING THE GREAT ME ALL THE BEST WINE IN YOUR SHOP ALREADY, today I shall drink all I want here."

    His loud rough voice immediately incited a large portion of animosity. Layson am even more than annoyed and was unable to bear it, Layson grumbled: "Be quiet! If you want to drink find yourself another place, don't yell like a buffoon in here."

    The waiter beside Layson threw him a glance indicating that he should stop. But how could Layson back down just like that?

    When that ugly sly bastard heard Layson, he shouted: "WHO'S FARTING HERE? GO AND TAKE CARE OF HIM." Seeing this scene, it seemed as if Layson has returned to the predatory world of the Beast Country. A cold grin appeared on the edge on his lips. "Dealing with this sort of scum is my forte."

    The two bodyguards walked towards Layson, one of them extended his hand as if he wished to grab Layson with cattail leaf fan-like hand, he warned: "Was it you who ran your mouth? If you displeased our young master, you are already a piece of dead meat."

    Layson swiftly grabbed his arm tightly and said with a voice like ice:

    "It's me, so what, you want to fight? Young master? I didn't see any young master, all I saw was a loud barking dog." Layson then threw one bodyguard, with one hand, over his head.

    The ugly sly guy commanded: "KILL HIM, IT'S ALL ON ME."

    The bar owner ran out and begged: "Oh White young master, please, don't cause trouble in my humble shop, can today's debt be settled by me?"

    That White young master triangular eyes straightened and he shouted: "F**K OFF, THE GREAT ME HAS BEEN ANGERED" If I said I will kill there's NO WAY he can walk out of here ALIVE. Whoever gets in my way WILL BE KILLED." Saying that he slapped the owner and the owner rolled and bounced away like a... pig...

    Looking at this young master arrogant face, Layson's head heated up.

    He slammed the table, stood up and yelled: "If you have any problems, come at me, don't bother random people."

    White young master said: "Fine, you want to be a hero? Today I'll fulfill your puny wish, GET HIM!" Listening to his orders, his two big bodyguards roared with fury and charged at Layson at the same time. Looking at their movements, Layson noticed they have indeed trained in some martial arts, but against him, it was as good as nothing.

    "This insignificant White young master, he is definitely a parasite, a detriment to society. Today, I will remove this piece of trash from the society." Thick killing intent poured out from his eyes.

    Layson didn't even dodge the bodyguards' attacks, he let them kicked and punched all over his body, but every time they hit him,  the sound of their bones breaking filled the air. Getting tired of their weak attacks, Layson punched both of them once. The bodyguards flew back into the tables, with blood gushing from their noses.

    "If I were to prolong the fight, I would have wasted more effort."

    In these punch for punch fights, his super strong defense gave him an ultimate advantage.

    Just now, he didn't even need to dodge their attacks, and he had terrified his opponents.

    His victory was assured in the blink of an eye and his two punches hit their chest at the same time.

    The White young master was astonished by the sight of his two bodyguards bloody on the floor. When he noticed that Layson was walking towards him step by step, he realized the danger he was in, and with an unpleasant scream, he turned around and ran out of the bar.

    Perhaps he had committed too many bad deeds, but his legs cramped while he ran and he fell on the ground squealing in terror. Layson walked forward and stepped on him, asking: "Weren't you very wild? Didn't you want to kill me? Huh, well, come on, I'm waiting."

    White young master said with eyes full of hatred: "If you dare touch me, my father will not spare your life, he will rip you into million shreds, you won't die a good death!"

    At first, Layson didn't want to dirty his hands dealing with this wrench, even now he was still quite reluctant. But listening to this young master words, Layson temper flared up once again. He said flatly: "I'm curious as to how your father will do that. " hIS whole body let out a strong killing intent.

    White young master finally realized that Layson was a threat to his life, his eyes looked terrified. Just when he was about to beg for forgiveness, Layson's foot stepped on his body. Increasing the pressure on his chest, his sternum was crushed to pieces, and he instantly died, his blood gushed from the seven orifices of his head.

    Layson hadn't realized that killing in dragon empire for the first time, almost brought deadly disaster to himself.

    Layson said with hatred: "His death was too painless."

    The bar owner suddenly kneeled on the floor, and cried out:

    "Disaster! Disaster! The young White master died!"

    Listening to the bar owner cries, Layson scolded: "Are you his ancestor? Why do you grieve over him so much?"

    The bar owner said: "This traveler is from far away, you didn't know, but the White young master is this land's count - White Skye's only son. From a young age, he has been pampered and spoiled, we people here have already gotten used to his behavior long ago. Since sir killed the young master, the White count won't let us slip so easily."

    Annoyed, Layson took out a bag of money and threw it to him, he said: "Since you're so afraid of getting into trouble, take this money, and get out of my sight."

    The bar owner delightfully took the money, turning around and running. Layson saw the customers hurriedly scattering and fleeing in all directions, but Layson just wanted to go back to his seat and continue eating peacefully. However, before he could eat, a customer pulled my clothes, gesturing towards the exit and advised: "Brother, you should leave quickly, it's impossible to fight the white landlord. Today you've eliminated the scumbag, we are all very grateful so we can't let you lose your life here."

    Layson questioned: "Is the White count that formidable?"

    The customer nodded and continued: "The White count is a retired dragon knight, to whom was given this land as a reward. Although the empire took his dragon back, in this place, he's just like the emperor, no one dares offend him."

    Layson was dumbfounded and said: " Retired dragon knight?" Who would have thought that a dragon knight has such privilege in the dragon empire, even though he's retired he can still become a count.

    The customer said: "Yes, hurry up and leave, rumors say that his strength is close to that of a Light Knight. Even without his dragon, I'm afraid you're no match for him, on top of that, he has 3000 warriors under his command. Quick, before the news spreads, it is not too late to leave right now!"

    "True, even without his dragon, I still can't possibly rival a dragon knight, this point, I'm still very clear about. Sitting around and waiting to get killed is not my habit."

    Layson nodded and said to the customer: "Thank you for telling me about it, you should quickly leave too."

    Layson speedingly returned to the hotel to pack my things, then he left the city in the middle of the night.

    Due to the White young master's wickedness, therefore, no one told the landlord his death news. Only until the second day, the news spread to his ears.

    White Count took his armies to the hotel. When he saw his only son's tragic death, he couldn't suppress the tears that flowed on his face. However, he never realized that his pampering of his son was what caused his death.

    His mind was filled with intense hatred, he loudly roared:

    "No matter whether it's till the ends of worlds, I will find you, AND I SHALL USE YOUR BLOOD TO PAY TRIBUTE TO MY SON'S SOUL."

    At that moment, on the road, Layson shuddered. Layson couldn't help but smile bitterly: "It seems that someone is cursing me."

    "Since I couldn't restrain myself, I had to run away like a dog with its tail between its legs." Layson shook my head, continuing on his journey at a noticeably faster pace.

    After walking the entire night, he had reached the white smoke mountain early in the morning.
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