17 Layson created Troubles 2

    Twenty days had passed since Layson started his closed door training. Then he returned. Just as he passed through the town. Just as he thought that it seemed that the White Sky duke had left to find him in other places, a heavenly shaking noise made from a storm of footsteps and shouts of 'Kill" was made.

    "Damn", He realized that.

    "I was surrounded."

    A large number of the dragon empire's soldiers poured at him from all sides, the man in front of him wearing a white armor holding a spear, charged at him. He had an imposing manner which swelled with inordinate arrogance and gave Layson a  terrifying amount of pressure.

    "I know, this fight is unavoidable, and the opponent in front of me is probably the town's landlord- White Skye."

    White Skye's horse halted at 10 meters in front of Layson, and Layson saw his face clearly. This man truly proved himself worthy of being the former dragon knight; his height didn't lose to him, although all his hair has become white, his back was straight and bolt upright, his entire demeanor looked like a staff of loaded dart.

    The count shouted "Halt" and the underlings who were encroaching towards Layson halted. He roared at Layson angrily: "Kid, were you the one who killed my son?"

    Layson glanced around at the soldiers before refocusing on the count, snickering coldly he replied: " I assume you are the count, White Skye, if so, then yes I crushed him to death."

    White Skye was so angry that he laughed, and said: "You already knew who I was yet you still dared to kill my only son? Today, I shall bury you with him."

    Layson grinned coldly: "Spoil the child, blame the father. You should be glad that I killed that scumbag son for you, erasing that mark of shame from your family."

    White Skye let out a forlorn moan. He suddenly disappeared and reappeared right at Layson side, holding his spear firmly. His chi produced a 'pu' 'pu' sound in the air.

    White Skye's strength was really close to that of a Light Knight. While he was not as relaxed or elegant as the duke, he was far more ruthless.

    "I knew that if I tried to face Skye head on, I wouldn't survive to tell the tale nine out of ten times. Even if I somehow managed to defeat him, I would be too exhausted to break through the soldiers encircling me."

    In the blink of an eye, Layson made my decision.

    "I chose to defend."

    Layson tried to dodge White Skye's thrust by moving to the right at high speed. Although he evaded the spear, his arm emitted a searing pain as he was brushed by the chi which was surrounding his spear.

    "If anyone else had taken that attack, I'm afraid that their arm would have been completely crippled."

    Using the time Layson bought dodging his attack, Layson started to chant:

    "Darkness condense in thy Soul, To have fallen is to have been freed, Awaken: Myriad of magical powers that have slept in my Blood."

    This time, the transformation was much smoother. His body let out a black aura and Layson instantly transformed into a two-winged fallen angel.

    He immediately unsheathed Black Sable to block the spear that was rushing towards him.

    White Skye staggered for a moment and said: "You are a Fallen Angel from the demon clan!!!"

    Layson coldly laughed: "That's right if you're scared then get lost. I might spare your life."

    White Skye narrowed his eyes: "Being a Fallen Angel does not change anything, do not forget I am also a Dragon Knight. You will not leave here alive!"

    Layson laughed loudly and said with a voice full of scorn: "You are nothing but a shadow of your former glory. Where is your Dragon? Where? I am sure you know the result of this battle better than I do; a Dragon Knight without a dragon cannot rival a Fallen Angel."

    White Skye suddenly showed a sinister smile, he suddenly retreated and shouted: "GET HIM!"

    Layson was taken aback.

    "Even though I know that Skye wished to exhaust me with his underlings, these small fries wouldn't even be able to take one hit from me in my normal form."

    White Skye had the guards surround Layson, all of them trying to kill him. While White Skye only brought three hundred personal guards, these guards were all extremely skilled. They were all handpicked by the count over the years, and the weakest of the guards were at least of the middle tier.

    Layson figured something was wrong as soon as he started fighting. A slash of his sword would only kill five soldiers and injure a few more. That attack was not as smooth as he assumed it would be. They continued to charge at me in waves, and like the ocean battering a rock, he continued to attack and defend against them. All this time White Skye stood off to the side, coldly watching his soldiers get slaughtered.

    He used Hurricane to its full potential; Every time Layson hit the ground, the ground exploded nearby. The attack was impossible to block, and with each usage, the number of deaths continued to increase.

    Layson beat his wings to fly up into the air as he chanted:

    "With my soul as the sacrifice, oh great God of Darkness, I request thee, lend me thy Fire of Hell, use its infinite demonic power to exterminate and annihilate all beings that live before me. Black Fire"

    It was a level five Black Magic spell that rains black fire down upon its enemies. This fire is almost indestructible and will continue to burn until the target dies.

    White Skye finally made a move, he leaped into the sky and his spear turned into countless shadows, blocking out even the sunlight. His silver chi spread out in all directions and extinguished most of the black fire Layson had created. At this moment, he displayed both his strength and cunning; he was able to dissolve Layson attack and force Layson back into the encirclement.

    Just when Layson was about to attack the count, a brave warrior jumped in front of me and blocked him from going further. Layson was furious, all their courageous actions lit the fire of fury in his heart.

    Layson pushed his Mad Demonic Power to its limits and pounced on one soldier after another. Every soldier he came across looked like they had gone through a meat grinder when he was done with them.

    In an hours time, the road was filled with all kinds of corpses and torn limbs. Of the 300 personal guards, not one survived, every single one of them died at my hands. If Layson had faced this attrition tactic in the past, he would have died, but since he trained his Demonic Arts to the 4th tier, he survived. But that wasn't to say that the battle was easy, he had already lost a lot of his energy, he just had enough energy to stand his ground.

    Layson had to use Black Sable to keep himself from falling down. He looked at White Skye with cold eyes and scorned: "You are despicable, you sacrificed all your subordinates using this attrition tactic to tire me."

    White Skye said with disdain: "What's wrong with using attrition tactics? If I can attain the final victory, do the methods matter? Brothers, take care on your way to hell, I will avenge you all very soon." White Skye's spear turned into an arc of lightning and it stabbed at Layson with great speed.

    Although Layson was tired, Layson still tried to block his spear with Black Sable. But it seemed that he was too exhausted. He blocked the physical spear, but the chi grazed him on the shoulder. He took a few steps back as White Skye landed on the ground. He looked surprised as he asked: "Brat, your skin is really thick. Are you a new type of Fallen Angel? Anyways, It has not been long since you have awakened, so even without my dragon, you wouldn't be able to win against me in a fair fight. Die!"

    White Skye spoke the truth, his spear work and marksmanship were on a whole different level. The spear would appear and disappear in quick succession and his chi was abnormally sharp. Even with the toughness of Layson defense, Layson wouldn't dare take his attacks head-on. After a few attacks, Layson body was full of gashes, cuts, and wounds. If this continues, then there is only one outcome, Layson death.

    White Skye suddenly stopped attacking Layson and said: "Brat, I admit you are tough, but now I will be taking your life." His spear suddenly pointed towards the sky and a powerful silver chi shaped like water snakes were emitted by his body.

    Countless snakes appeared and settled in the surroundings as he shouted:  "Take my hidden technique--Silver Snake Wild Dance." He leaped into the air, and his spear transformed into the form of countless snakes, covering the sky as they all pounced towards Layson.

    A little before he had finished accumulating energy for his attack, Layson condensed what was left of his power and used his wings to fly up in the air. He then transferred his entire body's strength into Black Sable. He shouted "Violent Dance of the Mad Dragon!" just when White Skye released his hidden technique. Layson let Black Sable lead his body through the attack, as he wildly spun, transforming into a torrent of bared fangs and brandished claws like that of a Black Dragon to attack his opponent.

    The two attacks violently collided in the air. The thirty-meter area below them was filled with an outburst of air from the shockwave of our two forces colliding. Immediately afterward, Layson dropped from the sky, falling like a meteorite into the ground, creating a crater centered around his body.

    White Sky's face was pale as he fell to the ground six meters away from Layson. Although Layson attack made him suffer some damage, he was a lot better off than I was. He was able to support his body with his spear and say with a voice full of hatred: "You suffered six heavy blows from me... you should definitely be dead... Ah?"

    While he spoke, he discovered Layson body slowly crawling out from the crater. Indeed, Layson had been struck by the count six times, and Layson body was covered in blood. The only reason Layson survived was the strong defense he inherited from the Beamon tribe, which prevented White Skye's chi from invading into his flesh. Layson sustained some deep wounds and some of his bones were visible, but it still was not enough to kill me.

    White Skye instinctively took two steps back. He had never thought that anyone could endure such heavy blows from him and still survive; not even a Fallen Angel.

    Black Sable was lying somewhere far away. Every part of Layson body was convulsing with pain, but Layson still did not give up. After his transformation into a Fallen Angel, Layson's head was kept clear.

    "Having a clear mind is one of the reasons why a Fallen Angel can rival a Dragon Knight. A dying fallen Angel may turn the tables on a Dragon Knight who let down his guard, thinking that the battle had already been won. Resulting in great damage to both sides."

    White Skye also seemed to have realized this too and he swiftly backed away even further while cautiously looking at Layson. Layson had next to no power left in his body and Layson was utterly unable to fight any longer. Layson stood there staring at him while doing everything Layson could to scrounge up some power and speed up his body's recovery.

    After staring at Layson unmoving for a while, White Skye saw that something was odd. He suddenly appeared at Layson side and used the stick of his spear, smashed Layson back. Layson body flew forwards and did not stop until Layson hit a tree beside the road.

    All the power that Layson had gathered during the pause in the battle, were dispersed by White Skye's blow. The energy in Layson meridian channels was completely messed up and scattered. And blood constantly seeped from Layson's mouth. Layson body was at its' limit.

    White Skye pursued Layson while laughing loudly, pointing his spear at Layson he ridiculed: "I thought you had some trick up your sleeve, but it turned out that you are nothing more than an arrow at the end of its flight! Die, kid." He lunged forward and stabbed his spear at Layson's head. Even though Layson defense is strong, Layson would not be able to survive if Layson was hit by that attack.

    At the borderline of life and death, Layson pushed my body to its limit, desperately exerting his utmost strength to roll over in order to avoid this fatal attack.

    White Skye did not stop his pursuit. One spear thrust after another came aiming at Layson vitals. Layson body was already refusing to follow his brain. Layson just barely managed to avoid having his vitals hit, instead the attacks created deep wounds all over his body.

    White Skye continued to pursue Layson saying: "You little hybrids are really durable, I will see how long you can last. Today you will die by dismemberment! I'll cut your flesh apart piece by piece and make you regret ever living!" However, the count did not anticipate that his taunting would bring about his own death.

    White Skye's words echoed in Layson ears. Layson felt his entire body rapidly rise to a boiling temperature; "I could not stand how people called me a hybrid, does a hybrid not deserve life?"

    Layson let out a deafening roar and pushed against the ground sending him seven meters away. His wings covered with black feathers, were spread completely open. Layson maintained his balance and stared at the count with flames of hatred.

    His eyes, black due to the transformation into a Fallen Angel, turned red, followed by his hair and starting from the root to the feathers of the wings. Layson was no longer a Fallen Angel but a Crimson Angel. The various wounds on his body started healing at a rapid pace. Layson hair fluttered in the still air. Even Layson did not know he could go berserk while being transformed as a Fallen Angel. It was supposed to be impossible to go berserk since Fallen Angels are always clear-minded, so there was no way to experience emotion, much less become deranged like Layson do while going berserk.

    Even so, White Skyle's words made the deepest and darkest emotions rise from the bottom of Layson's heart. Causing the flames of fury to explode out at once, allowing him to go berserk. White Skye was stunned by his mutation, he murmured: "You...Wha, what kind of monster are you?"

    Layson voice was as cold as ten thousand pieces of dark ice, filled with desolation as he said: "You detestable human, go die."

    Layson body turned into a flash of lightning and charged at White Skye. White Skye unconsciously lifted his long spear in an attempt to block my attack, but the spear was reduced to dust due to Layson overpowering force. Layson penetrated past him and in a second Layson was 33 meters behind White Skye, his entire body exploded, leaving a rain of blood where he stood.

    "I must run from this place as soon as possible, moreover the 2 months holiday will over soon"

    Layson remained barely conscious, but he realized that he shouldn't stay here for very long. He picked up Black Sable and promptly fled a long distance away.

    Seeing Layson flew away, some of White Skye subordinates woke up, they pretended to be unconscious. This was the basic strategy that they had learned in the war.

    "We must report this matter to the palace"

    After a few days, the news about White Skye and his subordinates was killed by a fallen angel was arrived at the Kingdom Palace.

    "Prepare for war. We must defeat Demon Clan"
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