18 Heavenly Berserk Mode

    In these two months holiday, Zord practiced hard. He had a breakthrough to lower level Soul Masters. His Secret Art of Mad Dog had a breakthrough to the second level. He got the skill "Heavenly Berserk Mode" With this skill, it increased the power of the body. His Arcane Magic Art - Mystic Art had a breakthrough to the third level. He got skill "Illusory Sea Mystic essence". With this skill, Zord could create hallucinations, disrupt emotions, and disrupt the senses of his opponents.


    At the first day of school, nearly all the teachers and students were assembled outside. Everyone was looking around, uncertain as to what was happening. It was obvious that nobody had been informed of this announcement ahead of time.

    Finally, the field was full of almost 2000 teachers and students assembled and closely packed. The principal, the vice-principal and other leaders came and stood on the stage. The dean of students, Janfen shouted, magically enhancing his voice,

    "Students, please be silent, the principal has something important to announce, so please listen carefully."

    The field slowly quieted, and the principal quickly enhanced his voice. The principal cleared his throat and said in a serious tone, "As many of you know, our country is currently at war with the Demon-Beast Alliance. This war is an excellent opportunity to train, and for this reason, I have decided to send out a small team of students to support the front lines. I encourage all of you to sign up for this opportunity."

    The field, which had just become silent suddenly exploded with confused shouts and whispers. But everyone was talking about the same thing.

    "Isn't fighting wars the army's job? Why ask students like us? It's not like we have to enlist.. There is no way I am going!"

    "Is going to war something fun? I still haven't met monsters like those demons and beasts, and now I have that opportunity. The only thing is that I'm unsure about is whether it's safe or not..."


    The principal shouted, "Please be quiet, don't make a ruckus. Going to aid the frontlines is a very good chance, the real battle is the only way to improve your battle sense and experience. Only by surviving through gore and fire, only by contributing your blood sweat and tears will you be able to gain true strength! As for your safety, we have already decided to let you accompany the reserve Dragon Knight troops. As for the number of people that can go on this trip, we have limited it to one hundred people. If you wish to go on this trip, please see director Janfen sign up after the assembly is over."

    Once again, there was a buzz of chatter amongst the students.

    But the principal continued, "Quiet down! There is one more matter that I have to attend to. I have a list of names of students who are required to go on this excursion. First-year Layson, first-year Fengwan, first-year Frosty.... second year Rudi, third-year Zord... Jiyan..." In the end, the principal named 18 people, all of them the elites of their year.

    "If we are accompanying the Dragon Knights, what is the difference between this trip to the front-lines and a tour of the outskirts of the empire? Isn't it just a huge joyride? The Dragon Empire by itself is already stronger than the Demon and Beast countries combined, so why do they need student soldiers? I figured that the principal must have an ulterior motive."

    The principal finally finished talking, "Those whom I named just now will stay, the other spots free to anyone who wants them. Very well, disperse."

    Immediately afterward, the vast majority of the students rushed towards director Janfen. It seemed that everyone also figured that the trip would involve more entertainment than danger.

    18 people who were named in the beginning walked towards the principal. When we arrived in front of him, he said to us, "The main reason behind sending you to the front line was to increase your experience when confronting an enemy during life and death struggles. Only through cruel battle will you fully cultivate your skills. I've discussed this matter with the vice-principal, and we are going to find some easier enemies for you to deal with during your stay at the front lines. Now go back and prepare, we depart in roughly a week's time.

    Jiyan approached Zord and said "In this war, I was asked by my little sister to watch her boyfriend,  Layson. She didn't get in the enlistment of this war. Could you help me to watch Layson?"

    A cough came from behind Jiyan. Zord quickly pulled Jiyan up w, thinking, "Oh, it is the Vice Principal." Zord smiled in embarrassment and said, "Sir, why are you here?"

    The vice principal pointed at Zord again, whispering, "You brat, I caught you again. You are lucky that the principal hasn't seen this yet. If he had, he would have taught you both a harsh lesson! Anyways, I am here to talk to you; I am the one leading the team to the front lines."

    Zord asked in surprise, "Aren't we going with the Dragon Knights? Why does sir need to lead the team as well?"

    The vice principal sighed and said, "You guys are the school's elites, of course, we must work hard to ensure your safety, and how could you be safe without a powerful teacher?"

    Zord asked, "Why did the school suddenly decide to send us to the frontline?"

    The vice principal sighed, "A few days ago, the principal sent the elites of the fifth year to compete in a friendly tournament between the four great academies. Since Riva had just graduated and joined the Dragon Knight troop, our academy's strength had been greatly diminished. When the competition ended, our school was ranked last. The principal was furious; he reviewed our current teaching methods and found them unsatisfactory. He held meetings for two days trying to find ways to improve your combat strength. Finally, we decided to send you guys directly into battle. Over there, you will be baptized by the blood and flames, allowing you to become even stronger. Only by participating in a true war will you understand that the more time you spend training, the less you have to fear during a battle."

    Zord secretly thought to myself, "Huh, this is all bull**. In truth, they just want to uphold the academy's reputation."

    The vice principal said, "Oh Zord, you should go back to your dorm and prepare yourself.

    Zord thought "It seemed that my destiny was not to attend school. Over the terms, I never attended class since I was reincarnated here, and now I am leaving again."
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