20 Preparing for War

    Zord wanted to kick Riva's ass, but this is not the right time.

    Layson glanced at Riva who had put all his body and mind onto Jiyan, and asked the question that had been pressing his mind the most, "Riva, how's the situation at the front-lines?"

    Riva stalled for a second before replying, "As of now there haven't been any large scale battles yet, there have only been small probing attacks. However, the beastmen tribe has sent their Beamon army forces to join the main army. If they initiate the attack, I'm afraid that we would have to dispatch some dragon knights to fend them off. But don't worry, you all are my juniors, when the times comes, we will definitely arrange for easier opponents for you to handle."

    Besides Layson, who had sunk into deep thoughts and Jiyan, who was absent-minded and therefore wasn't paying attention; all the other people thanked Riva: "Thank you senior for taking care of us."

    Riva asked Jiyan, "Why did the school send you guys to the frontlines?"

    Jiyan rolled her eyes at him and asked, "Why would I know, ask the Vice Principal yourself."

    Riva was rebuffed, he then said to everyone, "Everyone, feel free to eat anything, help yourself, I and my personal guard hunted these animals nearby and brought them back for the feast."

    Fenwan asked: "Senior Liwa, I heard that you have already received a dragon's recognition, and have become a real dragon knight, can you tell us about the gigantic dragons?"

    Fenwan's question immediately aroused everyone's interest. Riva smiled, said humbly: "Actually it's nothing much, you all will have a chance to see him soon, the dragon that has acknowledged me is a wind element high-speed dragon, we rely on its' speed to attack enemies, and it's wings are it's best weapon."

    A school member from the third year said: "I really admire you, senior, it would be great if, in the future, we could also poss a giant dragon!"

    Riva laughed and said: "Not just you guys that hope so, the country hopes that even more so, the more dragon knights the stronger our dragon empire will become." Riva's words revealed an intention that was a notch above others, although it didn't say much about anything, everyone can tell that he was arrogant from the look of his face.

    Rivo arranged for the convoy all to stay in the Stelu Fort. These quarters showed how important the students were to the General. After five days of rest, they had our first taste of a real war.

    The Vice Principal brought us to the top of the wall of the fort outside the city. Rivo stood beside the students and continuously gave out orders. The fighters of the three great races blotted out the sky and covered the lands.

    The Vice Principal explained the battle to the students " Everyone, look closely, the main forces of the Beastman Tribe consist of Heavy Armor units to defend against attacks and Cheetahmen Assault Troops to attack. Their trump card is the Beamon Army and the Royal Beast Wild Lion Army. The Demon clan uses a combination of attacks from all kinds of races. Their most powerful soldiers are the Dark Magicians and Fallen Angels.

    Rivo commanded his army, "Dispatch orders; the Third, Sixth and Eighth Infantry Units shall immediately go to support our left wing of heavy infantry. Second Light Cavalry Unit, charge, cut straight into the center of their Magician Unit. Fourth and Fifth Magician Units, support them with all your firepower!"

    The battlefield was filled with all kinds of magical spells, flying out in all directions. The battle continued throughout the entire day. At the end of the day, the Dragon God Empire losses numbered 10,000, but the Demon-Beast Alliance suffered even larger losses. There seemed to be a tacit agreement that day not to send out each side's trump cards.

    Each of the 100 students that came to the battlefront, excluding Zord and Layson, where horrified. But It was not their fault, all of them were students younger than 20, who had never seen such a bloody scene. The fort was like a meat mincer, and deaths piled up outside the walls minute after minute. As the war had been going on for many years, there were next to no prisoners of war, those who didn't make it back at the end of the day were likely dead. Jiyan who stood next to Zord, vomited multiple times.

    Zord looked at Layson and thought "There must be something wrong with Layson"

    The Vice Principal made us stand in the formation, and said to them in a grave tone, "Today, you all experienced a real war. In a battle, being merciful to your enemy means you forfeit your life. Only by taking your opponent's life as soon as possible will you survive. I spoke to Liwo during today's battle, and tomorrow you all will participate in the war! I will not protect you! Whether you come back alive is up to your own strength!"

    The vice principal speech caused a panic among the students, everyone realized that war is not a game; it is completely different from the drill training at school. Jiyan's face had become deathly pale, Zord tried to reassure her saying, "Tomorrow, if you follow me, there won't be any problems."

    Jiyan looked at Zord with confused eyes but nodded lightly.

    A student asked: "Vice principal, can we not participate in this war?"

    The vice principal angrily shouted, "Do you think this is a game? Since you voluntarily signed up, you should have prepared to participate in this battle. Right now, you aren't a student of the Sky City academy, but also a unit of the Dragon Empire's army deployed to resist the invasion of foreigners! To be a coward is to be the most disgraceful and shameful person in the army! Do you understand? If someone ever asks to be exempt from the war, they will immediately receive punishment equal to that of military law."

    The Vice principal was red in the face as he finished his tirade. While he was harsh, Zord understood why he wanted the students to participate in war. They could only experience real growth through real battles.

    After dispersing, Zord called Layson and his friend to his tent and said to them: "Tomorrow will be our first time participating in a real battle, make sure you guys do not panic. Remember, as we start to engage the enemy, quickly separate to my sides, I will handle the enemies in the front, while you guys will be responsible for those on the two sides, while Jiyan will support us with magic from the rear. Attack boldly! The Vice Principal was right cannot show any mercy."

    "we will definitely come back alive tomorrow!"

    Zord walked outside, appreciating the pure moonlight, suddenly, Zord heard the sound of an argument close by, listening carefully, Zord overheard Jiyan and Riva talking fiercely.
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