Chapter 106: Chase

    Chapter 106: Chase

    Translator: Tim  Editor: Chrissy / Tehrn

    Ye Mo suddenly understood. The explosion a few months ago at Tan Du was done by Wen Dong and him. Back then, he had heard Gong Huishan say that Wen Dong was from Bei Sha. Although Ye Mo didn't know what kind of organization it was, now that Li Hu said that Feng Tian used to be in Bei Sha too, he finally understood why he felt that familiar feeling from her. It was because of Wen Dong.

    Ye Mo looked at Li Hu and suddenly smiled, "You actually accused wrongly Feng Tian this time because first, she doesn't have what you're looking for, and second, she hadn't even tried to take it." Ye Mo didn't tell them about the explosion a few months ago, he only helped Feng Tian because she was indeed innocent and hadn't exposed Wen Dong.

    Besides, Li Hu also said that if she had taken it out and gave it back, she wouldn't be held responsible and would even be rewarded. Nonetheless, this thing was kind of useless to Ye Mo.

    "How do you know? Do you know what we're looking for?" Li Hu just recovered some strength after drinking water. He stood up, but his body was still weak.

    Ye Mo waved his hand, "You don't need to know how I know, but since you mentioned a reward for this thing, we could make a deal. It doesn't matter even if I sell it to you, my friend doesn't need it anyway."

    Li Hu immediately called out in surprise, "Of course we agree, definitely! Name a price, we will definitely accept it!"

    He didn't even say that Ye Mo couldn't ask for too much. From this, it could be seen how important this thing was to him. Besides, he probably knew that if Ye Mo could give water to strangers in the desert, he definitely wouldn't be some nasty person.

    Before Ye Mo could respond, Feng Tian yelled in surprise, "You, do you know where Sister Dong went?" The hope in her eyes was obvious.

    "This, I don't know." Ye Mo could tell that not only Feng Tian came from the same organization as Wen Dong, but they seemed to have left it together, and their relationship was quite good.

    Hearing Ye Mo's words, Feng Tian's eyes flashed with a sliver of disappointment.

    Ye Mo, however, turned around and gave a look of approval to Li Hu, thinking that his name didn't match with his character [1]. Seeing Li Hu looking desperately at him, Ye Mo smiled, "How much can you give?"

    "500 thousand dollars," Li Hu said.

    Feng Tian immediately rebutted, "This thing could easily sell for a few million on the international market. How can you even say 500 thousand?"

    Li Hu's eyes flashed with guilt after hearing Feng Tian's words. For him, 500 thousand was the highest he could give; after all, his department wasn't the same as those foreign departments. He also understood his price was absurdly low, perhaps not even 10% of its worth.

    Ye Mo could tell from his expression that 500 thousand was probably the highest price Li Hu could afford. Anyway, he really didn't need it, and it took up a large space in his bag which annoyed Ye Mo quite a bit. Since he had a good impression of Li Hu, he wouldn't waste time, that he surely didn't have, haggling on a model that was useless to him.

    Now, his main purpose wasn't to earn money, but of course, it was always good to have money, and Ye Mo was very satisfied if he could get 500 thousand dollars out of nowhere.

    "In fact, 500 thousand is indeed a bit low, how about I give another 200 thousand?" Li Hu said awkwardly.

    Cheng Hongzhe suddenly interrupted, "Li Hu, where are you going to get another 200 thousand? Are you going to use your own money?"

    Before Li Hu replied, Ye Mo waved his hand and said, "Okay, 500 thousand is good, I'll sell it to you."

    Then, Ye Mo took out that model and the information and passed it to Li Hu "You're talking about this, right?"

    Li Hu was stunned as he had never expected things to be so successful. Feng Tian, who hadn't expected that it would be on him, was also surprised

    Li Hu finally understood and took it as if he were dreaming. He flashed it with a torch and said, "Yes, it's this, it's this...Thank you, thank you! I really didn't expect to find this in the desert. However, I don't have any money with me..." Even Li Hu felt embarrassed himself. Although this was very important to him, it still didn't belong to him. He couldn't just speak empty words.

    However, Ye Mo smiled and said, "Then you owe me, leave me a number, I'll call you when I get back, and you'll give the money to me then."


    Not only Li Hu was shocked, but even Feng Tian and Cheng Hongzhe were surprised and wondered how someone could have so much trust when doing business.

    "Uh..." Li Hu really didn't know what to say. He could tell Ye Mo wasn't an ordinary person, but he didn't expect him to be so trustful.

    He didn't ask how Ye Mo got the thing because he didn't want to know the details. Everyone had their own secrets, and since this person trusted him so much, he shouldn't be too curious about it.

    After thinking about it for a moment, Li Hu saluted, "Friend, I, Li Hu, won't be too polite with you since it doesn't only concern me, but we are definitely friends now. I also want to ask for your name; otherwise, I wouldn't know who to give the money to..."

    "I'm Ye Mo..." Ye Mo didn't hide his name. Wen Dong already knew it anyway, and the Song Family should be aware of his presence here too.

    "Ye Mo?" Li Hu repeated but didn't think about it too much. Then, he said, "My number is 13817xxxx, Beijing..."

    Suddenly, Li Hu stopped because he realized Ye Mo had already disappeared, only a bottle and a compass were left behind.

    Immediately after, a voice reverberated, "There are 3 pills in the bottle, take one each, and you will recover soon. Goodbye."

    Li Hu picked up the bottle and thought for a long while before saying, "Brother Ye is really a magical person!" Then, he opened the bottle and looked at the three black pills.

    "Can this thing even be eaten?" Cheng Hongzhe looked at the pills and frowned.

    "As long as Brother Ye gave it, I believe they are edible." Then, Li Hu ate one without hesitation.

    Feng Tian sneered and also took one from Li Hu's hand. Only Chen Hongzhe was hesitating as he looked at the remaining pill.

    Afterward, Feng Tian stood up with a face full of surprise. She whipped her hair and said joyfully, "There are actually such magical pills. If you don't want this, give the remaining one to me!" Then, she tried to take the remaining pill in Li Hu's hand.

    Li Hu was also surprised, he thought that this pill was so magical; he only took one, and he immediately felt his fatigued body recovering. Seeing Feng Tian trying to snatch it, of course, he didn't give it to her, and instead threw it to Chen Hongzhe, "Quickly eat it! Recover your strength, and we will leave the desert immediately."

    Then, he looked at the direction Ye Mo disappeared before mumbling once again, "Brother Ye is really a magical person. He could possibly be from one of the Ancient Martial Arts families. Only they would have such magical pill, and only they would be able to walk in the Taklimakan Desert so casually..."

    Ye Mo didn't have time to talk with them because he had felt that black shadow again. He wanted to know what this thing was and if it was sticking with him for the Purple Heart Vine.

    Of course, Ye Mo only looked for ten minutes or so and finally saw another obscure black shadow. Although it was very fast, Ye Mo's wasn't slow either. The black shadow looked like the root of a tree, and Ye Mo even wondered if it had transformed from a tree root.

    Even though Hu Yang Trees were said to live for millennia, Ye Mo knew his idea was too otherworldly.

    Ye Mo was so focused on chasing the black shadow in front of him, he didn't even look at the direction or notice his path. However, this time he had his bag with him and didn't need to worry about this; he didn't believe that a desert could devour a cultivator with supplies.

    So a few hours later, when the sky was getting brighter, Ye Mo could already start to see what was in front of him. That black figure really was a Hu Yang tree root. The sky was bright, and Ye Mo wouldn't worry about this thing getting away.

    But now, when this thing was right in front of Ye Mo, it suddenly disappeared again. If it wasn't for the fact that Ye Mo had been prepared and left a spirit sense mark on the nail, he would've lost it again.

    At this moment, Ye Mo had finally understood. No wonder it kept appearing and disappearing when he chased it the night before. This shadow could travel through the sand, and without the mark, he couldn't keep up with it.

    And now that Ye Mo understood, he wouldn't let it go. This thing was extremely fast in the sand too, but Ye Mo kept a tight chase; he refused to believe that he couldn't chase up an animal in the desert.

    This shadow not only had a strong life force but stamina as well. After playing tag with Ye Mo in the desert for the entire day, it finally slowed down. Ye Mo also gasped a breath, he was feeling tired. He took out a bottle and drank it clean.

    Suddenly, Ye Mo was dumbfounded. Originally, he knew this thing was deep in the sand, so he was still able to track it down, but now, this shadow appeared to have understood Ye Mo and went deeper and deeper into the sand, until it gradually reached out of Ye Mo's maximum detection range.

    Ye Mo's spirit sense mark could be felt at most within 50 meters. But now, this shadow went more than 50 meters underground and, eventually, Ye Mo lost the shadow completely once again.

    Ye Mo stood depressed at where the shadow dug down and was very annoyed. He was wondering if he should dig open here and look, but it was too dangerous to dig randomly in the desert. He still had a clear memory of the danger when he almost sunk into the desert.


    1: Hu means fox here.
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