Chapter 108: Re-encounter

    Chapter 108: Re-encounter

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    The scene he saw was a desert, but this wasn't the main point. The main point was that it was grown full of Purple Heart Vine. Under the scan of Ye Mo's spirit sense, there were hundreds of them. Ye Mo took out the torch and shone it over the surroundings. There was a dense patch of Purple Heart Vine even in the distance.

    Furthermore, they were even thicker than the wrist. They definitely had been growing for thousands or even tens of thousands of years.

    "Purple Heart Vine, although it is the spirit herb of the lowest level in the cultivation realm, it would be very valuable if it was more than 3000 years old. One could even sell it for hundreds of spirit stones, but now, there's so much here.

    Ye Mo held his breath; he was indeed shocked. He did find Purple Heart Vine, moreover, there was so much and they were all very old. However, he didn't feel the slightest sense of joy. Instead, he felt a faint sadness.

    What was this?

    Ye Mo didn't move; instead, he closed his eyes and felt with his spirit sense. Indeed, this place was surrounded by Purple Heart Vine. He saw right, but that faint sense of sadness was also real.

    Suddenly, Ye Mo noticed a problem. It was that Purple Heart Vine was a spirit herb and they had been growing for many years, making them high level spirit herbs. However, he didn't feel a sense of spirit chi here. What was this? The Purple Heart Vine still laid across the desert and didn't even change their shape at all, so even if these Purple Heart Vine had withered, they could still be used for medicine.

    Ye Mo walked close to a Purple Heart Vine slowly and he felt a sense of rotting well up in his heart. He blew lightly, and the 3 meter tall Purple Heart Vine actually turned to dust.

    Ye Mo was stunned. He walked to a few more and blew. These Purple Heart Vines all turned to dust and disappeared. As if feeling the moment of Ye Mo's arrival, these thousands of Purple Heart Vine all turned to dust. If Ye Mo didn't see it for his own eyes, he would've thought something eerie happened again.

    The desert full of Purple Heart Vine suddenly disappeared in a instant.

    Ye Mo stood there without moving, feeling extremely bitter. He looked for a long time and finally found the secret of the Purple Heart Vine, however, this secret was useless to him. He had lost his interest of going to Kulu. Since he already found Purple Heart Vine here, there was no point going elsewhere. Plus, even if Kulu had Purple Heart Vine, it probably wouldn't be better than here.

    Ye Mo walked into the desert. No one seemed to have come here before.

    This desert wasn't big, and soon, he reached its end. A huge stone tablet stood before Ye Mo with the two words Ku Lake.

    So this was Ku lake. It seemed that Ku lake like Luo Bu Lake was a big lake but eventually turned into desert.

    Ye Mo put his hand on the tablet feeling a faint sense of disappointment. He didn't get what he wanted coming to the desert. It seemed that he could only return to his clinic and slowly cultivate his Silver Heart Grass. However, if he wanted to do that, he needed to keep a low profile and Ye Mo didn't really want that. Even if he wanted to, he already exposed himself in the Taklimakan so perhaps he wouldn't even be able to keep a low profile.

    Ye Mo's thoughts suddenly stopped. He looked at his hand in surprise as he felt a faint sense of spirit chi pass from the tablet to his hand. However, that spirit chi was too weak, almost unable to be used for cultivation.

    However, even so, he still needed to make out the situation.

    He just dug out this tablet and cleaned up the dirt around it. A dried up spirit chi appeared in front of Ye Mo's face. No wonder there was some spirit chi; it was a dried up spirit well.

    Ye Mo was disappointed, however, because he understood why there was so much Purple Heart Vine here. Originally, there was a spirit well here.

    This was really a pity. If this spirit well still had water, Ye Mo would perhaps even want to live here. Although it was dark, it was better than having no place to cultivate.

    Ye Mo felt the spirit well and sighed. He poured down a bottle of water and said, "A spirit well actually doesn't have water, then, I'll give you some water." In the desert, perhaps only Ye Mo would do such a thing. He was a cultivator and had a natural gratitude towards spirit wells and spirit things. Plus, he didn't mind giving this bottle of water. Since he didn't find the Purple Heart Vine, he was about to go out.

    When Ye Mo poured the water down the spirit well, something surprising happened. The spirit well actually emitted a thin spirit chi as though repaying Ye Mo's bottle of water.

    Ye Mo felt this and surprisingly discovered that he could cultivate with this spirit chi.

    Thinking about this, Ye Mo was no longer stingy and poured all the water he had down including the bag of water the yellow-dressed lady gave him. As expected, the spirit chi increased a little.

    Ye Mo quickly sat down and cultivated. The reason he didn't care about water was that he was in the latter part of stage 2. As long as he could reach stage 3 with this spirit chi, he wouldn't care if he had no water, because at that time, he would be able to use water magic.

    Time passed fast as he cultivated. Ye Mo didn't know how long he cultivated for, but it was approximately 3 to 4 days. When he woke up, he found that there was no more spirit chi from the well. Ye Mo could only helplessly. stood up; this spirit well had been try for too long, and because of that, it wasn't enough for him to reach stage 3.

    However, Ye Mo felt his power and discovered he was at the peak of stage 2, just a thin line from level 3. Perhaps in less than two years, as long as the opportunity came, he could ascend to level 3.

    Ye Mo bowed to the spirit well. No matter what, this spirit well helped him a lot. However, Ye Mo knew that no matter how much water he had, perhaps this spirit well could only emit this last spirit chi.

    Ye Mo didn't know how this place formed, but it seemed that someone intentionally used the desert as a barrier to protect this spirit well and Purple Heart Vines.

    After eating some simple food, Ye Mo walked over to the staircase and climbed up another staircase. A few minutes later, Ye Mo arrived at the bottom of a stone board again. He moved it aside and sand fell, causing a piercing bright ray of sunlight to fall on his eyes.

    Knowing that he had already come out, he returned the board back before covered it up with sand. Perhaps one day, he would once again return here due to the dried up spirit well.

    When Ye Mo stood in the desert again, he realized he was actually in a patch of forest.

    However, this forest was dead. There were dead Hu Yang Tree Roots everywhere.

    Just when Ye Mo was thinking if this was the legendary Demon Forest, a few gunshots interrupted his thought, making him frown.

    There were gunshots? Did Nan Qing's people chase here? But then he thought that even if it were Nan Qing people, they wouldn't shoot without seeing him.

    But soon, Ye Mo understood. A yellow-dressed lady stumbled from the Demon Forest and dashed to the side. It was the girl who saved him. She had a red spot on her shoulder; she had already lost her bag, and a few men with guns even chased her here.

    Seeing their ferocious looks, Ye Mo knew they were from Nan Qing. A sense of guilt rose from Ye Mo's heart. He didn't think that the woman who saved him was hurt due to him and being hunted.

    This woman not only saved Ye Mo, but in Ye Mo's heart, she was also like a goddess. However, now these bastards even dared to hunt her, so he immediately felt the intent to kill.

    The yellow-dressed lady was stumbling harder, causing Ye Mo to be quite surprised. Even if she couldn't dodge the gun, these few men shouldn't be a match for her. Why was she like this.

    He didn't have time to thin; just when Ye Mo was about to shoot out metal nails, a sudden chik chik sounded. In the desert, it was rather piercing. This sound was getting louder and louder. Not only did Ye Mo hear it, but also the girl and those few men heard the sound.

    All the people looked at the direction of the sound unanimously, and what they saw was a patch of bugs with a disgusting flowery pattern at its back. There was countless ones of them all crawling out of the sand. Immediately, they covered a huge patch of ground, and this was just the beginning. From that small area, they then covered hundreds of yards in a blink of an eye.

    These bugs had 4 legs and walked extremely fast. The front of their mouth seemed to only have a single tooth.

    When countless of these bugs suddenly appeared in the desert making the chik chik sounds, everyone felt a chill ran down their bones even with the sun shining brightly.

    The three Nan Qing people immediately reacted and wanted to escape for their lives. However, these bugs had swarmed up. In a few breaths, these three didn't even have any bones left. Even the gun in their hands were eaten. The bugs that were involved in devouring them immediately grew larger and blacker. Even the pattern on their backs were clearer.

    Ye Mo gasped.

    He immediately thought of the yellow-dressed lady. She also saw the bugs, however, she no longer had any strength as her eyes reflected her loss in hope. Suddenly, she became really peaceful and just fell onto the sand.
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