Chapter 109: Terrifying Human-eating Bugs

    Chapter 109: Terrifying Human-eating Bugs

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    Ye Mo looked at the swarm dashing for the yellow-dressed lady. He didn't even think before charging at the girl with his fastest speed. Just a few seconds before the bugs came, Ye Mo carried the yellow-dressed lady and ran.

    As though discovering that the yellowed-dressed woman was saved by Ye Mo, these bugs were actually enraged, and they all swarmed towards Ye Mo. Although the ordinary bugs couldn't keep up with Ye Mo, those thousands that have eaten human flesh evolved to have an extremely rapid pace. They weren't any bit slower than Ye Mo; perhaps they were even a little bit faster.

    However, what made Ye Mo shocked the most was that these few thousands bugs could actually half-fly half-walk at their fastest. If they were to eat more human meat, would they grow out wings?

    Ye Mo suddenly thought of locusts. If these bugs grew wings and flew out everywhere, then it would be a catastrophe; no one would be able to stop these bugs. Suddenly, Ye Mo remembered the human-eating bugs in the desert, were these them?

    The bag of the yellowed-dressed girl in his arms had long vanished. Her hair was messy, and her face cover was slanted, showing half of her immaculate face. Just that almost made Ye Mo lose himself. When he saw this girl with her face covered a few days ago, he was already astounded; but now that he saw half of her face, he felt even more astonished. There was actually such a woman in the world!

    However, Ye Mo couldn't care with that now because the bugs were getting closer and closer. With his current pace, those bugs would catch up with him sooner or later.

    Ye Mo was also getting more and more worried. If a few thousand bugs caught up with him and he was forced to a fight, those countless other bugs behind them would also catch up. Let alone his current 2nd level Chi Gathering, even if he was at the 3rd level, he would still get devoured!

    If he wasn't carrying someone, Ye Mo certainly had the means to escape; however, it was impossible for him to drop the yellow-dressed lady. Not only did he have good feelings towards this girl, but she also saved him.

    If it were to reduce the load, he could only drop his bag.

    At this moment, the yellow-dressed lady opened her eyes. Realizing that she was in Ye Mo's arms, she struggled a bit but soon discovered the tens of millions of bugs chasing behind them.

    She raised her head and saw Ye Mo's face full of sweat as well as the bugs that were closing in. For the first time, she opened her mouth and said, "Thank you. Put me down and save yourself."

    Although her voice was weak, the crystal clear sound it produced almost made Ye Mo think that he was hearing a heavenly hymn.

    "Stop saying that. These bugs are so disgusting. If I drop you down, even if you're not scared of death, you would be disgusted to death." Ye Mo knew it was useless to threaten this girl with death.

    Surprisingly, the yellow-dressed lady seemed to take in Ye Mo's words and immediately stopped talking. Ye Mo felt relieved; luckily, this girl could actually talk. This meant that she wasn't a mute.

    After a long time, the yellow-dressed lady said, "I'm Luo Susu."

    "Luo Susu?" Ye Mo repeated. Why did she have the same last name as his master? But immediately after, Ye Mo heard the chik-chik behind him and replied, "I'm Ye Mo."

    "Ye Mo," the yellow-dressed lady repeated. Hearing the sound of the bugs which were closing anything, she didn't say anything. She repeated the name as though to remember the person who risked his life to save her, although they would probably will still die in the end.

    Ye Mo couldn't leave the girl behind. Watching the closing bugs, Ye Mo had no other choice but to drop his bag.

    He took out two bottles of pills, the brush Chi Wanqing gave him, the Purple Heart Vine, and the Silver Heat Grass Seeds. Then, after thinking for a moment, he took out another empty bottle before throwing the bag.

    Soon, the bag was bitten into oblivion by the millions of bugs. However, these bugs didn't even stop and continued to chase after Ye Mo.

    Without the cumbersome bag, Ye Mo's speed increased a lot, and eventually, it was about the same as the bugs. Ye Mo couldn't get rid of them, but they couldn't catch Ye Mo either.

    Only Ye Mo knew that with the current situation, he was at a disadvantage. These bugs could run for a few days, but he couldn't. With him carrying Luo Susu, perhaps a few hours later, he wouldn't be able to handle it anymore.

    He knew that he couldn't go on like this; looking down on Luo Susu, he discovered that she had fainted once again. However, from her dry lips, he could tell she hadn't drunk water for a long time. Ye Mo felt guilty; she gave him water, yet she was thirsty to such an extent.

    But at the moment, he didn't have water to give her. Ye Mo really wanted to cut open his wrist and give her some of his blood, but he knew that even if he wanted to, the current situation would prevent him to do so. He was already in a life or death situation, and if he was to be injured, he would be giving himself to these bugs for dinner.

    Ye Mo couldn't continue like this; suddenly, hey turned around and stopped. However, these bugs didn't have any intention of stopping; seeing Ye Mo stop, they swarmed him faster.

    Ye Mo raised his hand and a few fireballs flew out, exploding amongst the bugs and killing a big patch of them. Ye Mo rejoiced; he didn't think that the bugs in the desert would be afraid of fire. The outer layer of their skin seemed to have been covered in a layer of oil. They had no resistance against the fireball.

    Ye Mo's fireball was of the lowest grade, so he didn't expect it to be effective.

    Now that he found a way, Ye Mo was merciless. He continued to throw out fireballs after balls. These fireballs exploded again and again, and countless bugs were burned to death. The burnt bugs emitted a disgusting scent, making people want to vomit.

    However, these bugs didn't have any wisdom, and they still continued to swarm him. Ye Mo estimated that his fireballs just then killed more than half of the evolved bugs. He wanted to kill some more, but the countless unevolved bugs followed up, and he could only continue to escape.

    Since his chi wouldn't be able to keep up, remaining still and releasing more fireballs wasn't a viable option. If he didn't reach the peak of the 2nd level, he really wouldn't dare to do this.

    However, after Ye Mo's ravaging, only 2000 bugs that could keep up remained. Ye Mo ran for a while and stopped releasing another few fireballs. When the bugs behind kept up, he started to run again.

    Using this tactic, Ye Mo finally escaped from the horrifying bugs by dusk, but he was almost dehydrated.

    He opened his parched throat and continued to run for another two hours, afraid that these bugs would suddenly catch up. He was terrified of these disgusting creatures.

    When the sky was completely dark, Ye Mo found a corroded wall. Without anything in hand, all he could do was to sit by the wall while carrying the unconscious Luo Susu.

    Ye Mo knew that the reason why she was still unconscious was because of thirst; however, hehe didn't have water. After resting for another hour, Ye Mo felt Luo Susu was really dehydrated.

    Although she seemed to be strong, but she could very possibly die of dehydration. As such, after thinking it through, Ye Mo cut open his wrist and pointed it at her mouth.

    Luo Susu drank a few mouthfuls and actually frowned. She didn't drink anymore, and Ye Mo didn't force her. After all, he still needed to find a water source. Since Luo Susu was unconscious, he needed to conserve stamina; otherwise, they could only wait for their death.

    Ye Mo took the bullet out from Luo Susu's shoulder and fed her another pill. He used his chi to help her sooth her wounds and felt really fatigued. Thus, he slept against the wall with Luo Susu in his arms.

    When the next day came, the sun shone brightly again. Ye Mo felt he was fortunate that the Hu Yang Tree Root Shadow didn't come. Otherwise, he would really be in danger.

    Ye Mo had come to the desert for more than ten days, and the weather was getting hotter. Ye Mo knew that if he couldn't find a water source, let alone saving Luo Susu, even him wouldn't be able to get out of the desert.

    Soon, Luo Susu had woken up. She felt she was much better than yesterday, and she curiously looked at Ye Mo. She wanted to get up and walk herself, but discovered that although she was better, she still couldn't move.

    Ye Mo took out a biscuit and gave it to Luo Susu. "Eat something first. Later on, we'll try to look for a water source or a way out."

    Luo Susu shook her head; at the moment, she didn't want to eat anything at all. She just glanced at her shoulder and realized that the bullet seemed to have been taken out.

    Seeing Luo Susu look at her shoulder, Ye Mo was afraid that she would imagine things, so he quickly explained, "I've already taken out the bullet in your shoulder. Sorry, it's my fault. Those people were hunting me."

    Hearing that Ye Mo took out the bullet, Luo Susu's pale face unexpectedly showed some ruddiness but disappeared quickly. She didn't continue talking, and instead closed her eyes once again.

    Under the scorching sun, the temperature in the desert was over 50 degrees. Ye Mo didn't want to talk; even he couldn't handle it now. He survived another day, but he was yet to find any water source. He was getting more and more withered.

    At night, Ye Mo found a cave. Knowing that Luo Susu couldn't hold out much longer, he carried her inside it.
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