Chapter 111: Third Level Chi Gathering

    Chapter 111: Third Level Chi Gathering

    Translator: Tim  Editor: Chrissy

    At this moment, the chi in Ye Mo's body had reached its max. Finally, he felt a rumble in multiple points of his chakra meridian. Immediately, he seemed lighter while feeling countless new chi forming in his dantian. Everything became clearer.

    His spirit sense nearly reached a range of 50 meters. Was this the third stage of chi gathering?

    He held down the join in his heart as he suddenly wanted to howl. Countless hopes and he finally reached third stage chi gathering.

    Suddenly, Ye Mo remembered Luo Susu who was still unconscious in his arms. He thought about the hand she felt his face with and was struck with another fit of worry. He knew Luo Susu was on the brink of death.

    Ye Mo immediately used a water ball magic and a water ball filled with spirit chi formed in his hand. Ye Mo put the water into an empty bottle and fed it to Luo Susu's mouth.

    However, Luo Susu couldn't drink the water in Ye Mo's hand. Her face was pale and had a smile at the corner of her mouth. Her flawless face was like the goddess from heaven making Ye Mo's heart ache.

    Ye Mo used another water ball to wash her face. He thought and started using his chi to help her recover her dried up life essence.

    Ye Mo only forcibly reached third stage in such a bad environment. He didn't even consolidate his power. If he was to help recover Luo Susu, it would be very hard and with one mistake, he would break all his meridians. However, Ye Mo didn't care at all. Even if he was going to be useless, he would still save this woman.

    And there was something Ye Mo didn't dare to think about. In his heart, there was more than one that this girl and the figure of his master merged together.

    Ye Mo's spirit chi flowed incessantly into Luo Susu's body helping her repair her meridians.

    If a cultivator were to see what Ye Mo was doing, he would think Ye Mo is crazy. A mere stage 3 chi gathering dared to do something like this, this was suicidal.

    Even a stage 6 wouldn't dare to use his own chi to repair meridians for others yet Ye Mo did it when he was a mere stage 3.

    Ye Mo was indeed very tired now. He felt he was running out of spirit chi and once again felt the danger of lack of water. However, he knew he couldn't stop and wouldn't stop. Since he did it, he must save Luo Susu. Otherwise, his heart wouldn't be at rest for his entire life.


    Luo Susu had a long dream. She saw herself fall into a big fire pit as countless fire rushed towards her consuming her. She felt she wanted to get out but the fire prevented her.

    At this moment, a man helped her block the fire and take a to a cool forest. She really enjoyed the forest and didn't feel distressed at all.

    The annoying things in her body was soothed by the serenity of this place. Other than feeling a little thirsty, she really liked this place.

    "I'm thirsty..." Luo Susu said subconsciously. However, that man who helped her block the fire didn't turn around. She felt his body was shaking.

    "What's wrong with you? I'm a bit thirsty." Luo Susu said once again. She believed that must be a lake in front. She only needed to scoop some water and she would be able to drink. However, she couldn't move.

    Finally, the man turned around. His face was pale and covered in sweat. He smiled at her, "go drink." Then, the man fell over. Luo Susu worried and hurried to hold up the man who saved her and blocked the fire. However, she stumbled and the man had disappeared. She also opened her eyes and felt she was still in Ye Mo's arms. However, other than feeling a little thirsty, she didn't feel any discomfort. She even felt comfortable just like in her dreams.

    What happened? Why wasn't he awake? What happened to herself? She knew her situation, how did she suddenly get better?

    Luo Susu suddenly felt that there was something beside her hand. It was a full bottle of water. She exclaimed and wondered where this water came from? Why would it suddenly appear here?

    She couldn't explain it but didn't want to think. She opened the bottle and pointed the water at Ye Mo's mouth. At the same time, she wiped sweat from Ye Mo's forehead. Was it he who blocked the fire in her dreams?

    Ye Mo finally felt water. He drank a few mouthfuls and opened his eyes. He looked at Luo Susu who fed him water and smiled happily. He finally succeeded. Although he used up all his spirit chi and was in a rather dangerous situation, he didn't fail eventually. He successfully saved Luo Susu. And, her cultivation would be faster. Too bad she didn't cultivate. If only she could cultivate with him.

    "You're awake..." Luo Susu looked with joy at Ye Mo who had just opened his eyes. For the first time, she felt that there was joy in this world.

    "Mhm, drink some water too, I don't need it. I just need to rest for a bit." Then, Ye Mo closed his eyes and recovered his spirit chi. Luckily, he was just extremely fatigued and didn't injure his foundation. Luck amongst luck. Perhaps this was good fortune for those who do good deeds.

    Seeing Ye Mo close his eyes, Luo Susu knew there was no major problems with him and so she took the bottle and drank a few mouthful. It was cool and a faint sweet taste. Water was very tasty, she had never drunk water that was this good before.

    After drinking, she suddenly realised that Ye Mo had drunk from this before. But then, she shook her head, she had already kissed him. So what.

    However, Luo Susu didn't drink much. Although she was very thirsty and wanted to drink more, she still had to leave some for Ye Mo. And, she still wanted to ask Ye Mo where this water came from.

    Ye Mo closed his eyes and started recovering his chi. Luo Susu looked at him but didn't disturb him.

    She also saw there was a bag of biscuits on the side. She gave that to Ye Mo and didn't expect him to still have it now. In order to recover her strength, she took one and ate it while waiting for Ye Mo to wake up.

    Although it had been more than an hour and Ye Mo still didn't wake up, Luo Susu didn't seemed worried at all, because she could tell from Ye Mo's breathing which gradually calmed down. Although she didn't know what Qi art Ye Mo was cultivating, she could tell it wouldn't be worse than the one she used.

    When Ye Mo woke up, the sky was already bright and a night passed just like that.

    He looked at Luo Susu who had gotten out of his arms and sat on the side feeling very happy that she was really well. Other than some weakness, her body had completely recovered. What made Ye Mo surprised and joyful at the same time was that Luo Susu didn't wear her face cover anymore. Instead, she took a bottle of water and looked at him quietly.

    Ye Mo saw Luo Susu's out of this world complexion and was actually stunned.

    However, Luo Susu passed the water in her hand to Ye Mo, "You drink some too, thanks for saving me yesterday." Although she didn't know how Ye Mo saved her, she knew that she wouldn't be alive if Ye Mo didn't save her.

    Ye Mo suddenly smiled and said, "Drink the water first, then we'll celebrate your birthday. However, I don't have a birthday present for you, tell me what present do you want the most now?"

    Luo Susu stopped for a moment but she immediately realised that Ye Mo must've heard her talk to herself to know that today was her birthday. She looked at Ye Mo's genuine smile and seemed to be influenced by it. She also became joyful. For the first time, she said cheekily, "If the heavens could give me a small pond even if it was just the size of a ball, it would be my happiest moment now."

    Then, she subconsciously looked at her body that was full of blood and dirt. She really did hope there was water so she could clean herself.

    Ye Mo smiled and said, "Wait here for me, I'll be back soon." Then, he turned and went into the cave.

    Luo Susu looked at Ye Mo's back and actually felt a faint reluctance for him to leave. But soon, she removed this emotion from her head. Her way of cultivation forbode having such distractions.

    If she did have other thoughts, she may even do damage to herself, much less cultivate this art. So those who cultivate the Serene Heat art will never feel emotional towards other things. This was also why it was very hard for her to come out. Because as soon as she was tied by the things in the mortal realm, it would be hard for her to progress in cultivation.

    Luo Susu sighed. She was lost in thought. She had Ye Mo's blood in her body and Ye Mo also had her blood. She was saved by Ye Mo and Ye Mo was saved by her. Was there really no ties between them?

    But no matter what, she decided to never come out again after she went back. Perhaps she really shouldn't have come out this time. When she went back, she would tell sister Lan Yu that it would be very hard for her to come out again.

    Then, she thought about Ye Mo. This young man gave her such a deep etched feeling. He seemed to have this metaphysical yet serene feeling on him. She really enjoyed staying with him and ever since she woke up that feeling was growing more intense.

    He even gave her a faint sense of familiarity. That familiarity definitely wasn't because she saved him before and stayed with him in hardship. It was a real familiarity and that made her feel very bewildered.

    Perhaps she knew him from their past life, Luo Susu thought. She would never show any feelings towards any man and wouldn't even talk to them. But the things she did for Ye Mo was way past her bottom line. She didn't even to look back on that.

    And, he was mysterious. He could actually revive her and get a bottle of water. It was as though he would always have a way to do things when staying with him.
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