Chapter 116: Tactics

    Chapter 116: Tactics

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    "Yes, it has now been confirmed that whether it's Europe or not, all our business have been targeted. In Africa, there has been multiple accounts of personnel disappearance. Those who disappeared are all those in the management level." The one speaking was a man in his 50s near Ye Beirong.

    He was Ye Long, the son of Ye Beirong's big brother. His position was similar to Song Hai in the Song Family.

    "Do you know why? We never had any conflict, is he not afraid that we will sweep his Nan Qing in mainland? He dares to challenge our Ye Family." Ye Beirong had been in the high command for a long time. Although he was about to come down, his tone was indisputable.

    He indeed had such capability. No matter how strong Qian Longtou was, he couldn't come to the surface. If he pissed off the Ye Family, although they couldn't completely eradicate Qian Longtou, it would be easy for them to exterminate all his forces in mainland. Even if Qian Longtou had his own army, did he dare to bring it to the border? If he did, then it would all be gone with a few cannon sounds.

    What craze was Qian Longtou on daring to touch the Ye Family.

    Ye Long immediately said, "I had investigated, it might be because of Ye Mo. Ye Mo killed Qian Longtou's only son and pissed off Qian Longtou. Qian Longtou probably wants to exhume his anger on us."

    "Ye Mo had been kicked out of the Ye Family, everyone knows this. Since this Qian Longtou dares to do such things, we don't need to be afraid of him." The man speaking was a rather bleak middle-aged man. He was called Ye Huang, Ye Wenqi's elder son. Although his voice wasn't loud, everyone in the meeting room could hear him clearly.

    Ye Wenqi was in his 50's, barely had any hair on his head, but had thick eyebrows. However, his eyes were sleek and long. Hearing Ye Huang's words, he immediately reproached, "Don't talk nonsense."

    Ye Beirong frowned, and after a while, he asked, "I remember last time, someone said he was going to investigate Ye Mo's matter, what was that about?"

    "Father, it was me. I heard last time that Ye Mo had done quite a lot of things, even Shi Ying from Ning Hai was him so I couldn't resist but to go investigate him. From the recording I took back, Shi Ying did look like Ye Mo, but I hadn't been able to say this due to other things," Ye Wenjin immediately said.

    Ye Beirong's eyebrows frowned harder. After a long while, he asked, "Where did you know that Shi Ying was Ye Mo?"

    "The Song Family..." Ye Wenjin wasn't an idiot. He realized something was wrong amidst his sentence. He got his news from the Song Family, but the Song Family was always on bad terms with the Ye Family. How could they be nice enough to pass him this message?

    Ye Beirong sighed. His son was still too immature. He didn't even see through such obvious actions from the Song Family. If it was Ye Wenqi or his big brother's son, they would perhaps ask more clearly. However, he knew that even if the Ye Family didn't investigate Ye Mo, the Song Family would try to make Qian Longtou think that the Ye Family took Ye Mo back in.

    They fell into the Song Family's tricks. The Song Family could actually let go of Song Shaowen's killer and plan big time for the future by pulling the Ye Family down.

    Now that Qian Longtou had targeted the Ye Family, the Ye Family wouldn't let Qian Longtou go even if they knew the causes. If the two sides fought, the Song Family would definitely help Qian Longtou.

    In this case, it would be very hard for the Ye Family to eradicate the Nan Qing in China or perhaps even impossible.

    Ye Beirong can imagine that if this tug of war continued, the Ye Family would plummet. But even if he knew, the Ye Family still had to make a move because the next target for Qian Longtou would be their business in mainland. Plus, if the Ye Family was attacked like this and didn't retaliate, then those businessmen who cooperated with the Ye Family would all leave them, and their situation would be worse.

    This was a powerful move by the Song Family. Now, even if the Ye Family realized it, the Song Family wouldn't worry the Ye Family not falling for it. He didn't know how much benefits the Song Family gave to Qian Longtou to make him willing to be used.

    Even if Ye Beirong wanted truce with the Song Family, they would probably decline because that things have unfolded till now; if the Ye Family fell, the Song Family would acquire something much bigger than a truce.


    Ye Mo bought a cheap set of clothes and used the rest of the money to buy a plane ticket. He didn't even have enough to buy a bag, however, Ye Mo returned to his identity Wen Dong made for him.

    As for the name Mo Ye, he wouldn't need it anymore. He believed that before he went to find Qian Longtou, Qian Longtou wouldn't do something such as hunting him down.

    Although Ye Mo dressed clean, only he had the cheapest clothes on the entire plane. However, he didn't mind this at all.

    Just when Ye Mo was prepared to find a seat, he noticed that the jade bracelet the old man behind him actually had spirit chi. Ye Mo scanned with his spirit sense.

    He saw that he was situated just in front of the old man and the man had two women beside him. The woman sitting next to the window had a big mouth cover looking very fashionable. The other one was a middle-aged woman. Ye Mo wanted to ask the old man where he got his bracelet from, hence he wanted to sit next to the old man. As such, he could only swap with the middle aged-woman.

    "Excuse me, can I swap a seat with you?" Ye Mo looked at the woman and asked.

    "The rule is not to swap seats." Before the woman could reply, the flight attendant had already spoke.

    The woman looked apologetically at Ye Mo. She knew what Ye Mo wanted and wanted to help him, but she wasn't allowed. In her opinion, the young man wanted to hit up the fashionable girl next to the window.

    The old man also showed an understanding smile. Obviously, he thought the same as the middle-aged woman.

    Of course Ye Mo didn't know what they were thinking. He was disappointed and thought he could only wait until he got off the plane before he could talk to the old man.

    The fashionable girl heard Ye Mo's words and scanned him. Her eyes were full of derision. Even the middle-aged woman could see. She sighed. Ye Mo's courage was good, but he was just too shabby looking. She wondered how he got this plane ticket.

    Since he couldn't swap, Ye Mo didn't force it. He would wait till he got off the plane to talk to the old man.

    Ye Mo no longer talked and closed his eyes to meditate. Two hours later, the plane arrived at Luo Cang airport. Ye Mo got off the plane first but stood outside waiting. When the fashionable girl saw Ye Mo waiting outside, she felt more disgusted.

    This time, she intentionally wore a mask outside but was still ineffective against such people. She intentionally walked around because she really didn't want to talk even one sentence with someone like Ye Mo.

    The woman obviously knew the old man. Seeing Ye Mo wait outside, they smiled on the inside thinking this young man was really persistent. However, that fashionable lady obviously wasn't interested at all. She was even disgusted, but he could still put down his dignity to wait here.

    However, in order to fulfil Ye Mo's wishes, the two intentionally took the other route as well wanting Ye Mo to wait for the fashionable lady alone.

    Seeing the old man not walk his way, Ye Mo quickly followed.

    Seeing Ye Mo follow, that fashionable woman stood still disgusted and glared at Ye Mo saying coldly, "Do you want to invite me for dinner."

    Ye Mo was confused by this sentence and frowned. "I don't know you, why would I invite you to dinner? I don't have money with me now, so if you want to be invited to dinner, ask someone else."

    Then, Ye Mo didn't waste anytime with this woman and walked in front of the old man and asked politely, "Older Brother, hello, I'm Ye Mo. Sorry to disturb you, but I want to ask you a question."

    This was the first time the old man was called a older brother and looked curiously at Ye Mo before saying, "Hello, young man, ask me. If I know, I will definitely tell you."

    Ye Mo pointed at the bracelet and asked, "May I ask where you bought this from? I feel this bracelet is very special, can I have a look?"

    Hearing Ye Mo's words, the old man took the bracelet off and gave it to Ye Mo without hesitation. However, that middle-aged woman was alert. A strange man asked to look at the old man's bracelet the first time they met, and this young man looked poor. However, the old man had passed the bracelet, so she didn't say anything.

    Ye Mo took the bracelet and felt it carefully. There was indeed some faint spirit chi. After a while, he gave it back to the old man. "Your bracelet is very unique, much better than ordinary jade items. If I'm not wrong, this should be a magic artefact that can make people healthy."

    "Oh, young man, you also know magic artefact?" The old man was immediately interested. He usually liked to walk around the market for ancient artefacts and was taught by many of those in the profession. A magic artefact was a thing that was blessed by someone powerful. However, their functions varied. His bracelet was indeed a magic artefact and was one of high level. However, this was given to him by a friend.

    This young man could tell his bracelet was a magic artefact, and this made the old man interested, since the young people nowadays rarely believed such things.
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