Chapter 117: Er Hu Apprehended

    Chapter 117: Er Hu Apprehended

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    "Haha, no one believes such things now. I didn't expect you to be in the profession. If you want to know where these things are, just go to the Lao Da Street of Luo Cang Xi Men. It's just that they are mixed with ordinary stuff and is hard to distinguish." Talking about magic artefact, the old man was immediately interested.

    Ye Mo smiled. He didn't want the magic artefacts, instead he wanted the spirit chi inside. In fact this little spirit chi was useless to him, but he wanted to know how to creator infused the spirit chi inside. And, Ye Mo knew the people here didn't cultivate, so where did they get the spirit chi from.

    Hearing the old man's words, Ye Mo knew that Dao Lao Street was something like the Sea Treasure garden in Ning Hai.

    Other people wouldn't be interested in this topic, but Ye Mo and the old man were having an enjoyable conversation. Eventually, Ye Mo knew that the old man was called Lin Huihe. He was someone from the military and lived in retirement at Luo Cang. Ye Mo also told him that he opened a small clinic and even gave him the address.

    "You're actually a doctor? I really couldn't tell." Hearing Ye Mo was a doctor, Lin Huihe was immediately more interested.

    Ye Mo smiled and said, "I'm not a doctor, I just learned a few recipes."

    That fashionable girl got more angry hearing Ye Mo's words. He wanted to chase her but was acting so pretentious. But later on, hearing him get more involved in the conversation with the old man, she understood that he never came for her and wanted to talk to the old man. Her face blushed and realized she was wrong.

    Ye Mo had now known where the bracelet came from, so he didn't talk more. He bid Lin Huihe goodbye and rushed back to the clinic. He was desperate about his silver heart grass.

    The Hui Chun Cclinic was very desolate and the door was even barely open. This took Ye Mo by surprise. When he left, the clinic was very popular, but why was it so cold now?

    When Ye Mo came in, he saw Lu Xiaozhen sitting in the shop by herself daydreaming.

    "Where's Yu Erhu?" Ye Mo asked as soon as he came in. He had scanned with his spirit sense and didn't find Yu Erhu.

    "Who are you? We aren't operating for now." Lu Xiaozhen saw the person was very familiar, but didn't know who he was.

    Ye Mo smiled and said, "You don't recognize me, I just don't have the scar on my face."

    "Oh! Master, you're back." What made Lu XIaozhen joyful wasn't the fact that the scar on Ye Mo's face was gone but he came back. However, she immediately thought of Yu Erhu and said, "Erhu was taken by the cops."

    Ye Mo was bemused. Er Hu was a very good person, and Ye Mo knew his things and had a medical certificate. Plus, when he left, he told him to not take the disease he couldn't cure. How was he taken by the cops?

    As if seeing Ye Mo's confusion, Lu XIaozhen quickly explained, "Yesterday, a patient came saying that his stomach was uncomfortable. Erhu looked at it for him and gave him some medicine. He was well soon, but then yesterday, he came saying there was a probably something wrong with the medicine, but Erhu couldn't tell what was wron,g so he said he was fine. But then, that person said he was fine originally, but had problems after taking the medicine.

    So that person came to our clinic causing a ruckus accusing our clinic and wanted refund. Erhu didn't want to waste time with these sort of people so he gave his money back. But then, the man said he wanted ten times the refund. This person was obviously trying to cheat our money. Erhu got angry and taught him a lesson. But then, that man called a lot of hoodlums and Erhu was injured. Then, Erhu was taken to the police department"

    Talking to here, Lu Xiaozhen rubbed her eyes. It was obvious that Erhu's injuries weren't light. She sniffed and continued, "Erhu was taken yesterday morning. Then, those people came in the afternoon. I called the police but they wouldn't come. I had no choice but to give the money back ten times. But then, some other people we have treated also came wanted ten times refund. I don't know what they want.

    Only Zhang Po and his wife continued to persuade the people. Now, Zhang brother is still using his connections to try to bring Erhu out."

    Then, Lu XIaochen started to cry again. It seemed that she got along well with Yu Erhu and thought about him a lot.

    Ye Mo's face sunk. The serum he made wasn't expensive; even if he raised the price ten times much less a few hundred dollars. These people earned but still want to cause troubles. When hoodlums came to start trouble, not only did they not help, they also joined the ruckus and wanted to earn more. It seemed that human nature was full of greed.

    At this moment, another middle-aged man walked inside the clinic. When he saw Ye Mo, he dazed for a moment but quickly recognized that it was the man who saved his son.

    "Brother Zhang..." Lu Xiaozhen saw this person and immediately cried out.

    Zhang Po's face was full of guilt. "Sorry, Doctor Mo, the people who started this have too much power, I can't help much. But don't worry, I'll go back and see who can help me."

    Ye Mo nodded. It seemed that there were still people who would repay goodwill. Hearing Zhang Po's words, he waved his hand and said, "Zhang brother, no need. You just need to tell me who is looking for trouble."

    Zhang Po dazed for a moment. In his eyes, Ye Mo was an outsider; even his certificates were acquired through him. Now, he didn't want him to mind this.

    Did he have a way? But since Ye Mo asked, he still said, "Erhu Brother beat up Wang Quan. Although Wang Quan is nothing, his cousin is a hoodlum in Luo Cang and had good connections with both the underground world and the government officials. After Erhu beat Wang Quan, his cousin got people to beat Erhu and made the cops take him away."

    Ye Mo nodded and told Lu Xiaozhen, "Lend me your phone."

    Ye Mo took the phone and dialled to Wu Xueming. When he came to Luo Cang, he heard from Wu Xueming that Luo Cang was the Metal River's land. Since it was the underground world, he would be better off finding Wu Xueming.

    "Ye Brother, I didn't think you would really call me. How are you?" Although Wu Xueming's voice was delighted, it didn't have the fervor before. As for why, Ye Mo couldn't be bothered to know. Only Wu Xueming owed him; he didn't owe Wu Xueming anything.

    "I'm good myself but my mood isn't good. You should have a say in Luo Cang, right? My disciple was beat up by some hoodlums in Luo Cang and was sent to the police station. Do you think I would be happy?" Ye Mo's tone was very bland. If Wu Xueming couldn't deal with this, then don't blame him for being ruthless. He would wipe out the entire underground world of Luo Cang.

    "This group of bastards, Ye Brother, don't worry. I'll give you a resolution soon," Wu Xueming said hurriedly. Although he was annoyed, he didn't think the situation was too serious. It was just Ye Mo's disciple.

    Ye Mo smiled and said, "Do you think I'm worried? I'm not afraid of even Qian Longtou, why would I be afraid of a few hoodlums." Then, Ye Mo just hung up the phone.

    He didn't believe that Wu Xueming didn't know he opened up a clinic in Luo Cang. Since he knew and this sort of thing still happened, he could see Wu Xueming's attitude. If Wu Xueming didn't deal with this properly, then he wouldn't hold back.

    Meanwhile, Wu Xueming felt cold. He seemed to realize that his attitude was problematic. He was all too clear on Ye Mo's ferocity. And, he saved his life. Now that Ye Mo had this attitude, it mean that he was prepared to open up his identity to the public. Since he dared to do so, it meant that he had the power to fight with Qian Longtou. Would a person who dared to challenge Qian Longtou be afraid of a small gang in Luo Cang?

    Plus, Wu Xueming didn't want to get on the bad side of Ye Mo. Ye Mo saved his life and was someone he couldn't see through.

    Perhaps he really was to blame for this. He indeed didn't take notice of Ye Mo's situation in Luo Cang. He only knew that Ye Mo opened a clinic in Luo Cang and didn't think much of it. In his opinion, he didn't think his men would cause trouble at such a far off place, so he didn't give specific orders. It was mainly because he had been so busy recently.

    But now, his men started trouble with Ye Mo. Originally, he didn't think it would be much if Ye Mo's disciple was beat up. At most, he would beat that hoodlum up and pay some money. But now, Ye Mo's attitude meant that he had a bad perception towards him. Wu Xueming didn't dare to drag it out and immediately called Luo Cang.

    "Master, did you just..." Lu Xiaozhen saw that Ye Mo only called and no longer spoke of the issue and felt nervous.

    "That is enough?" Zhang Po didn't know who Ye Mo called but Ye Mo just called someone and the case was solved. Was something he ran around for two days so easily solved?

    Ye Mo nodded and said, "It should be fine. Thank you for these two days, Zhang Brother."

    Zhang Po hurried and waved his hand, "This is nothing, it's what I should do."

    Ye Mo said, "Some day, bring your child to me again, and don't promote our clinic anymore because our clinic is about to change."

    Zhang Po clearly knew Ye Mo's ability. Now that Ye Mo said he would look at his child for him, he was extremely happy. Ever since Ye Mo looked at his son last time, he didn't get sick again. And although he still brought his child to the hospital after Ye Mo looked at it, he just spent some money and got nothing solved.

    So it was due to Ye Mo that his son didn't have any problems up until now.

    Ye Mo turned to look at Lu Xiaozhen who still had red eyes. She wasn't bad looking and seemed to be a good person. If she really liked Yu Erhu, she would be a good fit.

    Ye Mo saw a computer and printer and thought that the business here must've been good. Erhu even bought a computer.

    Seeing Ye Mo look at the computer, Lu Xiaozhen hurried to say, "Because the business was so good before, I suggested to buy a computer to print forms. This would save a lot of time."

    Ye Mo nodded, "Mhm, we don't need this anymore, because our business won't be too good later."

    "Why?" Lu Xiaozhen thought that the business would only get better after master came back, so how could it get worse?
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