Chapter 121: Ye Mos Stall

    Chapter 121: Ye Mo's Stall

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    Ye Mo estimated that the price for his stall wasn't cheap. By the looks of it, either Lin Huihe or someone else paid for him. However, Ye Mo didn't necessarily have to give money because the cost for that pill was more than 10,000.

    Ye Mo came relatively early but just when he sat down in front of his stall, people progressively came in. the very spacious exhibition centre immediately became very populous.

    The people who came here all seemed to have some social status. Although it was loud, it wasn't boisterous. Most of the people headed straight for where they were interested, looking for what they wanted and asking for the price.

    However, Ye Mo found that even the cheapest things here were a few thousand dollars. Better things were easily in the ten thousands and hundreds of thousands even million.

    Looking at these people spend money so easily, Ye Mo couldn't help but sigh that a part of the people in this world were very rich. Thinking back before, he was very happy that one charm could sell for $10,000 but now, Ye Mo found that a very polished looking charm that had no use was sold for $18,800.

    He scanned with his spirit sense and found that the best sellers here were some protective amulets or artefacts that gave good fortune or health. Those stalls that had ancient words had especially good business. Ye Mo took notice of their things. The cheapest one was around $200k and was non-negotiable.

    Although these stalls had good business, other stalls didn't dare to copy them. Otherwise, using those ancient characters would make their business better too.

    However, Ye Mo found that the real magic artefacts here weren't much. There were rarely any which emitted spirit chi. Even those stalls with ancient characters didn't have much. There was rarely one or two, but the price was absurd.

    However, just because they didn't emit spirit chi, it didn't mean they were useless. Ye Mo had great expertise in this. He scanned with his spirit sense and knew there were some real magic artefacts. However, although they look exquisite, their functions really couldn't be praised. It could be said that not one could be even 1% effective as his.

    However, what made Ye Mo disappointed was that although his things were the best and didn't intend to sell for much, his stall was still the least visited.

    Although there were a lot of people, they rarely came to his stall. Even if they did, they didn't even bother to ask for the price.

    This business was hard, Ye Mo sighed to himself. It seemed that it was due to his small stall and no banner. If he couldn't sell one, then he wouldn't be able to get back a single dollar of the 100k he invested.

    Suddenly, Ye Mo saw someone familiar. It was the fashionable girl he saw on the plane. However, she had a young man in his 20s to 30s by her side. Ye Mo didn't expect her to be interested in magical artefacts. When Ye Mo looked at her, she just happened to turn around and see Ye Mo.

    This was a good looking woman, but Ye Mo didn't like her just by looking at her eyes. It wasn't that her eyes weren't pretty, they were just too snobbish. Her lips were also a bit thin, but her sunflower seed shaped face was quite nice. However, paired with her eyes, it made Ye Mo feel repulsed.

    She obviously saw that Ye Mo had a stall and walked over immediately. Originally, she thought Ye Mo was looking for her in the airport but didn't expect to lose her face. This broke her good self-esteem making her very unhappy.

    "Didn't think you sold these things. How much is this necklace? Get one for me, I'll think of it as charity." This woman had a disdainful look meaning that she was doing charity by buying something since Ye Mo's stall was so cold.

    "A hundred thousand." Ye Mo didn't even bother to raise his head. The woman's expression made him feel disgusted. It was as though he was a beggar. Originally, Ye Mo planned to sell this necklace for $50k-80k but because he was unhappy, he just said $100k. And, he saw that those ancient martial arts stalls sold things for $100k-200k at least. But compared to his necklace, they were miles away.

    "What?" this woman exclaimed. But she immediately realized she lost her rich lady attitude and sneered. "Do you think you're an ancient stall? A necklace that is worth only a few hundred dollars becomes $100k. dD you want to extort money from me just because I took pity in you. No wonder you don't have business, keep trying to sell that."

    "An Yan, why waste your time with these sort of people. If you want a necklace, we'll go look for one at an ancient stall. I'll pick one for you for your birthday next month," the man at her side said quickly.

    This woman frowned and looked at Ye Mo's necklace realizing that she actually quite liked this style. That necklace looked quite pleasant, but this guy was too annoying.

    "I'll give you 10k, you're earning big. I'll have one of the necklace." From An Yan's eyes, she was giving Ye Mo a lot by buying a necklace that wasn't worth more than $1k for $10k. Originally, she adopted a pitiful attitude, but because she saw how pretty it was, she wanted to buy one but didn't think this shabby looking stall owner dared to extort her.

    "Not selling." Ye Mo didn't even want to talk to this woman anymore.

    "Hmph! I'm giving you money, are you selling or not?" This woman was quite annoyed. In her eyes, Ye Mo was too greedy.

    Ye Mo plainly said, "Do you want to buy with force? The thing is mine, I can sell it for however much I want. I didn't force you to buy, move aside, don't block my business."

    "Okay, I'll see how much you can sell today. Don't come begging for me to buy it in the end. 100k, I'll see how many you can sell." This fashionable lady didn't heed to the persuasion of the man beside her and stood by the side wanting to see if Ye Mo could really sell it.

    Ye Mo sneered. "$100k is the price just then, now it's $200k." He was extremely unhappy with this woman. It was his business, what did she have to do with it. He was the one who decided whether or not he sold it.

    "You..." An Yan was infuriated by Ye Mo's words. In her eyes, Ye Mo was doing it for her. $100k wasn't much for her, but she just wasn't happy. Although she liked this necklace, she didn't want to spend an extra $90k for no reason.

    "Hmm, this necklace is so pretty. How much is it?" A middle-aged man brought two girls that were younger than twenty past Ye Mo's stall and one of the girl suddenly discovered Ye Mo's necklace and stopped immediately in exclamation.

    This middle-aged man also stopped and said, "You've been around once and hardly said anything was beautiful. If you like it, dad will buy one each for you two."

    Ye Mo looked at these two girls. They looked very alike and refreshing, so perhaps they were twins. But hearing the man's tone, he seemed to be very rich. He meant that as long as his daughters liked it, he would buy it, but his daughters didn't find anything they liked after looking around for a while.

    "Dad, I want one too. There are two exactly, one each for me and sis. This necklace is really pretty," another girl said quickly.

    Ye Mo was speechless. The magic artefacts he made were for protection and health, but they attracted people due to their looks.

    "Boss, how much is one?" The middle aged man asked immediately.

    "Hmph, he wants to sell hi few hundred dollar worth thing for $200k," An Yan, who hadn't walked away, immediately said.

    Ye Mo coldly looked at An Yan. This woman was too annoying. If she didn't buy, she can piss off, but she was still being nosy here.

    "What are you looking at, can't I tell the truth to others?" An Yan looked at Ye Mo's glare and immediately yelled out in discomfort.

    Ye Mo didn't want to deal with her; he only sold his things to those who realized its worth.

    However, the middle-aged man just smiled and didn't seemed to change his will due to An Yan's words. He just looked at Ye Mo and asked, "May I ask is this $200k?"

    Seeing that the middle-aged man still asking this question even after hearing An Yan's words, he immediately knew this middle aged man had his own will and was very rich, or he didn't care about this money for his daughter's birthday.

    "Indeed, $200k." Ye Mo didn't think it was expensive to sell one necklace for $200k; his necklace was worth this. Those that were worse than his could sell for more than this.

    "Okay, I'll have two. This necklace is very pretty indeed," this middle-aged man immediately said.

    Ye Mo heard the middle-aged man and hurried to say, "I'm not selling this necklace for $200k for its looks. It has two functions. One is for a lifetime, and that is to promote health. Those who wear this would rarely get sick. Another function is defensive. It has 3 charges, after using it up, this necklace would be gone."

    "Hmph." Seeing that Ye Mo was still bluffing, An Yan felt more annoyed, but she couldn't do anything. This middle-aged man obviously didn't care about Ye Mo's words. In his opinion, if Ye Mo's necklace really had such powers, he wouldn't be selling it on such a small stall.

    "Dad, you should buy one too. It has defensive powers. We can have one each," one girl immediately said .
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