Chapter 125: Unable To Buy It

    Chapter 125: Unable To Buy It

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    This was Space Abyss Rock, so how could anyone from here be interested in that? Ye Mo walked over anxiously and pretended to look at something else. In fact, his spirit sense never left that rock.

    "Do you want to leave after bumping into someone?" An Yan ran in front of Ye Mo and immediately yelled out.

    Ye Mo frowned. To be honest, he really didn't want to talk to this woman. He was worried about that Space Abyss Rock. Now that An Yan came to annoy him once again, he was immediately angry and turned around, coldly saying, "Piss off."

    "You, you..." An Yan didn't expect this person dared to tell her to piss off. Her face was furious and actually was at a loss for words.

    At this moment, the youth with An Yan walked over. Seeing An Yan's complexion, he asked, "An Yan, what's wrong?" An Yan rubbed one eye with her hand and pointed at Ye Mo. "This person is harassing me."

    The man's face sunk. He was already annoyed at Ye Mo for not selling the necklace, but he didn't expect Ye Mo to dare to harass An Yan.

    He immediately walked over and wanted to grab Ye Mo's shoulder. But before his hand reached Ye Mo's shoulder, Ye Mo's hand already grabbed his wrist and coldly said, "If you dare to move again, I will step you under my foot, piss off."

    This youth discovered that after Ye Mo grabbed his hand, he couldn't move at all. Meanwhile, a bone aching chill ran onto his body. This youth wasn't ordinary. As soon as the situation arose, he immediately knew that he was a joke compared to Ye Mo.

    This person who dared to harass An Yan was definitely a master, someone countless times stronger than him. He was sure that even if his master was here, he would still be no match for him. Meeting such a master at the exhibition, cold sweat immediately ran down the man's back.

    He thought about Ye Mo selling things before. Did he really come from the ancient martial arts sects? Otherwise, why did the monk want to talk to him in private?

    However, luckily at this moment, Ye Mo had released his hand and didn't pay more attention to him. Instead, he continued to watch that stall.

    "Boss, how much is this stone?" Hearing this voice, Ye Mo's heart sunk immediately. It seemed that that person really wanted the rock. Otherwise, he wouldn't ask like this.

    Ye Mo was thinking rapidly. If this person really bought the Space Abyss Rock, he would buy it back. If he didn't sell it, then he would try and get this even if it meant stealing. This thing was too useful for Ye Mo. Originally, he thought there wouldn't be such good material on Earth, but now that he discovered it, there was no way he would let it go.

    Plus, Space Abyss Rock was much more precious than Silver Heart Grass.

    "$100k." the stall owner gave a price.

    "That expensive? This is just a rock, I just want to use it for decoration seeing the color is so rare. Can it be any cheaper?" the man holding the stone said.

    At this moment, Ye Mo looked at the man. He was in his 30s and was slim built. However, he looked very tough. With Ye Mo's experience, this person was a ferocious person. What took Ye Mo's attention was that this man emitted a bleak aura. People who were sensitive to this would even feel cold.

    This thing was only $100k but he was still bargaining for it, meaning that he wasn't rich or he didn't have much money on him.

    The stall owner shook his head after hearing the words. "Sorry, there's no bargaining. I'm helping a friend sell this.

    "Oh I see." The man put down the stone and started to think.

    Ye Mo immediately took the stone after seeing the man put it down. This was no longer a time to pretend to not care. While this man hadn't decided yet, he would buy it first.

    "I'll take this stone." Ye Mo immediately took the stone and said.

    The stall owner didn't expect this stone to suddenly be so popular. Just when the man put it down, Ye Mo already picked it up.

    Seeing Ye Mo pick up the stone, the man who was still hesitating immediately changed and said, "I got this stone first, what right do you have to buy it? Give it over, I'm buying it."

    Then, he was going to take it from Ye Mo's hand.

    Ye Mo sneered, "There are so many people here, how come I didn't hear you say you want it? Boss, tell me, who decided to buy it first?"

    The boss looked awkwardly at the two people and said, "This friend came first." He pointed at that man, but before that man smiled, he pointed at Ye Mo and said, "But the first to say he want to buy is this one."

    The man was immediately going to get angry, but he realized he didn't have any reason to. The store owner wasn't wrong at all.

    "I'll buy it for $200k. give it to me, he hasn't bought it yet." That man was angry. He didn't think that the thing he wanted would be bought away as soon as he hesitated for a bit.

    "Um..." The store owner looked apologetically at Ye Mo. Although he knew Ye Mo decided on it first, but the other person gave $200k.

    "Okay, I'll also pay$200k." then, Ye Mo took out the check to the store owner. "This is a 2 million check, just give me 1.8 million change."

    However, the store owner didn't take the check and instead changed face. All the deals here were in cash or card. Only friends or those whom one was familiar with would do deals in check. Ye Mo was the first to use check and asked for 1.8 million change.

    "Sorry, sir, we don't take check, only cash or bank transfer." The stall owner rejected immediately.

    Ye Mo's face also change. He didn't think that people didn't take check. He believed a check, but that didn't mean everyone believed it. If they didn't take check, it meant that he couldn't pay. If he couldn't pay, he would he fight over the rock?

    Seeing that the person she hated couldn't take out money, An Yan rejoiced. Although she knew that the check in Ye Mo's hand was probably real, she still loved seeing this situation. There was already a few times she suffered at the hands of Ye Mo on the plane. Now that Ye Mo was suffering, there was no way she wouldn't be happy.

    The youth next to An Yan pulled her, "Let's go."

    "Why? I still haven't gotten retribution yet. How can I let it go like this?" An Yan unhappily said. She still had another intention. If Ye Mo didn't have money and asked her for money, she would lend it to him but ask for that necklace while ridiculing Ye Mo.

    However, the youth quietly said, "This isn't a simple man, we'll talk on the side."

    Helplessly, An Yan walked to the side with the youth.

    At this moment, the stall owner took the Space Abyss Rock from Ye Mo and put it on the table. His intention was obvious, whoever could afford it could get the rock.

    Ye Mo's face changed. There was no way he would give up on the Space Abyss Rock, but he couldn't take out money. He thought about An Yan on the side. Didn't she want a necklace? He would give her one and lend money from her. But when Ye Mo turned around, An Yan was gone. He couldn't help but to frown more.

    Of course, An Yan didn't think that her little plan almost succeeded if that youth didn't pull her away. Ye Mo really was going to ask for money from her. But in this short moment, the bleak faced man said, "Tell your cashier to go check out with me, I'll give you $200k immediately."

    This stall owner could no longer care about Ye Mo. It would be hard to sell this stone for $100k, but now he sold it for $200k, he quickly told the cashier to check out with the man while he packaged the stone.

    Ye Mo looked helplessly at the rock. He really couldn't blame the stall owner. Although his character wasn't good, he was a businessman. Of course, he wanted to earn more money.

    "Boss, where did you get this stone?" Ye Mo thought there might be more from where it came from.

    As though a bit apologetic towards Ye Mo, the stall owner replied, "From what my friend said, he picked it up near the Qing Dao beach. As for exactly where, I have no idea."

    Hearing the stall owner's words, Ye Mo was speechless. If he could pick up Space Abyss Stone at the beach, then there would be too much. However, he wasn't sure if the stall owner was telling the truth, so he could only shake his head and leave.

    After leaving the stall, Ye Mo quietly walked behind that man and made a spirit sense mark. Since he couldn't buy it, then he had no choice but to steal it. This thing was more useful to him than to anyone else but someone else had to buy it.

    Ye Mo didn't have any moral burdens stealing it from this man. This bleak looking man was obviously not someone to be messed with easily, but Ye Mo wasn't afraid of this type at all. Plus, he maliciously increased the price. Look at how the monk increased the price. After the person bought it, he would buy it for extra from that person. If the person didn't agree, he would give up.

    Of course, Ye Mo didn't expect this man to have the resolve of Wu Guang, but that man shouldn't expect him to have the resolve of Wu Guang either.

    An Yan who just saw Ye Mo return dejectedly to his stall couldn't help but to think, "Serves you right."
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