Chapter 127: Qian Longtous Irresolution

    Chapter 127: Qian Longtou's Irresolution

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    Sai Na Peninsula.

    In Nan Qing's grandiloquent meeting room, only a few people sat there. In the middle was a man in his 60s. He had a pair of hawkeyes and loose eyebrows. However, his lips were very thick. This was the leader of Nan Qing, Qian Baihe, also called Qian Longtou.

    Many years ago, Qian Longtou no longer ventured into the underground world, but those who heard his name would all give him respect. No gang dared to go against Qian Longtou. Not only in China, but even the African and European gangs also need to be fearful of the name Qian Longtou.

    However, Qian Longtou's face was very bleak at the moment. He just stared at the screen and didn't talk. Other than him, there was six other people in this room.

    Two of them Ye Mo would know. One was the woman he sliced the arm off, and another one was Lang Ji. Other than this, there were four other people.

    A skinny man wearing red clothes sat closely besides Qian Longtou. He was in his 40', triangular eyes and very long eyebrows. However, he also frowned as if in contemplation. He was the advisor of Qian Longtou, Dongfang Xi.

    The only person still drinking water is a youth who looked very scholarly and had a neat face. Although he wasn't handsome, but he wasn't ugly either. Although he looked the most ordinary, he was the most mysterious in Nan Qing and also said to be the strongest. He was Wu Qiang.

    As for how strong he was, no one knew. Only Lang Ji knew of his strength a bit, but Lang Ji was definitely no match for him. Even Qian Longtou was a bit respectful towards him.

    Other than this, there was a nun. The nun looked very fresh. She sat with the girl who had her arms sliced off by Ye Mo. It seemed the two were related, but that girl's broken arm was already attached back. It seemed she underwent surgery, and her face was still pale. She sat beside the nun.

    The last person seemed a bit recluse but had a face full of ferocity. He was Qian Longtou's close henchmen, Li Sandao. Also the general of Qian Longtou's army.

    It could be said Nan Qing's most central people were all here.

    However, the atmosphere was very dead. After long, Dongfang Xi relaxed his eyebrows and said, "From the tape and Lang Ji as well as Zi Xu's description, this Ye Mo is indeed strong. However, as for fireball and invisibility, I have my own outlook on that."

    Seeing everyone was listening to him, Dongfang Xi continued, "I won't talk about the fireball. The technology now is so advanced, it is very easy to make something into a fireball. However, the temperature of his fireball is so high meaning that the fire source is quite special. As for invisibility, I suspect he acquired some artefact from the hidden sects. Otherwise, I really wouldn't believe someone can just suddenly go invisible. Even people from the hidden sects can't do this. But one thing I'm certain, his power is very strong."

    "What do you make of it, Master Hui Yan?" Qian Longtou didn't make his opinion after hearing Dongfang Xi's words. He asked that nun after a while.

    The nun slowly said, "For this thing, my disciple is already heavily injured and paid the price of an arm. My promise to Brother Qian has come to an end. I won't make my opinion on this. I will take my disciple and leave now." Then, the nun stood up and Zi Xu followed her.

    Qian Longtou frowned seeing the nun stand up but didn't stop her. After a while, he stood up and said, "Since Master Hui Yan is leaving, hopefully we'll see each other again."

    Hui Yan didn't say anything and just left with her disciple.

    The nun even drove a car over. It seemed that she was planning to leave a long time ago. After getting on the car, Zi Xu curiously asked, "Master, why are you leaving? Uncle Qian is very nice to us, and my hand was chopped by that bastard. I still want my revenge."

    The nun sighed. "Zi Xu, you only see one side of Qian Longtou. You haven't seen his vicious side. He can take one month to kill someone, have you seen it? My brother owed him, so I promised to do 3 things for him. This time, getting you to go to the desert with Lang Ji to stop Ye Mo is the last promise. From now on, we won't be related anymore."

    "But master, aren't we going to get revenge?" Zi Xu immediately asked. She really didn't want to let it go like this. She had been practicing martial arts for so many years. All her mastery is in her hands, but now her hand was destroyed.

    "Revenge?" Hui Yan repeated before saying, "Do you think you can get revenge? I don't know who Ye Mo is, but I'm too clear on what sort of a person Qian Longtou's son is. Ye Mo definitely had a reason for killing him. Do you think it's so easy to get revenge from Ye Mo?"

    "Why?" Zi Xu asked, "Didn't that Dongfang Xi say Ye Mo used flammables for the fireball and magic artefacts for invisibility."

    Hui Yan coldly said, "Do you need to listen to what he says? I see that you like living in the mortal world and don't want to go back. If that's the case, you can stay."

    "No, master, I'm just saying." Zi Xu hurriedly said seeing that her master was being serious.

    "Then don't talk about it anymore. Do you really think the hidden sect can make an invisibility artefact? And what flammable substance do you think can ignite that quick and just incinerate the body straight away? Even I could tell that Ye Mo definitely didn't use flammable substance. That is just Dongfang Xi cheating himself. Didn't you see him make hand seals? He is a scary person. Don't mess with him." Hui Yan still felt nervous thinking about the scene.

    She wouldn't be so clueless like normal people. Her sect was also a part of the ancient martial arts but just rather declined. Now, they were no longer a part of the hidden sect, but this didn't mean she didn't know anything. Some sects were indeed powerful, but not powerful enough to make invisibility artefacts.


    "Brother, why did we let them go?" Lang Ji asked confusedly after seeing Hui Yan and Zi Xu really leave.

    Qian Longtou waved his hand and didn't reply. Although he didn't want them to leave, he didn't have any reason. At that time, he said they could leave when they helped him do 3 things.

    Now if he tried to force Hui Yan to stay, they would have conflict. He already had conflict with Ye Mo, it would be no good if he were to have conflict with Hui Yan.

    Originally, Qian Longtou thought that Ye Mo was someone not important. Killing him would be all too easy. But he didn't expect Ye Mo to be so ferocious as to face tens of Nan Qing elite without any pressure. It was like he was taking a stroll, and this made Qian Longtou fearful.

    Although that Ye Mo said he would come for him, he wasn't scared. But if he really did have that flammable substance and the invisibility artefact, then it would be quite hefty for Qian Longtou. So he decisively aborted his hunt for Ye Mo because someone like Ye Mo couldn't be hunted by Nan Qing. Those who went would only die.

    Another reason was that it was said Metal River's Xian Daoist has finished his solitary training and was about to breakthrough. If he really did, then he would come to his place just to show him his power. However, Qian Longtou didn't have any method. Although Wu Qiang was strong, he was from Miao Jiang and had a wild personality, not really listening to him. The main thing was, Wu Qiang was no match for Xian Daoist much less Xian Daoist after breakthrough.

    Qian Longtou suddenly felt a headache, but the situation now was that Ye Mo wasn't afraid of him and might come to his place. Why did his son have to go into conflict with Ye Mo? If it was someone else, Qian Longtou would have already cut his head.

    Seeing Qian Longtou annoyed, Dongfang Xi smiled once again and said, "Big Brother, you don't need to be so worried. I have already analyzed things. Even if Ye Mo came, he wouldn't be able to do anything to Nan Qing. Plus, he might not even dare to come. This isn't the main thing. After some analysis, my conclusion is that our enmity with Ye Mo is growing mainly due to the Song Family's pushing the waters in the dark."

    "Why do you say this?" Li Sandao who hadn't been talking asked bemusedly after hearing Dongfang Xi's words.

    Dongfang Xi said with confidence, "This is very simple. Ye Mo killed Song Shaowen. This is no longer a secret, and the Song Family have been political adversaries with the Ye Family even in the business side. Just when Ye Mo went to kill Song Shaowen, he met Shiping, but it is highly possible that Ye Mo thought Shiping was Song Shaowen's person and killed him casually."

    Meanwhile, the Song Family used that opportunity to bring us to face Ye Mo together and create the scene that the Ye Family values Ye Mo in front of our eyes so that we would attack the Ye Family. Meanwhile, they promised us a lot of benefits. Even if we knew the Ye Family had the same attitude to Ye Mo before, we would still agree to the Song Family's offer. It's because their gift is too lucrative. Moreover, there is no harm in us collaborating with them. Plus, we were going to kill Ye Mo anyways."

    "So what?" Although Lang Ji was strong, his brain wasn't too good. He still didn't really understand Dongfang Xi's words.

    "Originally, it's nothing. We even earned a lo,t but there was the variable Ye Mo. No one knew Ye Mo was so strong. Perhaps even the Song and Ye Family didn't know," Dongfang Xi said.

    "So you're saying we should stop our attack on Ye Family immediately?" Qian Longtou interrupted.

    Dongfang Xi shook his head and drank before saying, "No..."
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