Chapter 130: Seeing Metal Nails Once Again

    Chapter 130: Seeing Metal Nails Once Again

    Translator: Tim  Editor: Chrissy

    "How is Qi Shan?" In a normal looking van sat four people and one young man lying down. The one who asked was the driver.

    "He might not make it, his face is completely black, and he's not breathing," someone replied.

    The driver remained silent for a while before saying, "We'll immediately go to HQ, San Cai, call Brother Lang and notify him. Just say the target is too difficult, we have lost a brother."

    "Okay..." Before the youth spoke, the driver's phone sounded.

    "San Cai, wait, let me pick up a call." The driver connected to the call. The car was going slower and slower until it stopped by the side of the road.

    "Brother Lang, I was just going to call you." The driver just realized Lang Ji called when he picked up.

    Lang Ji's bleak voice sounded, "Black Snake, don't move yet, wait till I come. I've just received news that Chi Wanqing is from the military and is still serving. She is a special ops, so she must quite strong. Before we attack, we need to make a new plan. I'm on my way to Luo Cang..."

    Black Snake fell silent for a while before saying, "Brother Lang, your words are late. We just attacked and we lost a brother. That Chi Wanqing does seem strong, but that Ning Qingxue seemed to be stronger. She can easily kick someone a few meters away. On top of that, she has a projectile weapon that kills immediately. The poison on it is very strong."

    Black Snake obviously thought Little Wolf was a projectile and still felt fear when he mentioned it. The five of them came together. He was the head, but he was responsible for driving. Originally, he was planning to abduct Ning Qingxue and Chi Wanqing and leave immediately. He didn't expect to not only fail but also lose one man.

    "What..." Lang Ji sank into contemplation and said after a while, "Wait for me at HQ, I'll be there soon." Lang Ji didn't expect things to turn out this way. Not only was Chi Wanqing absurdly strong, but so was Ning Qingxue. It seemed he was too careless. Probably even Dongfang Xi didn't expect Ning Qingxue to be so strong.


    Ye Mo was at his new mansion seeing if he could set up a simple defensive formation. Although he didn't have much material, a simple defense formation could solve a lot of problems on earth.

    However, as soon as he came out, he saw a van parked outside the mansion on the road. There was only 30 or so meters between them. Ye Mo scanned with his spirit sense and heard the name Ning Qingxue. Not only so, he also heard Chi Wanqing's name. Moreover, Ye Mo also found that there was a dead man. Just looking at the wound, he knew it was bitten by Little Wolf.

    Combined with the phone call, Ye Mo worked out the story behind it. These few people went to capture Ning Qingxue and Chi Wanqing. Although he didn't know why they were doing so, but Ye Mo immediately had killing intent. He could even guess it was related to him.

    At this moment, the van started driving again and Ye Mo followed it without thinking.

    If Lang Ji knew that he was noticed by Ye Mo because of his call and the van coincidentally parked outside of Ye Mo's residence, he would be full of regret. Even he only knew that Ye Mo relocated but didn't know to where. However, Lang Ji believed that as long as Ye Mo was still in Luo Cang, he would be able to find out.

    The van twisted and turned. Ye Mo followed for a whole hour before the van drove into a rural district manor.

    Ye Mo scanned with his spirit sense. There was only one person in the manor, but this person already knew things went wrong. As soon as the van drove in, the man went to help carry the dead man.

    "A Gen, close the door." After Black Snake got off, he ordered while he walked inside the manor.

    "No need, I already helped you close the door," a sudden voice interrupted him.

    Black Snake turned around and immediately saw a normal looking youth at the door way. The manor was indeed closed.

    "Who are you?" As soon as Black Snake said these words, he pulled out a sword. So did they people behind him and quietly surrounded Ye Mo. He didn't know if they had guns, but Ye Mo didn't see any of them take one out.

    "I'm Ye Mo, I think you should know something about me." Ye Mo wasn't sure who these people were sent by, but since they wanted to capture Ning Qingxue, perhaps they were from the Song Family.

    "You are Ye Mo..." Black Snake heard the man at the door say he was Ye Mo and immediately, his heart skipped a bit. He wasn't a normal gang member and had some status in Nan Qing. Many people in Nan Qing didn't know Ye Mo, but it didn't mean he didn't know. He even knew that they were kidnapping Ning Qingxue due to this Ye Mo.

    He didn't believe he would be a match for Ye Mo. He had heard that of the 20 people who attacked Ye Mo in the desert, no one was left alive. At that time, the people there even had guns, but they were all still killed by Ye Mo. He even heard Lang Ji say that ever since Ye Mo came back from the desert, he seemed to have gotten stronger.

    Now, Ye Mo was standing in front of his eyes and he didn't know what to do. Although Ye Mo was bare handed and he had 5 men with swords, he still felt he was naked under Ye Mo's glare.

    It was obvious that the other five also heard about Ye Mo and stopped in their steps.

    Three of them didn't even think and tried to call, but before they even unlocked their phone, the three were nailed to the ground.

    Nail, metal nails again?

    Black Snake and the remaining two looked at the foreheads of the three that went down. Red seeped from there and immediately, they felt cold.

    Ye Mo was decisive in killing. He knew these people were either from the Song family or Nan Qing. Regardless of who, he would still kill them.

    "You guys came for me? Or should I say came to look for trouble with me?" Ye Mo plainly said.

    "I..." Black Snake, who had been part of many gang clashes, slashed countless people and even been slashed, felt he was shaking after speaking just one word. He was scared. Someone who had never known fear was feeling horror.

    Ye Mo wasn't a human-he was a demon.

    If it was someone stronger than him, he could still charge up and slash him. Even if he was killed in the end, he would feel his death was hot blooded. But faced against Ye Mo, he actually didn't have any courage to charge up. Ye Mo didn't even need a sword to fight him. He only needed one metal nail and Black Snake would fall to the ground like the other three without any resistance. Just one metal nail. No matter how hot blooded he was, he couldn't change this fact.

    San Cai and A Gen's face was worse. They have heard of Ye Mo and knew he was tough, even going as far as killing their big boss's only son yet still able to freely roam. Even their big boss didn't have a direct way of dealing with him and needed to abduct his woman to threaten him. From this, it could be seen that this person wasn't someone they could handle.

    "Aren't you going to invite me in for a seat?" Ye Mo smiled and said.

    "Yes, please..." Black Snake dryly said. For the first time, he felt so worried speaking to someone. For the first time, he felt the word please was so hard to say. Even to Lang brother, he would talk casually and not be so reverent.

    "Mhm, I won't be polite then." Then, he threw a few firballs casually and the four bodies on the ground turned to ash.

    The stories were true. San Cai and Black Snake looked at the ashes on the ground in shock. They couldn't say anything. In the gang, he heard that Ye Mo could fly in the sky and travel under earth, could shapeshift and even spit out the Samaya True Fire.

    Although he didn't spit it out just now, but the fire could still incinerate human body. If that wasn't Samaya True Fire what was?

    "Argh..." A Gen couldn't take it. But he just spoke one word and was turned into nothingness by Ye Mo's fireball.

    Black Snake and San Cai didn't dare to talk even more. Now, Ye Mo was the embodiment of the devil for them. They've been in gang business for a long time, spilling blood and seeing bodies but now, Ye Mo killed with just a few drops of red. Before the blood even gushed out, the person would be turned to ash.

    Ye Mo walked into the room and sat down. Looking at the shaking Black Snake and San Cai, he said calmly, "Isn't gang life all about killing and licking blood, why are you like this after I just killed a few."

    Black Snake gradually calmed down. Although his body was calm but he was still very frightened in his heart but was much better than before. Hearing Ye Mo's words, he couldn't help to think, ["Killing and licking blood, there must be blood to lick. By the looks of it now, they were worse than meat on the chopping block.]"

    The good thing was Ye Mo didn't continue this topic and just asked, "Are you from the Song family or Nan Qing? Speak."
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