Chapter 131: Lang Ji

    Chapter 131: Lang Ji

    Translator: Tim  Editor: Chrissy

    Black Snake sighed. Now, he had to say it. He didn't wait for Ye Mo to ask and just told him everything he knew.

    Although Black Snake was limited in what he knew, Ye Mo already understood that Qian Longtou abducted Ning Qingxue to threaten him. As for how, he didn't know.

    Qian Longtou... Nan Qing again. Ye Mo was more furious. He was planning to let them live a few days more, but he actually didn't want to live.

    "Lang Ji is coming today?" Ye Mo thought that if he wanted to go to Africa, then he would probably need Lang Ji.

    Before Black Snake replied, Ye Mo detected Lang Ji with his spirit sense. He just brought a driver. Ye Mo waved his hand and stopped Black Snake from talking any more.

    The door was half closed, and when Lang Ji got off, he walked straight into the room. He thought that Black Snake and the others should be waiting for him in the room. Perhaps he was occupied, so he didn't think about why Black Snake didn't come out to greet him.

    When Lang Ji entered the room, he was shocked because the person sitting there was no other than the person he didn't want to see the most. He really couldn't understand how Ye Mo was here, but he immediately realized that their plan was exposed. The driver who came in with Lang Ji obviously didn't know Ye Mo, but looking at the scene, he seemed to understand what was going on.

    "Lang Ji, I've been waiting for you," seeing Lang Ji's shocked face, Ye Mo blandly said.

    Lang Ji reacted and said, "How are you here?"

    Ye Mo scanned him and said, "You don't have the right to ask questions here."

    "Who do you think you are? How dare you be impolite to Brother Lang..." Although the driver guessed Ye Mo's identity, but Ye Mo dared to be rude to Lang Ji, so he immediately shouted.

    "Who am I..." Ye Mo raised his hand and a metal nail had pierced the driver's throat.

    Killing due to one sentence. Ye Mo was indeed too cocky. Lang Ji's heart burned with fury, but he knew he was no match for Ye Mo, so he could only suppress it. He understood that in Ye Mo's eyes, he was no different to his little goons.

    Black Snake and San Cai just kept their heads low. They already knew Ye Mo was merciless. He never even spoke of why he killed, but he just killed if it displeased him. It was as though in his eyes, life wasn't life. Ye Mo was more suited to live the gang life than him.

    "Why are you abducting Ning Qingxue and Chi Wanqing? Tell me, and I can consider letting you go." Ye Mo's tone was plain, but his fury was no less than Lang Ji's. He already told Lang Ji to go warn Qian Longtou, but they still dared to attack him. However, they just changed the target to people close to him. Qian Longtou had already been listed by Ye Mo as someone who wasn't allowed to live a day longer.

    "Keep dreaming, even if I die, I won't betray chairman," Lang Ji hatefully said.

    Hearing Lang Ji's words, Ye Mo was happy instead of angry. Lang Ji didn't say he didn't know, just that he wouldn't say. However, this was no problem for Ye Mo. If he wanted Lang Ji to speak, he had 100 ways, but he was already a stage 3 chi gathering cultivator, if he couldn't even deal with an ordinary martial artists, he would really lose face.

    He didn't even ask twice and just raised his hand. Three metal nails flew out all hitting Lang Ji's head. The absurd thing was the nails only went in by half, no blood came out.

    After Lang Ji was shot by the three nails, he immediately became dumb.

    "Now tell me why Qian Longtou wants you to abduct Ning Qingxue and Chi Wanqing." Ye Mo's voice was still cold, but Lang Ji nodded.

    Hearing Lang Ji tell Dongfang XI's plan without leaving out any detail even how Zi Xu and her master left, Black Snake and San Cai just felt cold shivers down their back. This was not because of Dongfang XI's plan, but because even someone like Lang Ji couldn't resist Ye Mo's means.

    Ye Mo's face got worse. This Dongfang Xi was really someone. Although he wouldn't be scared of Qian Longtou's army nor being surrounded by them, but after this, Ning Qingxue would probably die. Chi Wanqing would be affected too.

    And with his personality, if something happened to Chi Wanqing and Ning Qingxue due to him, he would definitely slaughter the Song Family.

    Once he did that, his only way would be overseas. This Dongfang Xi really was someone. He didn't even meet Ye Mo, but based on what he did, Dongfang Xi's calculations were immaculate.

    If he didn't give Chi Wanqing Little Wolf or if Ning Qingxue wasn't with Chi Wanqing, then the first step to the plan would've succeeded. But no matter how Dongfang Xi calculated, he didn't expect Ning Qingxue to be with Chi Wanqing and didn't expect Chi Wanqing to have something as strong as Little Wolf. Even more so, he didn't expect this thing to be known by Ye Mo.

    But even if Ye Mo didn't know, it would be impossible to take away Ning Qingxue and Chi Wanqing with Little Wolf there. But the success rate of this thing itself was too great. In other words, if Ning Qingxue wasn't in Luo Cang, this plan would've succeeded already.

    Dongfang Xi, what a sinister person. Ye Mo said Dongfang Xi's name again and decided he must kill him. Otherwise, he really wouldn't feel comfortable.

    If Ye Mo was still stage two now, he would use their plan to make the Song Family and Nan Qing fight again, but that was unnecessary now. He was Stage 3 Chi Gathering, so he didn't need these plans. He could just bring the battle to their door.

    It was no good in delaying his attack on Qian Longtou's HQ. With Dongfang Xi being so cunning, the slightest clue could let them escape.

    Thinking about this, Ye Mo asked, "How do you go back after succeeding?"

    "I will leave some people to deal with Ye Mo while I take my men back to Mang Jiang. There's a direct flight from Mang Jiang to Sri Lanka. From there, we have our own flight to fly directly to Sai Na peninsula," Lang Ji's reply was very detailed.

    Ye Mo sighed. Other than him, anyone else, or even any other country wouldn't be able to do anything about Qian Longtou. He even had his own flight in Sri Lanka. This meant he could have it in other places as well.

    No wonder he was so cocky. He did have the basis to be cocky. If it was a normal people, what could they do to Qian Longtou even if that person was an ancient martial arts master? Would they be able to go to Sai Na Peninsula?

    Ye Mo turned his head and looked at Black Snake. "If we get to Sri Lanka, would you be able to find the plane to Sai Na Peninsula?"

    Black Snake nodded. He knew that if he said no, then he would be the next to be killed.

    Ye Mo waved his hand and the three nails flew back to his hand.

    Lang Ji regained consciousness, but he didn't say anything. It was obvious that although he was controlled, he still knew what he said.

    "Take me to Sai Na Peninsula and I can let you go," Ye Mo blandly said to Lang Ji.

    Lang Ji seemed to hesitate, but he immediately said, "Kill me, I won't take you there. If you want to go, Black Snake can take you."

    "I don't know what sort of person Qian Longtou is, but I'm sure that you are just a subordinate to him, that's all. I don't know how you entered Nan Qing, but if you didn't have much ability, someone like Qian Longtou wouldn't take you. You know this." Seeing that Lang Ji wasn't so adamant on his refusal, he immediately had the thought of taking in Lang Ji.

    He didn't need Lang Ji to listen to him but just wanted to someone to take control of Nan Qing instead of Qian Longtou. Lang Ji had some loyalty, but not someone who is stubborn in loyalty.

    Seeing Lang Ji's eyes flash with hesitation, Ye Mo knew it was not because his words moved Lang Ji, but it was more of Lang Ji thinking if he died for Qian Longtou like this, would Qian Longtou even remember him for 3 minutes? Although his tone was tough, he still hesitated when given a chance at life.

    He thought about himself. Although he had been in Nan Qing for many years, each time he brought up wanting to use Nan Qing to help him get revenge, Qian Longtou just start to persuade him always making him wait longer.

    Then, he thought about this time. If he wasn't just injured on the hand but completely disabled, how would Qian Longtou treat him. He really wasn't sure. But following Qian Longtou for so long, he knew of Qian Longtou's personality. One thing was certain, and that was Qian Longtou wouldn't feed someone useless.

    Seeing Lang Ji contemplate, Ye Mo coldly said, "I will definitely kill Qian Longtou. Do you think Qian Longtou can escape from my hands? I'm not persuading you. I just don't want too much hassle. After I kill Qian Longtou, I need someone to take over Nan Qing. You're just more suitable, if you don't want to, I will still kill Qian Longtou. It's just that you won't be taking over Nan Qing."

    "What?" Lang Ji looked at Ye Mo in shock. He didn't believe that Ye Mo actually said he would be controlling Nan Qing. That was almost like being an emperor.

    "And, I can even cure your hand. Other people can't do anything about it, but that doesn't mean I can't," Ye Mo said once again. He didn't know Qian Longtou's character and didn't have a good way to persuade Lang Ji. If Lang Ji still rejected, then he wouldn't waste time and just kill him straight away.

    "Okay, I agree. However, I have one condition," Lang Ji suddenly raised his head and said.
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