Chapter 132: Leaving Casually

    Chapter 132: Leaving Casually

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    "Speak," Ye Mo blandly said.

    Lang Ji looked at Black Snake and San Cai until their hair were on edge before saying, "Although I know that Qian Longtou was just using me to work for him, he still saved me before. I don't want to fight him, so I can't help you against him, even if it's just bringing you into the headquarters of Nan Qing."

    Ye Mo sneered. "Do you think I need your help with killing Qian Longtou? If you really don't want to be this new leader of Nan Qing, then I can grant you that wish."

    He didn't think Lang Ji had any right to argue with him. Lang Ji knew that Qian Longtou was using him, but he still couldn't harden his heart to attack him. This meant that he was indeed loyal, but not someone to do great things.

    "I can take you to Sai Na Peninsula, but I won't participate in other things." Seeing Ye Mo unhappy, Lang Ji knew his request was unreasonable. He wanted to be boss but didn't want to put any effort.

    Ye Mo, however, said, "If you can't show your decision, then don't worry about it. I won't let you kill Qian Longtou, but I need you to take me into the HQ of Nan Qing. Once I see Qian Longtou, it's not that I can't go in, but I need your pledge of allegiance. You must do it. If you are still fearful, then I have no use for you."

    Although he was saying things like that, Ye Mo also knew it was hard to find someone to replace Qian Longtou. At the very least, this person needed to have certain power and status in Nan Qing. Otherwise, even if he found someone else, once he left Nan Qing, then that person would die soon after.

    After hesitating for a while more, Lang JI finally made his decision: "Okay, but I won't attack."

    Ye Mo smiled. He knew Lang Ji would agree. Although this sort of person was loyal, he didn't take Qian Longtou's life to be more important than his own.

    Seeing Lang Ji agree, Black Snake shivered. Next, Ye Mo would perhaps kill him. With Lang Ji showing the way, Ye Mo had no need of him.

    Thinking about this, Black Snake quickly bowed to Ye Mo and said, "Brother Ye, San Cai and I wish to be under the leadership of Brother Lang, please grant our wish Brother Ye and left us go."

    Hearing Black Snake's words, San Cai also hurried forward and bowed.

    Ye Mo thought this Black Snake was quite intelligent. He didn't beg for his life but instead said he wished to work for Lang Ji. It could be seen that he was very clear on the situation. He begged for survival and said he would work for Lang Ji because Lang Ji is the successor to Nan Qing appointed by Ye Mo. They would only have a good life ahead if they worked for him.

    Ye Mo thought it would be so much better if Black Snake could be the new boss for Nan Qing, but he didn't have a way to get him up there. After all, Black Snake's level was too low in Nan Qing.

    Lang Ji felt it was weird that Black Snake and San Cai were pledging allegiance to him in front of Ye Mo, but he understood that they were trying to stay alive.


    Sai Na Peninsula.

    Qiang Longtou and Dongfang Xi, Wu Qiang and Li Sandao were discussing things anxiously in the meeting room. However, other than the four, there were a few other Nan Qing members. It was because these few days, Lang Ji didn't report anything. They even heard news that Ning Qingxue was still in Luo Cang and were not taken away.

    Since Ning Qingxue wasn't taken away, why didn't Lang Ji report back?

    "Chairman, did something happen to Lang Ji?" Li Sandao suddenly asked.

    Dongfang Xi frowned but didn't talk. He was thinking how could something happen to Lang ji? Even if Chi Wanqing came from the military, it was not quite possible for her to kill or capture Lang Ji.

    Qian Longtou also frowned and said after a while, "Perhaps Lang Ji needed to make another plan. After all, this sort of thing can only be done once. And seeing how there's no reaction from Ning Qingxue and Chi Wanqing, they probably haven't made a move yet."

    Just when Qian Longtou finished his words, the phone sounded. A phone that could reach in here was definitely important. Qian Longtou signalled for Dongfang Xi to answer the call.

    Dongfang Xi picked up the phone but the report from the call made him have cold sweat.

    Because Lang Ji didn't have news; Dongfang Xi sent scouts to Luo Cang again. Chi Wanqing's father, Chi Youjun, was furious and actually mobilized the entire police force of Luo Cang to find Chi Wanqing's attackers. It was said this even alerted the military. Not just Luo Cang but also the places around Luo Cang where there were an established police force as well as military.

    Dongfang Xi put down the phone and just felt his back cold. He just received news that Chi Wanqing and Ning Qingxue were fine, and now he received news of Chi Youjun doing a complete search in Luo Cang.

    Dongfang Xi knew that not only did Lang Ji attack, but he also failed. However, he didn't even send word back and neither did their people who went with him come back. This was a strange thing. With Lang Ji's abilities, even if he died, he would be able to find a way to send a message back.

    Now that no message was received, what did this mean? It meant that Lang Ji had betrayed Qian Longtou. Only Ye Mo would cause Lang Ji to dare to betray Qian Longtou, and he was sure that Ye Mo had the ability to kill Qian Longtou. Otherwise, even if Lang Ji died, he wouldn't betray Qian Longtou.

    Last time, Lang Ji reported that Ye Mo would come to Sai Na for revenge, and in the tape he brought back, Ye Mo did say that. He didn't even need to think to know that Ye Mo was really coming.

    It seemed he underestimated Ye Mo. No matter how he knew of Lang Ji's mission this time, there was only death waiting for Qian Longtou. For someone like Ye Mo, he wouldn't come to Sai Na alone if he wasn't sure he could kill Qian Longtou.

    But how could Ye Mo have so much power? In Lang Ji's eyes, he could even slash his way into Sai Na? although Dongfang Xi didn't trust Lang Ji's judgement and didn't even believe Ye Mo could fight into the HQ of Nan Qing all by himself, he had always been a careful man. If Lang Ji betrayed and brought Ye Mo in, then the HQ would be a joke. Plus, Ye Mo could become invisible.

    He rather believed something to be true than testing it with his life. Plus, there was one point he didn't say out last time from the video. He said that Ye Mo may have used flammables, but he didn't say Ye Mo used hand signs before shooting the fire ball.

    And there was also another point he didn't say. It was Ye Mo slicing Zi Xu's arm in mid air. This definitely couldn't be explained by high tech. Plus, he had never seen the invisibility artefact he said himself. It was all a guess. He only said that so that Qian Longtou wouldn't lose his fighting will.

    If Ye Mo really came to Sai Na and took in Lang Ji, then last time, the only reason he kept Lang Ji's life was so Qian Longtou would lose his fighting will. If that was the case, then this Ye Mo was indeed scary.

    Scary people wouldn't be scary after being killed, but since he couldn't even kill Ye Mo with his tactics, then it was too scary. Thinking about this, Dongfang Xi wanted to run.

    But all these thoughts flashed across Dongfang Xi's mind like a flicker, and his face was still normal.

    "Brother Dongfan, the phone just then..." Qian Longtou saw Dongfang Xi answer the phone and was deep in contemplation so he asked.

    Dongfang Xi smiled. "Don't worry, Brother, the phone just then was indeed by Lang Ji. He said he wants to attack tomorrow night. However, he told me his plan, and I felt there were some holes so I told him to wait for my call. I'll go make the plan now and report to you later, is that okay?"

    Qian Longtou waved his hand. "Go for it, and you don't need to report to me. Just make arrangements and contact Lang Ji directly. However, tell him to report everything on time no matter what from now on."

    "Yes, Brother, I'll go now." Then, Dongfang Xi smiled and nodded to Wu Qiang and Li San before exiting.

    "Chairman, why didn't Dongfang say why Lang Ji hadn't been in contact?" The few kept talking, and just when Qian Longtou decided to end the meeting, Li Sandao suddenly said.

    Qian Longtou was dazed as he thought about it. Indeed, Lang Ji hadn't been in contact for many days. Since he made a call, he should say why he hadn't been in contact. Why didn't Dongfang Xi say it?

    Qian Longtou subconsciously said, "Perhaps Brother Dongfang didn't take note of it." But then, he thought that they were just talking about it, so how could Dongfang Xi forget about it?

    Even Wu Qiang felt Dongfang Xi's actions were weird. He rarely spoke in the meetings, but this time, he also spoke, "Chairman, before, Dongfang advisor's tactics came easily. He usually made them as the meeting progressed, but why does he have to leave and then make it this time?"

    With Wu Qiang's reminder, Qian Longtou's mind suddenly jolted, and he immediately remembered Dongfang Xi's usual behavior and his carefulness. He was indeed quite odd today. For him, abducting two women was a small issue, so why did he need to leave and think? This wasn't logical.

    Thinking about this, Qian Longtou said, "Immediately check who called jus then."

    The results came out in less than a minute. The call wasn't by Lang Ji, but instead by the scouts sent to Luo Cang.

    Not good-hearing this news, Qian Longtou immediately knew things went wrong. Dongfang Xi dared to trick him. This had never happened before.

    "Bring Dongfang Xi here immediately." Then, he supplemented, "Dead of alive."
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