Chapter 136: Must Not Offend Ye Mo

    Chapter 136: Must Not Offend Ye Mo

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    "What? You're saying that Ye Mo dares to just waltz into Beijing?" Song Qiming received Song Hai's report and almost couldn't believe it. Did Ye Mo want to die?

    But he hesitated for a moment before recovering his composure and immediately said, "Send a few people and bring him here, Nan Qing is really useless. Still can't even deal with a little Ye Mo."

    "Leader..." Song Huan hesitated and seemed to have something to say.

    Song Qiming knew that Song Hai was very reliable and therefore gave him this important mission to him. If it was Song Hai's words, he would still think about it. Seeing Song Hai act like this, he knew there was something Song Hai wanted to say, so he immediately said, "If there's something, just tell me; there's no other people here."

    Song Hai immediately said, "I don't think it's the right time to abduct Ye Mo now."

    Seeing Song Qiming's confused eyes, Song Hai said, "A few days ago, Ye Mo took the plane from Mang River to Sri Lanka, and three days ago, he just returned from Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has a line that goes straight to Sai Na Peninsula, so I think Ye Mo has been to Sai Na Peninsula."

    Hearing Song Hai's words, Song Qiming dazed and subconsciously answered, "Ye Mo went to Sai Na Peninsula? Then how does he have the life to come back? He killed Qian Longtou's son, would Qian longtou let him go?"

    Song Hai sighed. "Leader, that's the problem, there's no way Qian Longtou would let Ye Mo go, but Ye Mo returned unharmed. This is the problem. I don't know what's up, but other than Ye Mo killing Qian Longtou or Qian Longtou unable to do anything to Ye Mo, I really can't think of another reason."

    Hearing Song Hai's words, Song Qiming's eyes frowned more. If Song Hai's words were true, then Ye Mo was too powerful. He remembered the time when Ye Mo was cultivating at Ning Hai and said, "Is Ye Mo really a student of ancient martial arts?"

    He thought before continuing, "If he isn't, then how can he go there and retreat? If he is, then things are tricky."

    Song Hai sighed and said, "Leader, don't worry, Ye Mo just went to Sri Lanka. We don't know if he went to Sai Na. And even if he is a student of ancient martial arts, he wouldn't be from the hidden sects if he could stay so long in the normal world. At most, he's a desolate ancient martial artist's disciple. I've already sent people to investigate Sai Na, so there should be some news today."

    Song Qiming nodded and still didn't talk when Song Hai's phone rang. Song Qiming signalled for Song Hai to pick it up.

    Song Hai picked up and his face grew worse by the moment.

    "What's wrong?" Song Qiming saw Song Hai's face change and felt things weren't good.

    Song Hai took a deep breath and said, "I just received news; something happened to Nan Qing. Sai Na is now shut down. According to the news, it is because Qian Longtou died. Now, Lang Ji and the hierarchy of Nan Qing are fighting for power. It's said to be very messy."

    "What? Qian Longtou died?" Song Qiming was shocked; who was Qian Longtou? Someone who escaped with ease after so many years of the government hunting him. He rampaged in America and Europe and even established a gang base in Africa. Someone like this would die so easily? Song Qiming wouldn't believe it.

    Song Qiming suddenly thought of a problem; Song Hai said that Ye Mo could've gone to Sai Na Peninsula, and then he immediately heard news of Qian Longtou dying...

    Song Hai also thought of this. The two looked at each other and said Ye Mo at the same time.

    Song Qimen suddenly shivered. If Ye Mo could really kill Qian Longtou amongst thousands of people, then killing people from the Song Family would be all too easy. No wonder he just waltzed into Beijing. It seemed that he didn't even care about the Song Family.

    He was someone so terrifying. Then who was his master? Who taught such a monster? Song Qiming suddenly remembered Song Shaowen driving off the cliff in the middle of the night. Things were too strange.

    Song Qiming finally calmed down after a while and said, "Immediately hold a family meeting; tell everyone in the family to not to get into conflict with Ye Mo. And, immediately investigate what Ye Mo had been doing recently, immediately..."

    Then, Song Qiming said to Song Hai, "Did you tell Hu Qiu's master about what happened to him?"

    Song Hai immediately said, "Hu Qiu's master is on holiday and we can't contact him yet. Once he comes back, I will immediately tell him about Hu Qiu."

    Song Qiming nodded. "Immediately go hold the family meeting."


    As soon as Ye Mo got off the plane and went into the tunnel, he saw that the airport outside was full of people. These people had small signs saying "I love Tan Fei", or "Welcome Tan Fei".

    It seemed some popstar or celebrity was coming to Beijing. Judging by the looks of it, she had quite a lot of fans.

    "Excuse me." The youth behind Ye Mo thought Ye Mo was walking too slow.

    "Tan Fei, don't worry, we're already at Beijing, are we that short on time? Plus, this place is indeed narrow," a crisp voice interrupted Tan Fei.

    That youth didn't rebuke and said, "Okay, Sister Fei. It's just that there are a lot of fans outside. I'm afraid that there'll be a ruckus. It's better to go somewhere more spacious later."

    As soon as the youth said this, Ye Mo knew that the person behind should be Tan Fei. Ye Mo didn't intentionally block her way. After all, there was a lot of people; even if he moved aside, there would still be people blocking in front. However, as soon as they got out of the tunnel, Ye Mo moved to the side. This Tan Fei had a few big luggage cases, it would be better to let her go first. After all, he was empty handed.

    Seeing Ye Mo move to the side as soon as they got out of the tunnel, Tan Fei politely said, "Thank you."

    Ye Mo shook his head. He didn't think that was necessary, but this tunnel was indeed narrow. There was a lot of people here today. It seemed that a lot of flights were coming at the same time, and the inspection ahead was slow. He wondered if something happened today.

    Even after moving aside, Tan Fei and the youth only moved a bit further and stopped.

    "Thank you for before, this is my new album with my signature, my newest one, it's for you." Tan Fei's voice was very crisp, but she made a living out of it. Now because of the security ahead, they stopped for now so Tan Fei took it out for Ye Mo.

    She saw Ye Mo dressed ordinarily and let her move ahead and believed him to be her fan. Plus, she felt that this person was very calm, so she gave her album as thanks.

    A lot of people looked at Ye Mo in admiration. They all knew Tan Fei, but they needed to keep their composure, so they didn't rush up for signature. However, none of them expected that Tan Fei would give one album to Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo looked at the album and waved his helplessly hand, "Sorry, I don't have a place to put it, and I don't like listening to music, it would be a waste giving it to me." Although he rejected the gift, Tan Fei gave him a good impression. This woman was indeed pretty; she had thick long eyebrows. Although she wasn't as good looking as Ning Qingxue, her faint make-up did give her a unique taste.

    Hearing Ye Mo's words, Tan Fei awkwardly took her hands back. She didn't think that someone would reject an album she gave and would speak in front of her that he didn't like songs. That was unimaginable.

    Not only was Tan Fei shocked, but so was everyone around. Even if one didn't like songs, one should show some manners at least. Even if he would throw it away later, he should still take it. It was too impolite to reject a star like that.

    That youth who told Ye Mo to move glared at Ye Mo. Ye Mo smiled and didn't care.

    However, Tan Fei quickly returned her composure and apologetically said, "I'm really sorry, I didn't know you didn't like songs, I thought you heard of my name."

    Then, she playfully said, "It seems I'm not famous enough, haha." Then, she didn't pay more attention to Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo smiled and didn't reply.

    "Hey, friend, that was Tan Fei. Why didn't you take it; she signed it and gave it to you herself, yet you didn't want it. Don't tell me you haven't heard of Tan Fei?" the youth behind Ye Mo saw Tan Fei turn around and immediately spoke to Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo speechlessly asked, "Why must I have heard of her?"

    "..." The youth was at a loss for words. Yeah, why did he have to know her?

    Tan Fei obviously heard Ye Mo's words as the corner of her mouth spasmed, but she eventually didn't say anything. She must've felt quite intrigued; she was the most famous star in China and Hong Kong, but someone said in her face that he didn't know her.

    If Ye Mo was a 60 years old man, it would be fair enough, however, he was a youth in his 20s. She really felt weird, but luckily, the tunnel was unblocked now. She carried a small case and walked out with her assistant. Seeing the fans outside, she finally found some confidence back.
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